Don’t mess with car salesmen in Bolton.

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    The sales manager at a car dealership in Bolton has narrowly avoided prison after breaking a salesman’s eye-socket in an ugly argument about keys.

    Barry Linnell, 55, lost his temper and attacked worker Dan Sloane in August last year, after he was told that the 23-year-old did not have the keys to the Bolton Motor Park dealership where they both worked.

    The manager punched Sloane repeatedly in the face, breaking his eye socket, before pinning him to the ground by kneeling on him.

    The incident was the culmination of a long-standing tense relationship between the pair, the Bolton News reports.

    The attack hospitalised Sloane and was the second time Linnell has assaulted a co-worker.

    He has now appeared at Wigan & Leigh Magistrates Court where he was spared jail after pleading guilty to one charge of causing causing grievous bodily harm.

    The court heard that on August 31 last year, Linnell went over to Sloane’s desk to ask if he had the keys to the dealership.

    Sloane replied that he had given them to someone else two weeks earlier, prompting an angry response from his sales manager.

    The pair continued their argument into Linnell’s office, where the 55-year-old became verbally abusive.

    Then, as Sloane turned to return to his own desk, his manager struck several blows to his face.

    The repeated punches knocked the salesman to the ground, at which point Linnell pinned him down by kneeling on him.

    Sloane was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital where it was confirmed he had suffered a fractured eye socket in the attack.

    The court heard that Linnell called Sloane to apologise for the attack as he lay in his hospital bed.

    Stacey Morrow, prosecuting, said of the attack: ‘He described being shocked and dazed, trying to crawl away but the defendant was on top of him.’

    The incident was not Linnell’s first offence having previously been convicted of assaulting another colleague at a different dealership, three years ago.

    On that occasion he received a conditional discharge.

    For his latest offence, he was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years and was ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work.

    He must also complete 25 days of rehabilitation activities as well as paying his victim £300 in compensation.

    In mitigation, Linnell’s defence lawyer, Patrick Nelligan, said his client had a ‘high octane, pressurised job’.

    He said: ‘He accepts that he used excessive force.

    ‘It is a very high octane, pressurised sales job, especially during Covid.’

    The sales manager has not worked at the dealership, which sells Mazda, Fiat and Abarth vehicles, since the incident.

    However, he has been promised his old job back after been spared prison.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
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    Doesn’t compute how, as a repeat offender, he doesn’t get jail time – but even gets his old job back, where presumably his victim still works.

    Batsh1t insane.

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    “The lunatics have taken over the asylum”.

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    I’d like to think the salesman will be suing the the dealership for putting him at risk from a manager with a previous conviction for assault in the workplace. I know I would be…

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    Someone calls you names in work, industrial tribunal awarded £10,000 for injury to feelings. Someone punches you breaks your face you get £300 something very wrong in this country.

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    Shocking to say the least. This guy needs some hard time in Prison. His employers should, without a doubt dismiss him on  the spot for gross misconduct, given his previous back ground.

    I hope the young man takes him and the company to tribunal.

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    I’ve worked in a company where one of the lower managers was a violent ar%ehol3, he frequently both abused and assaulted staff, management turned a blind eye as he was “an essential part of the team” aka one of the boys, my mate Steve etc.

    HR had a very definite policy on abuse, but just didn’t listen to any complaints and paid up any claims brought by other staff.

    I fell foul of the abuse, gave as good as I got (not violent – just verbal) and ended up in my managers office being told yes, he was wrong to attack you like that, but you know how he is…like its some sort of excuse.

    Left their employ not much later, no tribunals involved, just voted with my feet.

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