Water Butts.

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    I only have a few rose bushes, but thinking of getting a water butt to save me keep going through the house for water.

    I see Wickes have an offer of a 100l butt with stand and connecting kit for £20


    Looks like the complete kit to me, any greenfingered members think it will suit my needs, or if i’ll need anything else?


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    No trev just use watering can use 2 to wash car and 2 buckets of hot water for car One for bodywork one for wheels rinse off with water cans they dry with large micro fibre cloth which was auto express Winner of all cloths tested

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    Ahh i see Mike, i got an auto glym kit that was a free gift when i subscribed to auto express magazine – 6 issues for £1 was the offer so cheap outlay. Kit contains a bottle of shampoo, spray bottle of wax, sponge and microfibre cloth.

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    oh, got the water butt, 100 litres was plenty big enough for my needs and is quite discreet – pretty pleased with it – tested it and tap doesn’t drip, that’s a good start…. now just to wait for the rain to see if it fills ok…… or rather that it overflows back in to the downpipe when it’s full.

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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