Drivers advised not to turn right to save fuel!

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    I know this one!

    Muthbusters did a piece about it a few years ago:

    I won’t give away their conclusions.


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    So they saved 3% in fuel lol. Even still I find it rather bizarre πŸ™‚

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    Not much for a single vehicle, but scale that 3% saving up roughly 100,000 times and I imagine it’s worth their while. πŸ™‚

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    Thought this was an April Fool’s gag put out on wrong day. Fact remains, though, that if the vehicles in the study had stop-start function, surely they would not waste fuel waiting for a right turn, because the engine would stop while waiting?

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    The ex MrsW once worked with a woman who only ever turned left. She worked out routes to drive from home to work and back,Β  local shopping etc. with no right turns.

    I didn’t believe it was possible but she convinced the ex MrsW.

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    This only really applies to cities that are build on the block system.

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