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    the ds 3 crossback has appeared on the scheme for those wanting a smaller suv with a bit of luxury it seems a bargain at 0 ap on wpms for all but 2 models. it is one of very few current offerings that a.suits my circumstances b. looks great and a bit different. for wpms only the la premiere ltd edition requires an ap for its 2 models. at the moment it and poss the toyota hcr and mini countryman are the only attractive options for me. the ds is streets ahead though at the mo on design alone.

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    HI mitch La Premire  model  comes in at  £34,705   for  an Ap of £1299 quirky  and a breath of fresh air for the scheme  one for  short list  definitely

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    the la premiere 130 ps auto is an ap of £57 on wpms and the 155ps is £197. the burgandy leather looks fantastic as do the alloys. and as i get a grant from veterans uk to help with the cost of an auto plus any gcb i would be up on the deal. i just hope the la premiere is still available in 12 months time. although if my back goes again i may have to swap anyway. the more i play with the configorator the more i like this car lol.

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    The  La Premire  is a limited edition  so might not be on in 12 months  time

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    oh i know james that doesnt really worry me the other varieties are just as attractive. and 0 ap so its not an issue. i will just have to hope its not as popular as i think it will be lol.

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    Nice small SUV

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Mr P

    PSA Group, knocking it out the park at the moment with: 3008, 5008, DS7 Crossback, C5 Aircross and now D3 Crossback……need to improve delivery times by all accounts on here.

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    No diesel versions available on the scheme though!

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    vinalspin you say that as if its a bad thing. Why would you buy a stylish car then put an engine that sounds like a hackney cab into it?

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    Performance, torque, economy + the PSA diesel is quiet and just about the best small diesel lump there is!

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    Economy I get.

    Torque? That old chestnut. Exactly what do you do with torque, out of interest?

    Performance? A like for like petrol engine will be smoother, quieter and quicker in every circumstance.

    It’s emporers new clothes syndrome and the game is almost up with diesel.

    Turbos made diesel feel quick when comparisons were made 10-15 years ago, until turbocharging is now applied to most petrol engines and lo, they have that same rush of torque.

    Still, your choice. I don’t think they will add a diesel to the DS3 though.

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    Fourth gear at 50mph a diesel will pull away from any like for like petrol and it won’t have to change down gears and rev the nuts off it either, I’ve driven petrol, diesel and hybrid and in gear performance is still better like for like than the others.

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    I’m sure most caravan user would like to stick to diesel also. But these new low cc petrol engines really do show how quick technology moves on, leaving a lot of us behind lol.

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    Please don’t think me argumentative, I’m enjoying the debate with intelligent adults.

    Yes in extremely specific circumstances and with extremely specific driving, a diesel may pull better but if I dropped a gear in a petrol I’d keep up and it would rev smoothly and enjoyably.

    These 50-70 times in fourth gear stats are just that. Cold stats.

    Pulling a caravan is one of the few circumstances I would say diesel is a must.


    As I say, not trying to be argumentative, just pointing out that perceived facts justifying diesel need challenging .

    I realise you prefer diesel and that’s enough of a reason my friend.

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    It’s not a preference at all, I have had some superb petrol cars, the other half has a little Smart Fortwo 0.9 turbo 90bhp petrol auto and that is fantastic, great off the mark and pulls really well on the motorway even though it is training shoe, it’s just that all the petrol variants compared to their equivalent diesel versions in the last four years have been sadly lacking in comparison, I would gladly pay less per litre for fuel if there was anything that could provide me with the same experience/performance.

    What I fear is my situation of needing a large vehicle with a huge boot is limiting me on options of getting a good petrol version, I do agree that smaller cars with said petrol lumps are great fizzy little things but no good for load lugging and dragging around the 2.5 ton chunk of metal I need.

    I have tried a couple of hybrids but unfortunately not found a good one yet, maybe if we get a better choice in the coming years then that would probably be the way I’d go, until then I will keep trying both versions of each car in the hopes of finding a gem. ?

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    I might be a bit blinkered here but my BMW 535d linked to a fabulous auto gearbox was an absolute joy I have never have experienced any car a smooth or as powerful. Acceleration was smooth and purposeful and never felt noisy at all…

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    All the best in your search dear Vinalspin.

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