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    Hi guys


    Has anyone test driven,viewed or ordered a ds7?I haven’t seen one in the flesh but maybe just my opinion I believe it’s one of the best looking suv on the scheme and with the addition of the ds3 crossback I believe things are looking up for Ds?

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    Mr P

    Hi Footloose, DS is part of the PSA group who make Citroën™, DS, Peugeot. I have not test driven the DS7 , however, have test driven Peugeot 5008 2.0ltr diesel auto and the Citroën™ C5 Aircross 1.6 auto petrol .

    I was impressed with both cars and finally ordered the C5 Aircross, due to saving £1,200 on the AP options price. I would recommend a 24 hr test drive and see how it goes.

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    Hi mr P

    Thanks that’s great advice 👍🍺

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    Mr P

    ….good luck with your choice 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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    JS (justsaying)

    Great advice. Always push for extended test drive where you can, 3 years can be a long time to put up with a unsuitable vehicle.

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    72 Dudes

    Hi Footloose,

    I took Mrs 72 dudes to view a DS7 at the nearest “DS Salon” (no they don’t have garages!)

    They had a Performance Line spec model in the showroom and both the interior and exterior are stunning. Swathes of alcantara adorn the facia, doors and central console, LED lighting completes the effect and the materials and build quality seem great.

    I have no doubt that they are tuned more towards comfort than handling are are probably not that involving to drive, but until I do so, I’ll keep an open mind. The 19″ wheels worry me a bit.

    With the latest Q2 pricing, the AP of our ‘wish list’ model, the 1.6 petrol turbo auto Performance Line, has dropped £500 to £2499, which is still a bit steep, and still front parking sensors are not standard.

    But drive one and let us know how you get on.

    There’s an in-depth review on Youtube done by a German journalist which is excellent – I think the 40 minute program is by Autofluegel or something similar, well worth a view.

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    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the replies and advice and I intend to test drive as soon as I get my socket comfort sorted with both my prosthetics as their currently giving me grief 👍

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    Hi 72 dudes

    i may be wrong but I’m sure on the configuration you can spec 18’s with all season tyres which may provide a better drive and comfort?

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    Mr P

    Hi Footloose , if it’s comfort you’re after, have a close look at the Citroën™ C5 Aircross 1.6 petrol EAT 8 Auto Flair Plus with Grip Control 18’’ snow, mud tyres ..AP / Options would be : £2,390

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    I really fancy the ds7 crossback great price the AP 999 for the manual elegance big enough to carry a scooter too definatly going to test drive one soon

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    Slightly off-topic I know – but I do really love the look of the new DS3 Crossback. Very good reviews, lovely to drive by all accounts, and not a bad AP for the top spec model either.

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    I’d be interested to know if they’re gonna produce a DS5 Crossback.

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    Repoman I am restricted to autos which are much more expensive, but if DS7 is £999 AP then please bite their hands off!  It’s a stunning, avant-garde and unique SUV in a sea of bland SUVs. Get it!!

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    Hi all

    went to Ds salon in Glasgow today to see the ds7 in the flesh and it was truly stunning so I asked about any possible discount of the ap as Ds Poole Dorset were offering £1000 off last quarter but was told that at most I’d maybe offered £100 off but have to say the two gentlemen that I spoke to were excellent and approached me as soon as I entered the showroom and it was clear I was a Motability customer as I was wearing prosthetics and shorts!!also they offer a 24 hour test drive as long as a deposit of £250 is paid but returned when vehicle is returned after test drive 👍

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    Footloose I went into the Glasgow dealer last year and I agree the car looks great, inside and out, but if I remember correctly heated leather seats were only available in a pack that added over £1000. I actually liked the seats that come as standard but they made getting in and out difficult for the wife.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Mr P

    @footloose….I had a 24 hour test drive of  a Citroën™ C5 Aircross, no deposit required, so I would research that.

