Does anyone have an electric car.

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    Do any members on here have an electric car?

    Can you give a critique of the benefits of driving these cars, what are they really like to drive and own??  Are there any shortcomings you’ve experienced since owning and using them.

    Any information would be welcome, I think nothing beats real life experiences of using these vehicles day to day.

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    Carl I only have a PHEV, however, the majority of my driving is less than 30 miles, a full EV is going to be more economical on electric than an PHEV, to date I have used  £10.75 of electric (@ 50 pence a kWh on Octopus Go) travelling 750 miles.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I am very keen to go electric and would love to know what living with an EV is like on a daily basis.

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    I’m on my 2nd, both nissan Leafs. Got the first in June 2014, a 24kWh just to use for work, shops etc. It was so good we used it for almost everything and I ended up doing 40k in it.

    Then in June 2017 I got a 30kWh which I’ve managed to do 20k a year in and I’ve extended my lease for another 2 years cause there’s nothing that can touch it for me. I frequently go long runs, out all day covering several hundred miles (longest day was 567 miles) just because I can and because it’s so nice to drive. I am used to charging away from home so it’s no big deal for me as its second nature now.

    Now ignore all the moaners who say but I need 900 mile range and to fully charge in a nano second once a month… and to be able to tow 5 tons… they are selfish idiots who will never be convinced. If however you frequently travel a lot in a single day… eg 200+ miles (and to a timescale?), who tows a boat/caravan etc then maybe the current crop of BEVs isn’t for you so save time and just move on 👋. If you rarely travel over 150 miles on one trip or do frequent short trips then an EV is perfect, it’s also great if you work shifts cause you don’t waken the neighbours 😴

    Having home charging is a huge bonus but not essential, it just makes living with one more of a commitment, especially if you live in England with the dogs breakfast that is the current charging infrastructure where too many different suppliers are popping up with different ways of paying 🤦‍♂️

    If your lifestyle is suitable then 100% get an EV, not only are they nicer to drive and cheaper to run but you’re doing a bit to help the planet. I can start every day with a full tank, never have to visit a petrol station (handy if you have difficulty using them), can take advantage of cheap electricity overnight or solar through the day, can have my car warm and defrosted in winter or cooling down in summer, I don’t waste fuel sitting in traffic or defrosting it, I can travel the length of the country although it may take a little longer than in an ICE, I get the equivalent of 180mpg 😁

    Also the reason I extended my lease instead of getting a 40kWh leaf or the MG ZS EV is that my leaf can do everything I need and there’s no financial advantage in paying out over a grand for no real gain… the only things I’d like in mines is adaptive cruise control and a second USB point (first world problems eh?)

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    I’ve only had mine for a couple of weeks so it’s a little early for me to be able to comment, but I get the sense that the EV is so much smoother to drive that any fossil I’ve had, and it seems fairly planted too which will be the low down weight of that battery.

    Drifted the back end out a little on poor surfaces, and I’ve spun up the front (drive) wheels a bit, but both when I’ve been trying to to find out where the grip limits are.

    Fast enough for the motorways (mine is artificially limited to 93mph/150kmh).

    Initially nervous about charging an EV but that mystery didn’t last long, simply follow the instructions on a rapid DC charger or an AC post, or simply plug in at home.

    EVs aren’t silent running as you’d expect, there’s still the tyre noise on the road surface, just no engine to drown out all the other noises you’d otherwise never notice.

    I think you should go test drive some EVs.


    As for shortcomings, perhaps there’s the having to plan longer journeys to include the coffee break/charging. More local driving is about taking the free charging post at the supermarket or other establishment to suck up some free electrons, might as well, even though it’ll only charge perhaps 25miles worth per hour. Not sure what to do with the 10p off per litre vouchers though, perhaps sell them to fossil owners.

    Currently train station car parks are pretty empty due to COVID, so if you wangle free parking for the disabled (usually means registering with some organisation) & the car park has charging posts that are free, you could leave your car there for a full charge upon occasion. You could even try out a train if you’re brave enough.




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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for your input Rhod and julie.   I am very tempted to get an EV as there are some great deals on the Peugeot locally, I test drove the e 208 and it exceeded my expectations in every way, the car drive effortlessly, it was quick ofvthe mark and quite luxurious inside for a regular car maker.  I am trying to organise a 2 day test of the Nissan leaf, just to give me a flavour of charging up and distance driving.   On the other hand I really like the mercedes A class….so really torn bbetween the two.</p>
    My head is saying EV for environmental reasons, lower costs, convenience of home charging.

    But the draw of the Mercedes brand is also pulling me in!!

    Tough decision to make.

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    We are seriously considering an electric car. We currently have a 10-year-old VW Touran which we originally got on the scheme and then purchased.

    We have taken the MG ZS and Peugeot e-2008 for test drives. The boot in the Peugeot is a bit small for my wheelchair, but I think is a much nicer car than the MG. My husband prefers the MG.

    I need something a bit higher than a saloon to get in and out of, otherwise we would probably look at the Hyundai Ioniq.

    Wondering if the VW id3 will come on to the scheme in the next six months or so.

    Unfortunately the Kia e Niro full electric version isn’t on the scheme and I doubt that it will be given its popularity and long wait times. That is the sort of size I really would like. It’s just a waiting game to see what else comes on the scheme. Going to have to choose in the next six months or so due to the dates on my Pip award.





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    Carl, I liked the Peugeot too but a bit small for me and my chair but the main issue was the location of the charging socket at the rear on the passenger side, as a wheelchair user it is just too awkward to use on a regular basis, if you can walk then it’d be fine. Good luck on a 2 day test drive, most only give 1 hour… the cars are so good they don’t need to offer these long tests and they sell so quick they don’t have many sitting around.

    I know what you mean about Mercedes, my wife drives a C250 coupe and loves it but it’s very low for me ☹


    Ellie, the MG had a few silly niggles but that’s cause its new, same as all new cars do… things like warning bongs for practically every thing and no outside temp display but they’re being sorted out with the latest software updates. I’m on an owners forum cause I was seriously considering one and they all love their cars. I haven’t looked at or considered the Peugeot cause of the charging port but I’d bet it has similar new car issues. Coming from an ICE it’s a no brained, but for me it just wasn’t worth it…. I’d be paying £999 for a little bit extra range than I have now and I’m already doing 20k a year, that £999 is more than 3 years fuel for me

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