Disabled Parking People Parking with No Disabled Badge

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    I dont know if its because I’m getting older ,I find myself getting really  (??? off) upset  when i notice people parking in disabled bays without a badge or child bays with no children

    is it just me

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    No its not just you Martino I see it all the time and never see any with a parking ticket.

    I am a carer a and I meet my old mates once a month for lunch, there is a disabled bay right outside the restaurant. The number of times my mates have said to me “just stick your wife’s blue badge up and park out there”. These are mainly well educated chartered engineers so it shows the general disregard the public hold for disabled parking bays.

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    Mike 700

    I dont know if its because I’m getting older ,I find myself getting really (??? off) upset when i notice people parking in disabled bays without a badge or child bays with no children is it just me


    I’ve said this before, but it is still true, ‘You know your disabled when your opinion mean less than others & some people really do think of you as inferior, even though they know absolutely nothing about you or your disability, to them you’re just a nuisance?

    Someone who is too bloody slow at the checkout, or who parks in a disabled space, which Is not fair to ‘earth mothers and fat boys, who should have an entitlement by law to park inside the Supermarket doors, and who feel that the disabled spaces should be around the back of the stores, out of sight so that the disabled don’t frighten the children

    However, the disabled person may have a good standard of education, a good degree maybe, perhaps qualified in fields like the law or medicine, or perhaps used to drive a 747 , or anything else of note, perhaps they had to forgo a chosen career because of disability, they may have been disabled from serving their country, or they simply may be struggling along every single day as husbands, wives, parents etc., but to some, the disabled are mainly just a nuisance , holding them up at the checkout etc.?

    How some people react to the disabled, and it applies to many disabilities is nothing short of a disgrace


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    Everybody will get old and slow and infirm eventually, I wish the way these people behaved could be revisited on them now to show how awful they are with such shameful behaviour but alas I haven’t yet invented the time machine so I’ll just have to keep telling them to go F**k until then.

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    My personal bug-bear with disabled bays (other than that I can’t use one as the local council is using a technicality to refuse my application) is the number of times I see someone sitting in the drivers seat of the car in the bay.

    Now I DO understand that it is entirely possible that the actual badge holder is in the shop and did need the space for access, and that the person in the car is a carer but I think it is MUCH more likely that the badge holder is the one sitting in the car while the mate/wife/hubby pops in as it’s easier for them than the disabled person.

    Chances are IF the badge holder is the one in the seat, they probably don’t even realise they’re breaking the terms of the badge as so many people just think the badge means they can use the space, end of discussion.  The details ARE all in the documentation you get with the badge but, let’s face it, they’re almost equivalent to the terms and conditions on a website, you basically ignore them as technical details you don’t need to pay attention to – hell I have a website for my business and it took me 3 days to fully fill out the terms and conditions details and even as i wrote them out I was aware that 1. no-one is ever going to read them other than some jobsworth just wanting to know they’re there and 2. that so much which is legally required is insanely long winded and overcomplicated for no good reason other than just to tick a box

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Mike 700

    You are right of course, some disabled do not know, or understand perhaps, that they ( as the badge holder ) are liable to a fine of up to £1000 for sitting in the car and occupying a disabled parking space, whilst another person who was in the vehicle, is going about their, or the badge holders business!

    This scenario is not allowed , and clearly is being ‘so called’ abused every day, and i not only have witnessed it, but i have also been guilty of it sometimes, even sometimes with the collusion of the parking/ traffic Warden!

    Mostly however, I and many like me, who experience walking difficulties, do actually leave the vehicle, often in pain, and utilise walking aids , wheelchairs, scooters etc., and therefore need to be parked as near to our destination as possible .

    No one however, should confuse the situation where a disabled person is sitting in the car ( under who knows what circumstances ) whilst someone for example shops for him or her , with the situation of a non disabled ,couldn’t care less , person who regularly sticks two fingers up, both to the rules, and also the disabled , and parks in disabled bays?

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    I’ve pulled into disabled spaces a few times just as someone is walking by and they’ve spotted me in a nice looking car and in my 40s and they’ve stopped and glared or muttered something to their wife etc and I’ve felt like not applying the brake and just run them over lol

    i don’t know if the word pleasure can be used but I usually grab my badge quickly followed by a swift 2 finger salute

    this is from both disabled and able bodied drivers , so it’s easy to make a quick judgment that can be completely wrong

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    But yeah people who take piss of out disabled and kids bays really grind my gears too

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    I have always found it strange seeing many a cars occupants using the supermarkets disabled parking put up their badge and then get out of the car and walk completely fine and unaided and then later see them walk up and down what is after all the equivalent of a aircraft hanger only to then return to their cars at the same pace lugging all their shopping. Cant see how this is possible to do unless you use a scooter or equivalent aid like myself. And if it is possible then why the need to park so near in the disabled bay? I have noticed a lot of lead swinging over the last 10yrs

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    Yes this really rattles my cage Im approaching mid 30s and I been challenged argued with given the worst looks ever especially by the older folk who are also using the bays. I was even told you do know these spots are for disabled people I was I’m aware and that’s why I’m parked here, it’s not nice at all. Also really got on my nerves with children spots too you also seem to find the people with expensive cars parked in the both spots just so no one will dent their precious cars. My local Tesco express is the worse every time I want to just pop in and grab something the 2 spots are always occupied by people without badges, when telling security who are always unbothered I’m like I actually have a badge and need that spot n ur going to do nothing. Rant over lol but yes this really gets me 😤

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    i got challenged this morning by an old man as i left a disabled space at collage car park as i drove off he shouted something waving his hands , so i stopped asked if there was something wrong , he went on a rant you shouldn’t park there , that’s a disabled space, i couldn’t park in there because you were parked in there , you need a blue badge to park there , i lifted my badge off the dash board and said look iv got a blue badge, from the a bit away just seeing through the open window said well you don’t actually look disabled, then muttered something else that i couldn’t hear i was so mad, i think he was a collage teacher.

    I think as well as having disabled parking bays they (carparks ) should introduce parking bays just for very mature (older ) drivers ! lol what do you think

    then tonight was picking up my daughter around 5.30 busy time  i parked in a disabled space and noticed everyone in the other spaces did’nt have a badge just picking up someone.


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