Do you Dress Up for Christmas Dinner in Suit / Dress

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    I remember as child I always had to dressed all smart shirt and tie then as I got older a suit , it was nice  , but sometimes uncomfortable.

    I do like getting dressed up but now the thought of putting a suit on for dinner and have to get the dinner ready then clean up and do dishes ect in a suit doesn’t appeal to  me maybe I’m becoming lazy, if my parent were still here they would be shocked .

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    I wear my best ‘at home’ clothes – better than my average slobbing around stuff but not as fancy as my Going Out clothes (even if ‘going out’ in 2020 meant seeing the GP!)

    Oh, and my Winnie the Pooh ears, of course.

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    Georgie that sounds great and the Pooh ears



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    No dressing up in our house martinod just a dressing down if I overcook the turkey.

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    no, theres usually a selection of xmas jumpers amd t-shirts displaying various irreverent themes.

    my presesnt to brother in law is h4h t-shirt bah humbug.

    wont be so many this year obv but usually theres 20-30 for xmas tea buffet.


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    oh and we usually have the norad santa tracker on tonight for the youngsters

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    No, just wear what I’d normally do it it was a weekend…which is the same as I wear during the week!

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    Mrs T normally dons a charming outfit of some type. Bit challenging this year with health issues – nothing small enough! I have been known to squeeze into a proper dinner suit, bow tie etc. just for the fun of it. However, with all the horrors of 2020 I will probably just put my “Bah Humbug” seat shirt over my cheffie apron. Tilly would look great with reindeer horns!

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    Donkey Oatie

    I think if I wore a suit, Mrs Oatie would be a bit worried, Mind you she would be even more worried if I wore a dress!

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    Iv heard of the naked chef

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