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    OK,. so after 20 years of driving without ever being caught for speading, i know look set ot loose my license. To cut a long story short I was driving 2500 miles amonth a lot into london for medical treatment got caught twice in london (once for bus lane once for speading neither of the times did i realise i had commited the crime i just was unused to driving into London). The 3 points that would take me over are i was caught jusdt after entering a temporary 50 zone doing 60 miles an hour.

    Has any one been through the process before what am i to expect, I have seen many companies advertise help for getting the points not quashed, I am seriously worried as I live 300 miles from London where my medical treatment is being done. Should I go to one of these companies, also how will it affect my renewal that is due in November with Motability.


    Many thanks in Advance


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    Sorry to hear your bad news, and dilemma.

    I can’t offer advice from experience, but when I Google “help with motoring offences” there are a number of advertisers offering ‘free advice’. Might be worth a try, as you’ve nothing to lose from a phone call. Good luck.

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    Whrrlofstupid, sorry to hear that.

    However, I’m not sure if your aware. But if you depend on your licence for work, they won’t take your licence off you, just increase the fine.

    It might be worth finding out if that rule applies to healthcare.

    Would you depend on your licence to get to your appointments? That may be an opportunity…

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    Glos Guy

    I am certainly no expert in this, but it is my understanding that it is highly unlikely that a minor 3 point infringement would automatically trigger a disqualification. I believe that any decision to disqualify is taken at a magistrates court, where you would be able to explain the impact that any ban would have on you. I would be staggered if they banned you for the offences you describe, even if that does take your tally into that territory. Most insurance policies (not just car ones) have an element of free legal advice. If you can, I would try one of them, rather than a company that is out for a fee if they help you. Good luck.

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    Any reasonable judge will let you continue driving but it appears you have been caught in quick succession with these violations. You say you have no previous misdemeanors so I would be thinking to myself what has changed, you indicate you are travelling huge distances so I would be worried about tiredness, fatigue and, especially if you have medical problem, stress. I think any judge would look on these as compelling reasons for your misjudgements but I also think you should be careful as when things out of the ordinary happen there is usually a reason for it. So best of luck and be safe.

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    Nick Gray

    You lose your licence if you rack up 12 points or more. Sometimes the court will allow you to keep your licence if you need if for work many story’s of people with 18 plus points and still holding licence. As long ad you have been driving over 2 years and have a clean licence they won’t take it away unless you was driving over 100 mph which is a instant ban. As for rsa 3 points is no issue for them. I think 6 is ok from what I remember reading but after 6 they can refuse to insure you on motability hence your lose the car unless other driver steps in or they can add a premium that you must pay to stay insured.  Based on what you have said about the amount of time you have been driving I would say you have nothing to worry about at all. But do make sure you give rsa a call and inform them if you get points other wise they can invalidate your insurance and should the worst happen ie accident you could end up with a masive bill. I worked in claims and know how it works. Always be honest as they check the data bases alot now to catch people out.

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    Sorry to hear of your dilema, must be incredibly stressful for you. You are doing the right thing in reaching out for advice, which you’ve received some good advice already.

    Here are some extracts of information i’ve found online that may be of help in keeping your license…

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    The little taffia

    As far as the speeding one is concerned have you actually had the points and fine or just the NIP (notice of intended oresecution)? You may be offered a driving awareness course. If you attend you will not have the points put on your licence nor have to pay the fine, however you will have to pay the cost of the course. If you have been summoned without such an option then the speeding offence is more serious.

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    Hi Guys thanks for all the advice, im panicking now, I currently have 10 points and have not informed RSA, i know this sounds blatantly stupid but i just didn’t think I had to tell anyone just didn’t cross my mind, I shall phone them tomorrow, I am in deep panic now though as im sure they are going to be less likely to deal with me seeing as these date back 12 months or so now. If they wont deal with me anymore I loose the car nad my treatment, but it is my own fault. im just so bloody angry with myself. going to contact Citizens Advice tomorrow as well see if they can give any legal advice.

    Thanks all 🙂

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    Don’t beat yourself up you just some bad mistakes and poor judgement just like the rest of us, we sometimes have to drive to Birmingham, probably not quite as hectic as London.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Wheelsofstupid, sounds like a nightmare. Don’t panic (yet). Speak to Motability. They are very understanding…

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    Like oscarmax said, we all unfortunately go through a stint. It’s unfortunately part of our life.

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    I would suggest before all else you need to talk to RSA. Most insurance companies have their own legal team, even a letter from them stating your claims and endorsements history (available via internal database) will help in any court proceedings.

