Water Butts.

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    I only have a few rose bushes, but thinking of getting a water butt to save me keep going through the house for water.

    I see Wickes have an offer of a 100l butt with stand and connecting kit for £20


    Looks like the complete kit to me, any greenfingered members think it will suit my needs, or if i’ll need anything else?


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    Hi Trev

    Wondered what this was about!!

    I reckon 32 tons of concrete is best for gardens!!

    Don’t do green fingered stuff, other than having to mow a large lawn (to expensive to concrete).


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    I have 2 water butts got them from wickes 20 years ago will take photo in morning when it’s light for you

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    C’mon guys! The idea was for this off topic forum to appeal to everyone. Both male and female.

    Suggestive titles, multi pics of “sexy”weather girls and sex related jokes are in danger of putting off posters who may be browsing, and would otherwise wish to post here.

    By all means have a good laugh and a joke but let’s rise slightly above the “nudge nudge, wink wink” level shall we.

    Thank you.

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    So a suggestive title and you pounce on me, changing the said title. But you leave the multiple pics of sexy weather girls, and sex-related jokes post you mention untouched!

    If you’re taking action then i suggest you do it fairly and consistently, otherwise it looks to me it’s just a problem you have with me and are wanting to make an example of me in front of everyone.

    I regularly contribute to both this and the main forum helping others where i can, but i can’t deal with this when you want to single out me and only take action on my posts!

    You have a problem with me, then go ahead and say it, likewise you don’t want me here then i’ll leave.


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    Trev, I’m discussing the removal of “suggestive pictures” at the moment behind the scenes.

    I don’t have any issues with you at all. I react to the post not the poster.

    I want “Off Topic” to be accessible to all posters. People decide quickly whether or not a Forum is for them and misleading titles can give the wrong impression. Your title was funny, but also suggestive and misleading.

    I agree with you about consistent modding which is why I flagged up other ‘issues’. I’ve been offline for a few days with a total internet supply wipeout so I’ve just come back for a thorough read through of posts. Like it or not, my recent posts recorded my thoughts on certain items which I was concerned about.

    This Forum has developed a good reputation since it’s inception, and I’m keen that we keep it up.

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    Surely the photo of Carol next to her Mercedes isn’t rude pops ?

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    Guys I don’t know if I`m being naive and missing the suggestive title but I don’t see much here to get hot under the collar about. Trev don’t leave mate I haven’t seen anything from Pop to suggest he is singling you out.

    IMHO Trev I wouldn’t enjoy the forum as much if you weren’t posting I see a guy who goes out of his way to get accurate info for anyone who needs it and is always first with the info, unless I beat him to it lol.

    Pop has a job to do and he does it pretty well, as individuals we all have our own levels of decorum, morality and decency so its inevitable that disagreements arise about what is and what’s not acceptable.

    So lets bury the hatchet, maybe the wrong phrase to use lol, and get back to doing what you do best and that’s excellent moderating and excellent posting.

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    Sorry Brydo mate, but i aint happy. The title to this thread simply said big butts or little butts. I get a reply saying suggestive titles are not allowed and it gets changed. Also mentioned are other things that have been posted that are not allowed, yet they remain.

    There’s repeated talk of putting off new posters, but it’s all done on a reactive basis, where to be honest i’m sometimes unsure where the goalposts are as they keep moving. If there was a ‘code of conduct’ that could be refereed to i would know where the boundaries are.  And now it seems my post is having a negative effect on the forums reputation.

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    Trev, i can see your not happy and i understand that without a code of conduct the positioning of the boundaries is not always clear. I don’t think there has been too much, if any, that could be classed as over the top, and I am a fairly conservative person, but these guys run the Forum so its hard to argue with them.

    Maybe a list of dos and don't s could be made up and posted so we all know what is expected from those posting. I also think PMs from the moderators to anyone who breaks the rules would be a better way to approach this type of situation. It keeps any problems private and gives the person on the end of the PM to reply also in private.

    I understand the moderators have no way to directly contact the people who don’t sign in so maybe all posting should be required to sign in.

    Just a thought.

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    These are My Personal views and not those of the Forum.

    I will put my hands up and take responsibility for the recent misunderstandings, and apologise for any inconsistencies and misunderstandings caused, Pops has been away from the forum for a short period, WMCforum KeyMaster is as I’m sure you can appreciate is busy with the main page and upcoming Q2, Myself being new to being a moderator rely on their input and often seek their opinions and advice before myself jumping in. The three of us are in discussions all the time behind the scenes taking all ideas and thoughts and concerns into account, with the introduction of the “Open Arms” with the idea of it being a more relaxed friendly off topic Forum, I hesitated with respect to what is or is not acceptably allowed, I had my own personal concerns with how certain threads maybe seen or interpreted by others, I decided and I alone allowed the weather and joke threads to take place with input from me when I felt the need or concern too,

    Trev (no not pointing you out) again I take responsibility for it seeming your the one the forum is coming down on, this is not the case by any means, it will seem I’ve not come down or corrected others, although I have but not shown it, I’m sure some of you have noticed that others titles comments or in some cases if I notice them spelling mistakes, I edit/correct/re phrase or delete certain posts, including even changing a picture recently on a thread as I thought it may cause offence, when I edit I get given a option of given a reason for an edit or unticking the box so the edit does not show, (sometimes I forget to un tick the log box) I did it the other day Trev when you very helpfully pointed out that Megan (mini) had not but contact details on her post. I copy/pasted and edited her details from another thread to that one. I chose not to show the reasons but maybe I should,

    again from a personal point of view and this has happened to a few of us regular members, it is very hard understanding and coming across in a way things are meant, the written word with no emotion or sound can be misread and misleading, Pops has simply and rightly corrected a post (irrelevant of who posted it) as I do for the continuity and benefit of others. I applaud the Forum and all that use it,





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    The thing that brings us all together is motability. This site and the Forum helps many people out and there is a lot of knowledgeable people on the site only too willing to help. The off topic section will always need more moderating than the Forum as it is there for us to chat and to have a laugh. When typing a reply or raising a topic in the first place what you type sometimes seems reasonable and once you press that button its gone. I have recently raised a topic with the best of intentions only for it to cause a few problems.

