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    I am looking after a dog and have been diligently lifting the poo but where do you put it? I have put some in the bins typically used for rubbish, is that OK? One of the poo was really wet so no solid to it, I left this one and a neighbour said I should wash it away is that correct?

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    If it’s any help we use nappy bags for our Daisy’s do do’s whether that’s in the garden or out when she’s getting her exercise.?

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    once in the nappy bag tied up, we then put it in the green bin as for hosing it down I would get some of it up first before you hose it down.

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    British Bulldog

    Don’t know if your area is different from mine and what bins you have available but in my area dog poo goes into the landfill bin as the polythene poo bags are non-recycleable. Our green bins are for recycleable waste and a poo bag in effect contaminates the whole bin rendering everthing therein “contaminated” and not suitable for recycling. I agree pick up as much as you can then hose down. I have artificial grass and in the summer it can get a wee bit pongy, I find a liberal dose of Lenor Unstopables (a fragrance additive for laundry) followed by a good hosing resolves the issue.

    I am by no means an eco warrior but recently there has been some media coverage on the subject and by adhereing with the guidelines I have found a lot of items which I previously deposited in my recycling bin I was doing so in error eg cellophane (wrapping for flowers and some pre-packaged vegetables), black plastic items (sensors cannot differentiate between these and the conveyor belt), any plastic/foil packaging (crisp packets) etc.

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    Thanks for the input guys unfortunately the poo was about 300m from the house so hosing down was not an option, i could have went along with a bucket of water and flushed it to the kerb but that seemed a lot for a small bit of watery poo.

    On the subject of bins we have a dark green general waste bin, a brown bin for kitchen food waste in biodigradable plastic bags and garden waste, a light blue bin for plastic, metal cans and paper and a light green bin for glass.

    They all get picked up on the same day but staggered, GW every third week, BB every two weeks, light blue every three weeks and  and light green every three weeks.

    Just discovered ive been puting the wrong things in the light blue and the light green bins, i went onto the council website to get the rotation for each and discovered the light blue is for paper only and the light green is for bottles, plastics and cans in fact this is the list-

    Your green lidded recycling bin accepts glass, metals, plastics and cartons

    You can use your green lidded bin to recycle these materials:

    Glass bottles and jars, along with plastic and metal lids
    Metal cans and tins – if possible, squash to save space in your bin – you don’t need to remove any labels
    Food and drink cartons – after a rinse, you can recycle cartons for juice, smoothies or soup
    All clean plastic bottles, food trays and tubs including yoghurt and margarine tubs, milk cartons, ready meal containers, meat trays, black plastic food trays, juice bottles, shampoo and shower gel bottles, and detergent and washing-up liquid bottles. Bottle tops can also be recycled
    Empty aerosol cans, such as deodorant, hairspray and furniture polish
    Clean tin foil and aluminium trays – foil food trays that takeaways and some ready meals come in should be rinsed and tin foil that you have wrapped food in can also be recycled after a rinse or wipe. Scrunch it into a ball with any other foil items – the bigger the ball, the easier it is to sort and recycle during processing.
    If you have spray plastic bottles, the main bottle can be recycled but please remove the trigger and place this in your general waste bin.
    Please rinse and, where possible, flatten items.

    We are unable to accept

    crisp and sweet wrappers – if you’re not sure what can be recycled, give the wrapper the scrunch test – if it stays scrunched, it is foil and can be recycled in your green-lidded bin; if it springs back, it is metallised plastic and can’t be recycled.
    drinking glasses, pyrex, mirrors, ceramics, window glass or light bulbs – these melt at a different temperature and can’t be recycled, so please place in your general waste bin.
    plastic bags or pouches containing baby food, yoghurts, sauces, juice or pet food
    squeezable tubes for items like toothpaste, hand cream, suntan lotion and shower gel cannot be recycled so they should go in the grey general waste bin.
    nappies, polythene or polystyrene
    textiles and cotton wool or buds
    cling film, bubble wrap and the thin plastic film covering food trays
    Fluorescent and low energy light bulbs can be recycled at any of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

    Please ensure only the  Revised Green lidded bin material [197kb] are placed into the bin as we will be unable to empty your bin if it contains incorrect material.

    Are we all clear now lol.

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    Ok guys just to put everyone’s mind to rest.?

    Green bins in our area are for landfill waste.

    Brown bins in our area are for recycling.

    We also have to use 2 BIG plastic boxes…….which are coloured green with no lids.

    Box 1 has to be used for paper and cardboard.

    Box 2 has to be used for plastic only NO glass as that’s got to go in the green bin in which should go into the recycling bin,but I don’t make the rules.

    hope that helps.?



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    It is amazing the variations in how different local authorities operate their recycling schemes. In my area we have four wheelie bins; brown for biodegradeable waste, grey for paper/cardboard, green for recycleable items and blue for landfill. Glass bottles and jars are not collected for recycling, if you want to recycle these items you have to take them personally to a bottle bank, if you are unable to do this your only means of disposal is in the landfill bin.

    I never though I would find myself on a forum talking a load of garbage! LOL

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    I solved the poo problem, i get my son to take the dog out……only two days till she goes home yeh.

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    Well delegated .lol

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