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    I’ve just placed an order for an mg hs, the dealer has now told me that retail customers are taking priority over lease and contract hire sales. I have now been told they can’t even give me a date when I will get my new car. This feels very much like discrimination to me!  I asked if I purchased the car could I have it quicker, the answer was yes!

    I accept we are going through difficult times but it feels like this dealer and possibly the group have that many sales that they have little or no interest in motability.

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    It’s very easy to jump to the discrimination card when things like this happen. I’m sure the dealers don’t help themselves when a sales agent explains it so poorly too.

    In short, with vehicles being so scarce and demand so high, dealerships are allowed to prioritise leasing, private sales, Motability, whoever they like…

    Selling privately brings in more money to the dealership so they’ve exercised that right. They haven’t refused to sell you the same vehicle based on any protected characteristics, purely because of revenue. They have offered to order you the same vehicle.

    It’s not an ideal situation, even normal, but we have to remember that the frustration here should be aimed at Motability themselves who are losing more of a grip on the scheme with each passing day. As much as I loathe dealerships at the best of times, this is not discrimination, and we should not keep calling it that.

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    Good response Tim. I do believe Motability should be responding to the present situation by using some it’s millions of reserves to incentives dealers to supply cars to the scheme.  But, of course, we hear nothing from them…

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    Glos Guy

    I also agree with Tim. It’s not discrimination, it’s business. What Motability should do IMO is widen the 3 month order window to 6 months for those brands where 6 months is an optimistic lead time at present. However, as we know, lease extensions are a nice earner for Motability, so I guess they have no incentive to do so.

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    The problem with that, Glos Guy, is that it would require manufacturers to commit to still making the offered cars six months ahead, or more orders would end up being cancelled as models change.

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    It would be possible to extend the order date in some circumstances. If your order date was middle of March, your price list is this quarter and you can place an order middle of December. What would be wrong with someone placing an order 1 October for delivery in March? That would add another couple of months or so. Sadly, Motability are not that dynamic.

    Right where is the next hoop I have to jump through BP?

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    I’ve simply been told that retail sales will take priority over motability. So when my order is placed if retail customers come in an hour or a day after me my order will keep getting pushed back.

    If I order a car of a certain colour and a certain specification and a retail customer comes in wanting the identical vehicle, they will get the vehicle and once again I go to the back of the cue! I was told delivery would be April, in 24hours it got pushed back to possibly June/July now they can’t even tell me when I can have the car. Yet if I buy it I can have an exact delivery date. ( and yes that is exactly how they explained it) You can call it business or describe it anyway you want it now clear that when you get a vehicle from some dealers you are not a valued customer.

    Motability have told me all sales to them or to retail customer’s should be treated identically.  I’ll wait to see if motability will do anything to help as I’ve not got much choice of other dealers.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>That sounds very frustrating ED..</p>
    I waited almost 4 months for my car, tbh I don’t wait around for much these days, can’t be listening to excuses or LIES….

    Not good twisting things to suit, in fact shameful, then wriggling around with excuses almost makes it silly I found…

    I was promised 8 weeks 🤥,however I joined just coming out of original lock down/shielding, so the worst ever time to join in history I guess..


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    Glos Guy

    Motability have told me all sales to them or to retail customer’s should be treated identically. I’ll wait to see if motability will do anything to help as I’ve not got much choice of other dealers.

    Ed – The call centre staff at Motability Operations are always very friendly and polite, but they don’t have a clue about how car dealerships work in the real world. As an example, they don’t understand about build allocations, which are the cause of around 90% of the ordering problems that Motability customers report on this forum.

    My understanding, from several articles that others have posted on this site, is that all fleet companies are experiencing problems now, not just Motability. If the dealer is telling you that if you are a retail customer then you will have a firm delivery date from the point that you order then that isn’t true. Whilst it is the case that retail customers are getting priority (due to the higher profit from those sales – most private customers being poor negotiators!) and may well get their cars quicker, delivery dates will still jump around and almost certainly be delayed as vehicle production is all over the place at present. Car dealers, rarely known for their integrity, might be seeing the current climate as an opportunity to push some fleet customers towards more profitable private sales by promising things that they cannot deliver.

