Do You Use Air Con and does it use fuel

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    So my car was in the dealer got it back today and when I started it up

    the air con was on , I do not use it because years ago I was told it uses fuel .
    So do you use it , if so why , what’s wrote with the ordinary blowers …




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    Well, If like me and suffer with COPD Air con is a god send. Yes it does cost money to run, but no where near as much as it used to.

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    It is well documented in warmer climates that having the windows down uses more fuel because of drag, the aircon costs very little to run.

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    Also not using it isn’t good for it.

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    It used to be the case that Aircon took a lot of power from the engine and therefore affected fuel consumption.  Modern systems with electronic management take much less power, climate control even less.  And it’s right that with the modern refrigerants used, there’s a risk of seals drying out if it’s not used allowing refrigerant to escape.  Once a month is enough, if you don’t want to use it.

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    my car is 4 years old and i have never switched the air conditioning off.

    automatic air con is a god send. its set at 20 and i move it up or down by one or two degrees occasionally.

    Never ever had a window steam up.

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    Agreed, Gillan, auto-aircon aka climate control maintains both temperature and humidity inside the car.  I just set it and forget it, although Mrs W thinks turning the knob to 16 will get the car down from 25 to 20 quicker, now matter how much I explain how it works.  But then she has the same problem with the CH thermostat…

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    Always have air con on, asthmatic but have the filters changed every year, don’t worry about whether it uses more fuel.

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    Aircon is supposed to be used very often to filter the system as I learnt the hard way. Now I just keep it on all the time, I haven’t noticed the difference in mpg as it doesn’t bother me, I just put petrol in when needed.

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    Regards changing the filter every year – they can be washed very successfully. agitated in warm water with a little washing up liquid and dried with a fan heater.

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    I only turn the aircon off when it’s really really cold. My current car has an electric heater, it warms the car up very quickly. Which is great right now it’s getting very cold in the morning and i deffo notice it over my old golf.

    Both my current car and the last 2, all had a windscreen de-mist button that auto turns on the aircon, if it’s rainy and damp then i just hit that for a bit and it clears up quick, but it is noisy as hell as it turns it on full blast..

    The rest of the time the aircons is on all the time as it keeps the car cooler and on a hot day (when we actually get them) aircon is bliss.

    I don’t really care if it uses slightly more fuel, comforts more important, but i cannot say on a long  140 mile journey to london i have noticed any real difference in fuel cost driving using acc at the same speed everytime, traffic permitting of course.

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