Disabled facilities grant and new wetroom via HA

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      Omg where do I start with this. Had the OT out and they agreed to fund a new wetroom.

      Housing association prices it up at £12,000 plastic panels marble effect on walls instead of tiles, new shower not electric, Concave sink so nice to wash at and a taller WC, take radiator out and put fan heater in.

      10 days with no bathroom luckily our toilet is separate as this is an additional loo. Workmanship is awful you can see a gap between every panel join where he hasn’t gotten them together properly Inc one right behind the shower.

      They’ve put a broken panel up, they cut them on the grass so there’s mud on them, light switch has been cut to chest height, our clothes pegs outside have been put in the drain for some reason.

      They pulled one piece of coving down replaced it with a bit that doesn’t match and fitted with wood screws, there’s more too

      There was a sink next to where the loo is going so they were just going to leave all the pipes there and put a huge box over it, after a big row they cut it all out and the box is now 6 inches square instead of several feet.

      They put the sewer plumbing in for new toilet and from Thursday put toilets were backing up the inspection chamber was full of sewage to the top by today so guessing they screwed that up or big coincidence.

      I was looking forward to a nice wet room and just wanna cry over the stress of it all now

      As far as I’m concerned they can rip it out and start again. We didn’t want the Ha doing this as we knew this would happen we begged the council to get quotes from private bathroom companies

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        Urgh drives you nuts doesn’t it?

        When we moved in found the house had a ring main upstairs with spurs off dropping down thru the floor to the downstairs. This meant each room downstairs had one double socket, except the living room which had one double and one single.

        Imagine the amount of equipment we use in 2020 I mean phone chargers alone could take up those sockets. I pleaded with the HA to sort it but they insisted this was fine.

        So went out bought all the bits Inc 100m of 2.5mm and proceeded to put 13A fused spurs in. None of their spurs were done very well. Behind the TV I put 3 double sockets side by side running off a 13A fuse looks pretty nice even if you can’t really see it normally.

        Did the same in dining room and bedrooms, did nice job and lifted floorboards so no surface mount. Took me weeks to do a bit at a time but worth it.

        Drives me nuts when these workers just don’t give a monkeys bodge it up and skip off. Why is it so hard to just do a decent job, have a bit of pride in your work and remember it’s someone’s home


          Reject it and refused to sign it off

          Do not let the same contractor in the door

          Have everything removed and accept no less

          Reduction in rent for all the stress

          Insist on using a specialist private contractor

          Good luck



            Usually the Housing Association would obtain quotations for the grant works from four building contractors on its approved list. They don’t have to accept the cheapest quote but most of the time they will which can lead to cost cutting and short cuts. Have a word with the Occupational Therapist and see if she can help sort out the mess the HA has left you with and say you want a new contractor on the approved list to put everything right. The HA can withhold part of a contractors bill to rectify any outstanding faults.

            As a council tenant myself it seems the old saying buy cheap, pay twice is very fitting for some council and HA Landlords. If only they would pay that little bit extra so people can get the D F G contractors they want and need then the finished  job would be a lot more satisfactory.


              The grant was organised by the council who then pay the HA to adapt. I think they do it this way as the HA has to maintain it so let them fit it kinda thing.

              The HA used their own staff to do the job.

              Hopefully council is coming out today

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                I’ve not been onto this section of the forum before now so I have only just seen this thread and I have to say I am really shocked at the level of workmanship for your bathroom Rich!

                It should make no difference where or for whom the work is being carried out, those sort of standards should have gone out with the Ark! Kezo seems to have highlighted lots of the problems but to be honest there are so many that it would take forever to list them!

                The tradesmen involved should be ashamed and you are right to say that you will refuse to sign off on the job. Personally I would have kicked them off the job completely by now and have asked for a different contractor to come in and rip the lot out and start again.



                  @Rich44 what was said on Thursday, when the LA lady came out to look at the work?

                  there’s all sorts of interesting things in the off topic area 🙂


                  Avatar photoWillis

                    @Rich44 what was said on Thursday, when the LA lady came out to look at the work? @Willis there’s all sorts of interesting things in the off topic area ?

                    So it would seem Kezo, I’ve spent the last hour or so reading some of the topics.



                      I left a snag list on the door but had to postpone it as had to take my youngest to a last minute dentist appointment.