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    Steve Carr

    Do I have to tell my insurers about a motoring conviction or pending prosecution?

    When you are taking out a policy of insurance, nearly all insurers insist on you notifying them of any motoring convictions you have received within the last five years. This includes offences dealt with by way of a fixed penalty.

    Additionally, they would expect you to notify them if you are convicted of a motoring offence whilst they are providing you with insurance cover. A failure to notify your insurer of a motoring conviction could render your policy invalid and result in your insurer refusing to deal with any claims that may arise.

    In respect of pending prosecutions, most insurers do not specifically require you to disclose this information, although, to err on the side of caution, you should check the terms of your insurance policy.

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    Hii everyone thanks for the advice.

    Have spooken to RSA they have updated my policy with the points I have and mentioned nothing about it, im getting a new policy document through, with the information in there i should be best placed for proceeding with the court date, as I received some legal advice today, saying i should probably ask for a short disqualification instead of points, but I need to know how many if at all days disqualification motability will allow. There is so much conflicting information on-line about RSA motability and what it allows I am awaiting the documentation before i move forward. I will update when I have this information.

    My bog fear now is i will be fine whilst I have this car but RSA will refuse to insure me when i have to change cars, this is due in november.

    Thanks again guys, im now going to get some sleep as i was up panicking all night

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    Pat yourself on the back for facing up to a really stressful situation and starting to resolve it. Be proud of yourself and sleep well.

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    OK quick update, finally got the offence details through, the court gave me points on my license instead of a ban due to the ill effect it would have on my health being unable to travel to London for treatment. Well to cut a long story short, Rsam removed me from the insurance the moment I told them, I have no right of appeal, and RDA say they follow motability e’s criteria and motability say it is up to Rsa.  I now have to arrange for the car to be returned and cancel my London hospital appointments.


    I am gutted I made some silly mistakes but feel now that I have nothing left.

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    The Motability customer doesn’t have to have a licence or even be able to drive, I would suggest putting a family member or friend on the insurance, that way as long as the vehicle is used for the benefit of yourself I see no reason why you should lose your entitlement or vehicle. I can imagine it’s been a very stressful time but don’t give up, speak to rsa a put a nominated driver on and before you know it your points will be removed. Chin up

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    Hi JS currently my partner is on the car and we can of course keep it and she drive me, the problem being its just me and her we have school age children, this means she is unable to take me to my hospital appointments as they are a 300 mile round trip and no one to look after the children. Thank you though 🙂

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    Alan A

    You must have had 6 points on your licence already,?

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    Hi I currently. Have 13 points on my license, further talking to motability apparently they are saying I have a Tt99 endorsement on my license, I do not I have four sp30’s they are looking at an appeal now but seem very unhopful so we shall see, I just want to keep this updated for completeness

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    Wheelsofstupid, just seen your query. On reading your original statement about collecting the points on your driving licence, you seem to be implying (unless I have picked you up wrong) that you picked up some of the points for being caught in the bus lane.

    My understanding is that you only get a fine for being caught in a bus lane and not points on your licence. That was certainly the case for me, a couple of years back when my PA was caught in a bus lane while I was a passenger in the car. I had to pay the fine but no points were put on my licence.

    I don’t know if my PA was legally due to pay the fine as the driver or it is the same as a parking fine, where it is the owner of the car that has to pay, but as neither of us seen the sign until we turned into the bus lane behind a bus with no other lane available, I felt the need to pay the fine.

    But the bottom line in what I am saying is that maybe you do not have as many point on your licence as you seem to think.

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    Which Mobility Car

    A tt99 is issued when you reach 12 points within a three year period, if you have 4 SP30’s that add up to 12 points and do not have a tt99 then it must mean that as the SP30’s sit on your license for four years that at least one of your SP30’s must be over three years old?
    The reason we ask is that while the SP30’s are on your license for 4 years they only count as points in the totting up process for three years. So if you have an SP30 that is over 3 years old while it is sitting on your license and it appears that you have 12 points due to totting up, you actually only have 9.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>If you been done for a DR10 7 years ago as a nominated driver for rsa could you then apply again as after 5 years  you don’t need to disclose it but I understand it stays on your licence 11 years unspent can they still take that in to account</p>

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    Steve Jones

    Hi.after always being careful while eriveing.i have recently been mde disabled and need a motobility car.but theres a problem i been given a drink driveing ban back in 26th october 2015.but my licence says the conviction ended on the 26th october 2016.which one would be correct to allow me to get my car.can sombody please help.cheers

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    Drink drive stays on your licence for 10 years after the end of your ban period.

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