Driving Hand Controls push pull with my Hyundai 71 Reg Car

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    Richard Bowler

    Hi all I have Left Hemplegia Cerebral Palsy I can only drive Automatic with Hand Control and Sterring Wheel Knob . I’ve heard on the grapevine that it’s dangerous to have hand controls with is it an AMT Gearbox Puzzed and Confused Please Help!!!!

    Kind Regards All xxx


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    Richard Bowler

    I have an I10 forgot to say above Cheers x

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    Hi Richard

    I have to drive using my right-hand and right leg only but since becoming disabled have only driven full automatics.

    My understanding of AMT boxes is there still automatic but without a clutch pedal so can’t see why that would be any more dangerous than a full auto. That said, do you still need to select each gear, if so it could be a problem because you have to let go of the steering wheel to change gear but I’m only seeing this from my point of my disability.

    To be rest assured Motability might be the best people to ask, I was going to suggest the government disabled driver centres that I used for this type of information years ago that used to be dotted all over the UK but can’t find them now, no surprises there.

    Good luck.

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    Lee Bengough

    I’ve driven Citroën SensoDrive and EGS6 gearboxes with Hand Controls never had any issues.

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    I understand that the clutch determines if a car is auto or not. In that if you physically control (with a clutch pedal) the clutch it is a manual. If the vehicle does the clutch, it is automatic.

    I used to have hand controls on a manual car but I didn’t do the clutch so it was considered auto.

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