Does anyone remember these?

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    Hi community, I remember back in my childhood at a local Asda where these disabled parking spaces would have these little orange ramp things that would make digital noise when you drive over them.

    Seeing as most of them were broken or not working I don’t have a clear memory of what kind of noise they made. It was either a talking voice or an alarm sound of sorts.

    If anyone remembers these, and has a video or audio of what they did, I’d love to see them again!

    Many thanks! 🙂

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    barry caldwell

    as i remember they’d play the asda tune (like the tv adds ‘thats asda price dum-da-dum-dum’) then shout a warning that you’re in a disabled spot. they probably got rid of them because whether you where disabled or not it was equally embarrassing as the entire carpark would turn to see who was in the disabled spot!!

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    That definitely rings many bells in my head! Very accurate memory you have there 🙂 The music and shout warning does seem very familiar. It’s just a shame these aren’t documented anywhere on the internet, nor is there a video of them, as I would’ve loved to see them now and to investigate further on how they worked, etc!

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