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    Motability won’t do anything to make things easier for us as the current situation suits them perfectly. By getting people to extend their leases they make more money without laying out any capital in purchasing new vehicles. There are ways that they could make life easier for us, but they won’t. With less than 1000 cars on the scheme now I can see a lot of people leaving it over the coming months.

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    Hi I was party to a rather interesting conversation last week with my daughters boyfriend who is part of a purchasing team for vehicles for a large pharmaceutical distribution company he was saying that fleet vehicle purchase is in complete mayhem at the moment,cannot get new vehicles ordered or confirmed delivery dates and this seems to be industry wide. What he did say was that what with covid ,production problems, and coming out of Europe has had a significant impact on the whole market a perfect storm if you like .and no one seems to know when it will all calm down.
    he also said that through several of his friends and contacts in that field that a lot of dealerships have some degree of resentment towards motability as they have had the upper hand in recent years but now when they can practically sell every car they sell and some then motability will have to wait their turn

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    Today  I spoke with a different sales person, and was told depending on the colour I wanted I could have the car by February as the group had “some stock’ in different area’s and they even showed me a car that had just arrived for sale that I could have on 0% finance. ( way out of my budget). Once I mentioned I was a motability customer he changed his tune and told me the car maybe sold!. It turns out talking to other staff and dealers that they don’t want or need motability customers at the moment as they have more than enough retail sales and reading between the lines they are getting better commission not supplying to motability.

    I know there is a shortage of vehicles especially to us but motability are one of the biggest fleet buyer in Europe. Its becoming clear they are quite happy just to extend leases charge us the same amount and rake in the profit and not fight for disabled people who use their service. If our only option is to extend leases shouldn’t we be paying less as we are now leasing 3 or 4 year old cars?

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    Glos Guy

    If our only option is to extend leases shouldn’t we be paying less as we are now leasing 3 or 4 year old cars?

    That’s a very good question Ed. I agree and that’s why I’ve never done a lease extension myself. It’s a very good deal for Motability but a poor one for the customer. £6,500 additional sacrificed benefits (only partially offset by a few hundred pounds more GCB) to drive a car that’s 4 or 5 years old.

    Motability, on the other hand, benefit from having no capital outlay on a new car, significantly less depreciation (as we know, most value is lost in the first 3 years, so a new car will cost them far more than a 4/5 year old one in that regard) in return for one or two services, MOT (which they would have to do anyway to sell any car) and a few tyres! As several of us have pointed out, the current situation with poor choice and lots of people extending their leases is a win-win for Motability.

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    I can confirm the dire fleet position. I purchase the fleet cars for my firm, its basically the same as Motability with fewer cars available, long lead times – up to and over 12 months. No one knows when things will return to normal & pricing is volatile.

    We ended up extending some of our leases for 2 years, an easy decision as the vehicles have done minimal mileage over the Covid lockdowns so are well below their usual limits.

    We’ve also resurrected a couple of our older pick-ups (owned, not leased) that were passed on to our motor vehicle training centres and put them back on the road to help out as new vans in particular are like hens teeth. This included replacing the back axle assembly of a Ford Ranger – thankfully done in house so just the parts from the breakers to pay for.

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    I can confirm the dire fleet position. I purchase the fleet cars for my firm, its basically the same as Motability with fewer cars available, long lead times – up to and over 12 months. No one knows when things will return to normal & pricing is volatile.

    This is absolutely normal, and the roots can be traced to “normal” circumstances (as “normal” as you could argue with a worldwide pandemic). The issue is that quite a lot of people here are hellbent on arguing that it’s “LIES” and no such thing as a crisis exist. Ignoring the fact that no fleet operator can get cars, to the point where some operators can’t even put up an order with certain manufacturers (SIXT doesn’t get Mercedes’ anymore for the mean time). The facts are all out there, the problem is that a lot of people (including quite a few of the “main residents” in this forum) are too lazy or ignorant to actually inform themselves.

