Does anyone with an EV have solar?

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    Does anyone with an EV have solar and if so do you have a charger that allows you to automatically use this energy to charge your car?

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    The new Ioniq 5 has the option to have a solar roof, but looks like that won’t as yet be a UK option sadly

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    I have an Ev and also Solar, unfortunately I have a dumb charger so I need to manually setup solar charging.

    I started making the effort this year to charge using solar and I have saved a small amount of money.

    Be aware that solar charging is only possible when the sun is shining and the car is available.

    That said its fairly good for topping up.

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    Chargers are what I wanted to talk about Ian, there are so many out there, and improving month after month. I was wondering how those with solar where choosing which charger to go for.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Zappi chargers seem to be the ones reccomended for solar.</p>

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    Are you considering changing the XC40 for an EV Brydo?

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    Put my order in on Tuesday Mike.

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    What have you ordered? I have a Tiguan 1.5 dsg struggling to get 30mpg driving normally. I want to change for Kona or ID3 but not sure if this is an acceptable reason to motablilty for an early termination.

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    XC40 inscription pro PHEV  Mike September delivery.

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    Just out of interest how did you get to change your car after a couple of months for the same model ?

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    Mike if i told you I’d have to kill you lol.

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    Mike give them a call, if you experiencing difficulties running the car due to excessive fuel costs I’m sure they will let you change.

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    Given the current auction prices of nearly new desirable cars, like the XC40, I suspect Motability will turn a profit on your old one, Brydo.

    Good to see you got offered September delivery , while some dealers are saying November or December.  I’m convinced they are saying this to put off Motability orders in favour of more profitable PCP deals.

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    Mike, I have a cancellation fee waiver for the exact same reason and the exact same vehicle 😂 Small world! Motability we’re brilliant and I’m free to change at anytime with a pro rata refund of the AP when I do. New AP goes to dealer at handover as they know the money is coming direct from Motability.

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