                      We’ve rescheduled for Tuesday at 1pm she’s coming along with the guy in charge at the HA

                      She has seen various pictures I’ve sent her and she agrees panels should’ve gone all the way to the door along with the other issues. I typed the list up bullet point style in Word and it came to 3.5 A4 sides.

                      Every time I go in there I see more. Like the waste pipe comes through the wall for the toilet and it’s all open hasn’t been sealed up so cold air gets in and condensation forms on the wall and toilet cistern,no sealant between toilet and floor.

                      We’ll see what’s said on Tuesday but the only way to fix those gaps between the panels is to pull them off the wall doing that will either warp or break them on top of that there’s the dodgy coving, bad plastering and the cut at the top of the panels where it meets the coving is so wavey I get sea sick looking at it ? all in all it’s going to cost someone a lot of money. Maybe that’s why they quoted so much they knew it’s taken 2 attempts ??


                        Evening all time for an update.

                        Had council and housing ass out today. Things started off very frostyy between housing guy and me made me feel really uncomfortable. When it came to panel gap I got endless lectures that they’re all like that, I got a snipe all the ones you fitted you mean. I said OK we’ll get the opinion of an independent professional bathroom fitter then see what they say shall we. I also said I have photos from on here showing that they can look better.

                        The young lad that made this mess clearly needs more training and isn’t fit to be let out alone lol

                        After so many points in me saying the floor isn’t level step off the former area and you get puddles forming that don’t drain away you have to sweep them up. At this point I think he realised they might as well redo the room from scratch and things hot much less confrontational. I decided if throw them a bone saying how happy I was with it other than all this, the concave sink is a joy fills in seconds the mixer tap is lovely too.

                        They were arguing trying to tell us you can’t get a back to wall, close coupled, raised height toilet. We said if we can’t have a hanging wall mounted loo then we want one that goes fully back to the wall so there’s no awkward cleaning places. He’s off to look at the catalogue, I’ve seen dozens of models that are 46cm tall and full back to wall so not sure what he’s bitchin about.

                        So thats it they look like they’ll be starting again next week….



                          Are they gutting it and starting from scratch?

                          I would have shown him some of the other wetrooms posted on here.

                          I have a Rak Resort rimless wall hung bog, but it needs a slim frame or toilet cabinet thing to hide the frame, not difficult to install or expemsive. Same with the sink Rak Joy Uno or Summit. Makes cleaning a breeze.

                          Don’t forget to ask for a arse washer seat I mean bidet 🙂

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                            Avatar photoWillis

                              Sorry, my two pics above don’t really make sense without the post above them but for some reason it says it is waiting for moderation.

                              I just said that I was glad to hear it was being sorted for Rich and posted some photographs of our own bathroom that was done by the council with a disabled facilities grant, just in case they were of any use for showing his contractor.

                              Avatar photoWillis

                                Glad you are getting it sorted Rich. Not sure it will help but if you want any more pics of a bathroom done with a disabled facilities grant I will post some pics of ours below. Local council sorted the contractor.


                                Avatar photostruth

                                  both nice rooms.

                                  glad your getting some action rich


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                                    0nce we started talking about the floor pooling the guy kinda caved in and said we’re doing so much let’s start again. So hopefully.

                                    I had a huge row with the guy about those panel gaps. Funnily enough he had examples on their phone like I said to him all your work? Not surprised the gaps are all the same then.

                                    Said OK let’s get an independent wet room fitter in to write a report, he didn’t like that.

                                    Some of the stuff was just so egregious like that 5″ coving next to 4″ etc that they’ve just hot no defence.

                                    What’s really upset me though is being made to feel I’m unreasonable and he was still telling instead of listening

                                    Avatar photoWillis

                                      0nce we started talking about the floor pooling the guy kinda caved in and said we’re doing so much let’s start again. So hopefully. I had a huge row with the guy about those panel gaps. Funnily enough he had examples on their phone like I said to him all your work? Not surprised the gaps are all the same then. Said OK let’s get an independent wet room fitter in to write a report, he didn’t like that. Some of the stuff was just so egregious like that 5″ coving next to 4″ etc that they’ve just hot no defence. What’s really upset me though is being made to feel I’m unreasonable and he was still telling instead of listening


                                      So frustrating reading your post so it’s hard to imagine just how bad it must be for you!

                                      I feel so lucky now when I reflect on our experience as our contractor sat down with us right at the beginning, showed us options on flooring, tiles, bathroom suites and even light fittings and extractor fans. The different tradesmen went out of their way to make sure we were happy with every aspect of the job and the main contractor called in every evening to check how things were going.