    So keep your realism, it’s not welcome here. People love their tinfoil hats, every customer waiting four months or more is being discriminated against, manufacturers are evil, etc pp.

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    We all know it’s rotten time for new motability cars ,motability should be doing much more to help disabled customers,I used to say what can they do,but they need to take notice help disabled customers ,I’ve heard that motability customers are considering leaving the scheme ,going their own way to source a new car,becoming a retail customer ,becoming a customer again,sod the insurance tyres included etc.

    I am now considering this after being a customer of motability for 15 years, hear me motability I’m depressed about the whole lack of help and respect from all.

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    I would agree that the scheme isn’t perfect but wonder what the point is in complaining on this forum.  If every unhappy customer actually rang or wrote to Motability and complained, threatened to leave the scheme etc. then something might be done.

    I agree with @Rene that it’s far from just us having issues but I agree too with the posters who believe Motability could do more to help.

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    I have phoned motability several times to ask for clarification over choices of vehicles and to ask why when we extend a lease do we still pay the same as we did for a new vehicle. So far no one has called me back.  The staff on the phone are fantastic but ultimately it is down to the management who appear to be doing nothing.

    I would urge anyone due to order a new vehicle or in the same position as so many of us with limited choice of replacement cars to write and ask what are motability doing to help us. The dealers are understandably looking to make up for lost business and the benefits of selling to retail customers over motability are clear to see. But motability are making huge profits from us yet seem to be doing very little to help us except extend leases with no discount to us!


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    Not me real name I hope

    I agree how is right that a company which is a charity that runs another company thats owned by banks make over 30 million profit FROM DISABLED PEOPLE

    What is the finacial cap all about and who does it benifit?

    The PR team ?

    Or the disabled person who needs a big car to get in and out off and takes a wheelchair

    Its not good enough that there is a senior management team that cost around 10 million in year in salary and benefits and pensions big offices the staff are all paid above market rate.

    All paid for by disabled people

    I worked hard paid my taxes all my life got diagnosed with limb girdle muscular Dystrophy no cure no treatment and got given an A4 sheet of paper folded into three leaflet

    I then applied for pip and had to fight mandatory reconsideration

    And now you want to make 30 Million a year out of me and people like me

    Oh and if I order a car a private buyer gets priority

    Lets just reinforce the fact that I am now a second class citizen and should be grateful anything Motability do for me

    There should be a pannel of disabled people like a jury picked at random to oversee and ask questions of Motability a committee

    We could be getting a better deal but we aren’t because Motability is sitting on vast profits made from disabled people

    What are they doing does anyone know

    No the only thing we know is that continue to make record profits of the back of disabled people



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    Which Mobility Car

    Motability Operations is a not for profit organisation. The residual monies cannot be removed from the business but can go to help motability, the charity:

    ‘Motability Operations has announced the decision to make a donation of £800million to Motability’s endowment fund. This donation comprises Motability Operations’ entire profits for the year, plus the release of capital reserves of £370million that was announced in June.’

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    So Motability Operations has gathered up our disability benefits and given them to a charity.  Without asking us.

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    Not me real name I hope

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Motablity is a not for profit organisation thats has donated 670 million pounds</p>
    Six hundred and seventy million pounds oh no no profit here to see none at all

    What planet are you on ?

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    Not me real name I hope

    The advance payments have doubled

    nothing else in life has doubled

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    Not me real name I hope

    Sorry I got the amount wrong 800 million pounds people


    Residual monies not profit

    It stinks – owned by banks

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    Which Mobility Car
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    Not me real name I hope

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Sorry 800 million ponds but you get to the back of the queue when you order that new car because them able bodied people who the manufacturer makes more PROFIT from get first dibs</p>

    Do you see how this looks

    Very bad


    Because it is


    800 million staggering

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