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    Brydo, it does appear that even if you get the top of the range Flair Plus, heated seats are not included. This is a further continuing trend of offering expesnive ‘pack’ rather than individual options. Not good; and it means the C5 Aircross is no longer on my shortlist.

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    I would rather the DS7 performance line auto but ap 2499 think I will be going for the manual elegance ap 999

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    DS Automobiles in the UK: inside the brand-building offensive

    DS Automobiles is a cult, and we’ve come to the temple, to hear about the French premium brand’s approach to pampering customers and the new car to draw them in, the 3 Crossback.

    The temple is the DS Store in Salford, Manchester, one of just four grand showrooms currently operating in the UK (alongside 31 smaller ‘salons’ inside Citroën retailers). In the background, a chanteuse languidly croons, as I’m ushered to a cream sofa in front of a Nespresso machine. Leather swatches in burgundy, blue and tan hang on the far wall, next to bespoke-coloured threads and saddler’s tools for trimming and upholstering.

    Such traditional leather-craft is inspired by the handbags and belts of Chanel and Hermes, the couture French fashion brands to which DS aspires to be the automotive equivalent. The opposite end of the showroom is a dichotomy, with a cutting-edge virtual reality headset enabling customers to ‘step’ into their configured car, to inspect the materials and craftmanship in pin-sharp detail.

    The high priest of DS Automobiles in the UK, Alain Descat, speaks. ‘My priority for this year is to install DS as a credible premium brand. To grow awareness and explain what it stands for.’


    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    So me and mrs mac decided to go check out a few motors today to see if anything particularly motivates us to want to change the car this year. I’d read and seen enough on the DS7 to want to satisfy my curiousity at least.

    Was I glad we did. The salesperson told me how they are pulling people out of Evokes and Q7’s and into the DS7. Well, clearly i’ve not noticed how gullable I must look. Having spent just 5 minutes with the DS7 Performance Line I found it to be utter garbage, and won’t believe for one second that RR and Audi owners would settle for it.

    For such a good sized car i couldn’t believe how little space there is inside. At 6’2″ i need space to get comfortable when driving and it just aint there in the DS. The interior syling I found in the flesh to be awful, and hated the info centre. The fake suede was terrible, it makes it difficult to move around in the seat. The suede dash was scratched, just in the showroom and looked bad, and that just made me think that 3 years down the line it wiuld look dog rough. I also thought the boot was far too small for the cars size.

    Different strokes for different folks and all that, and if you too are curious then do check it out, but i can now consider my curiousity satisfied.

    Also checked out the C5 Aircross on the same site ……. pants !

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    Thanks for the info macca ive not been able to get to view the ds7 crossback but at 2495 AP for the performance line auto I don’t think it would be for me as im 6ft 2 as well ive gone right off it now

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    Just my views fella, i’d encourage you to check it out and see if you feel the same way. As I say we all like different things.

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    Yep another one we crossed off as it felt too cramped.

    Salesmen/women can talk some BS can’t they.

    They told me they sold everyone that came in.

    Actually my wife whos 5’4 took one sit in it and said no way.

    It did drive very soft and rolled in corners a bit too.

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    Just seemed to me that its a car sold entirely on hype but the substance is very suspect

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    Too true it was like a market knock off of an Audi Q7.

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    Ian B

    Hi, I test drove the DS7 about a month ago now and can confirm that it is indeed a really nice car. On the plus side their is now a premium 1.2 ltr spec available that comes with a whole load of gadgets including heated front massaging seats, DAB, a wide touch screen infotainment screen, electrically adjustable front seats, to name a few. The suprising thing was just how much poke it had for a 1.2 ltr engine and the motability lady who I dealt with suggested that DS may well be adding a 1.6 ltr version in Q3 but we will see. Overall it is a good car to drive but if you contact your nearest DS dealer, as Peugeot and Citroen will not have them, you can arrange a 24 hr test drive like they did for me

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