    The problem we have just now is that when someone gets reprimanded, and without guidelines to work to,they become reticent to post in fear of causing further problems.

    The Open Arms is new to everyone so its only to be expected that there will be a few creases to be ironed out but I`m sure with a bit of come and go on both sides we will get there.


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    From a moderators point Of view, on both forums there are general dos and don’t, we are a Open forum and rely on all users to use caution in their posts, it is not our intention to dictate or restrict opinions and views but we all have a responsibility to consider others, including too the ones that are yet to post or simply passing through. As moderators we are no different to all posters in trying to keep the forums a safe and welcoming place for all to use.


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    This forum saved me £500 off my Golf I can never thank you enough so I must tell everyone I’ve retired from mentioning carol kirkwood however later in the year ie July August I may come out of retirement ?

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    Brydo, I too was one for pm’s, but unfortunately when i previously raised the question of having them, the answer was a resounding no.

    Because of that, and how this could have been dealt better from my personal point of view, is that if a mod requires to change someone’s post, then it is done with an explanation purely to that person’s post – not a collective reasoning on one persons post.

    Sorry pops, I accept you changed my title for the good of the forum, but by mentioning a string of other offending posts and not taking action there it did single me out.

    If it had been for example a ‘Trev had to change the title to your post as we don’t allow suggestive titles’ then i would perfectly have accepted that, and would have apologised.

    Justsaying, thank you for taking the time to post your comments, but there is no need to apologise whatsoever! I was a board guide years ago for a forum and understand the difficulty in the decisions a mod has to make, it just be nice that if a lesson could be learned so if a post has to be corrected in the future (and many will) that it is handled differently.

    May i make a suggestion – that if a mod edits a post for whatever reason, then the edit field is completed with an explanation, and that explanation is simply as to what boundaries it has crossed.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but when myself and others have been pulled up on posts, there is always the added line of  ‘it stopping potential new member from posting’.. or something to that effect. I don’t think that is needed and if anything brings to my mind that the forum is focusing on getting more posters then looking after the ones they already have. If a post has to be changed, then give the reason, i.e suggestive titles not permitted, and stop there – straight to the point, slap on wrist, and we move on.

    Can i just finish this off, and we can stop there and move on –

    Pops & Justsaying – I do get it, moderating is not an easy task and whilst the forum grows it will get busier and more intervention will be required. I have massive respect for you guys, and genuinely thank you for the job you do. I apologise if my response seemed over the top, i’m a ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ type of guy, or as some would put it ’emotionally unstable’ lol Anyhow, happy to put this to bed if you are.

    Oh, and i decided on the slimline 100ltr waterbutt from Wickes that i’m collecting today. 🙂

    That brings me to one other thing if you don’t mind, do you think it would be possible when wmcforum has got over the q2 transition period, that he could be approached is seeing if a change could be made to the site when posting links – in that when they are clicked it opens a new window or tab, rather than opening in the current window and losing the forum page? Ty

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    anyways moving on lol, I have a large water butt in my garden and when its full the base always cracks and the butt falls over, so now ive had to empty it and put bricks under it just to hold it up.

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    My little butt will be placed on some 10mm white decorative stone, so hoping it will bed in nicely so there’s no problem.

    There was a large butt here when we moved in, but it was placed by the back door and hadn’t been used at all… was totally sludged up… the smell and flies….pooooooo….. taken 2 years for us to even think of replacing it.

    The previous tenant also had a home-made raised bed with a cover, again said it hadn’t used it in years. When we moved in and got round to the garden i lifted the cover off only to reveal tunnels and bedding for…… rats!!

    The garden has been a nightmare to sort out, but we are finally just doing the finishing touches now.

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    Here are my 3 water buts in my garden

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    All 3 are 20 years old never leaks the water of the bungalow roof can fill all 3 after a day of heavy rain I never have used tap water to water plants or to wash the car

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    Hi Trev

    As I stated earlier 32 ton of concrete no rats!!


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    lightbodyae55, we haven’t got them now. Neighbour refuses to put rubbish out for dustmen and leaves rubbish bags piling up… rats love her place… she won’t listen to our concerns and we end up reporting her and only then she moves it by hiring a skip!

    I ended up having the underneath of the fence rolled with galvanised chicken wire and back fed with 20mm shingle…. done the job…. over a year now with no rats!

    Thing is here they are building on all the open spaces, so the creatures have to find somewhere else to live.

    My garden is small, but i have 2 areas of artificial grass, some decking, and the rest is 10mm white chippings. Artificial grass was a godsend, no mowing, no trimming, no cuttings to get rid… best thing i done… only have to hoover it once a while.

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    They look really good Mike, got a decent height to them as well. Thanks for posting.

    Do you attach a hose to them at all, just wondering the higher they are the more pressure you’ll get from using a hose?

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    Hi Trev

    That’s sounds great for your garden, I did look at artificial grass, last year, but the price they wanted was expensive for a lawn of 12 meters by 4 meters (48 sq meters), price in excess of £500, where as I could reseed the lawn for £60.00 no brainier really.


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    ermmm yeah, that would be expensive, cost me £70 lol

    Here you go lightbodyae55, my little space of paradise..

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