Does anybody have any experience of Simpsons Preston ???

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      My last 3 dealers have all been exceptional from ordering to collection and beyond…….nothing too much trouble and every call returned.

      However back in Jan I ordered a Kodiaq 7 seater from Simpsons – I was told it was to be built from factory – however it seemed a lot of other people had to been told that it was “stock models only” – so I thought I’d call them ( a day after placing my order) to ask the question and also I wanted to enquire about the cost of an add on pack.

      I left a message………….but didn’t get a reply.

      So I range again mid-feb – explained to receptionist that I hadn’t had a call back and she apologised and promised somebody would call later that day……….again no call was forthcoming.

      Towards end of March I called again – left message – and once again no reply…………..

      Kind of at my wits end here now – they are not local to me – but they were the only skoda dealer promising factory orders.

      I’ll try them again tomorrow and will report back.

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        I would pop in and speak to them and follow up with a complaint to head office.



          Sadly my phone call once again resulted in absolutely no return call.

          As suggested above I will have to call in – sadly my health is not great at the moment and they are not local so I will have to do it when feeling a little better.


            Seems like the dealership is as comedic as the tv show…..and he is called Preston.



              I’m very close to Simpsons in Preston and wouldn’t go back. Uninterested sales team, poor product knowledge. I have found Simpsons of Colne much more responsive. Same group, different approach.


                ok… you’re welcome, I guess

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                  I’m very much getting the same impression – what a shame.

                  When I am well enough I will go over there and see if I can talk to somebody face to face.

                  Looks like I’m not the only one.

                  Thanks for input.

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