                                        We got the choice of colours etc before hand which was fine just makes you feel an inconvenience you know.

                                        When I had the driveway done it was the opposite they were great probably because it wasn’t the HA, mind you they turned up 2 weeks after it went down and said were replacing the drains they were shocked when they saw the drive despite the HA giving permission for it they then wanted to dig it all up…..

                                        I’m just glad the level access doors, ramp and patio aren’t being done by the HA.

                                        Honestly I could just curl up in bed and cry from all of it. I really hate confrontation like that it makes me so ill, even the wife shouting at the kids sets me off. Think it goes back to my mum going nuts every Sunday when we were growing up she used to lose it over housework on Sundays she never hit us or anything but….. Even now a vacuum cleaner makes my physically react.

                                        They wanna start again with a different fitter next week. Got to take so to emergency hospital appt tomorrow so as long as that’s OK they can start but if anything is wrong there we’ll have to put it off


                                          A fully sealed floor like the ones shown by others would be the way to go rather than skirting boards if possible.

                                          I sincereley hope everthing goes to plan this time round and your happy with the result.


                                            Oh it is fully sealed with the floor material making the skirting effectively they did that right at least we’ll aside from the threshold ending before the door lol just in this case the latex underneath isn’t fully level, if you spray the room with water you get puddles


                                              Right new guy turned up today instantly got hopes up as he’s an older chap not an early 20s guy again no offence to hard working younger workers who do a good job.

                                              Anyway arrived around 8 first thing talked to us about what we expected as his job sheet just said rip out start again, he saw immediately that there were justifiable issues. He started defending those gaps in the plastic panels and I said no ice seen other work they don’t have to be like that and he didn’t argue.

                                              Where he’s pulled the stuff out I’ve got photos of how crap the work was behind the wall. No isolation valves accessible or otherwise.

                                              The cold feed runs along the longer wall behind the panels and there’s not a single cleat holding it.

                                              Where he’s tee’d off he’s bent the pipe by hand and out a kink in it.

                                              He’s done similar to the cistern feed it’s just a long random gent by hand not fixed to the wall with a series of small kinks.

                                              He missed great big bits around the window with the expanding foam.

                                              He left an old piece of rotting wet wood behind the plastic that we’d asked him to remove as its soaked and black no he covered it up.

                                              I realised that the position of the drain vs shower fittings means I have to stand on the chrome drain which caused me to fall over last night

                                              This guy seems really nice he hasn’t trashed the other guy but he has said it shouldn’t be like this and he’s done x wrong. The windowsill wasn’t supposed to have a piece of corner trim on it meaning you couldn’t sweep stuff off it.

                                              He’s trying to get us a doc m back to wall toilet replacement so no awkward cleaning behind loo, he’s also going to see if he can sneak the semi pedestal sink in for us too.

                                              We shall see but I intend to take whats happened higher how you can do plumbing then bend pipes by hand kinking them eventually no doubt that would’ve blown and no isolation valves….

                                              I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the build again

                                              Kinked pipe


                                                Oh there was no insulation between plastic and pipes so the cold pipe was causing horrendous condensation all along the run too


                                                Toilet cold feed note all the small kinks forming from freehand bendingToilet feed


                                                  All these jokes were left as they are just covered with plastic. Apart from the big one that has blue tissue shoved in it. All this plaster is as it was under the plastic it hasn’t been damaged by removal



                                                    If the  waterproof boards they are installing are a few mill thick, it needs re-plastering, so there is a smooth surface to install new ones.


                                                    Avatar photoWillis

                                                      Sounds like the new guy is going to be much better anyway Rich. From the photos you have posted it looks like it would be pretty hard to be any worse.


                                                        Yeah as he was ripping it out I could see all the awful stuff he’d done that was hidden like that awful plumbing

                                                        My wife could’ve done a better job of the plumbing than that.

                                                        He’s stripped a load out today and remade all that plumbing it’s all fixed to the wall properly straight as an arrow and he’s redone it carefully so there’s no need for that stupid bit of boxing in next to the toilet.

                                                        He’s going to see if he can move the drain as its right where I stand under the shower and came close to falling over on it last night. They also used an akw trap that can’t cope with the flow from a mixer shower only with an electric shower so he’s going to see if he can get a different one.

                                                        He does seem to care about his work which is great

                                                        Check out the non straight edge here unbelievable


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