disability but not motability

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    hey all. I have a disabled child who accesses respite care in the area where we live in Scotland, however the government and NHS are trying to close it down to save a few quid. naturally this is a major concern for myself and other families as this facility deals with the children who, for want of a better term, are the most severely disabled in terms of challenging behaviour and medical needs. we have tried going through the papers, petitions, councillors etc but so far its like running into a brick wall. I am therefore trying to get Nicola Sturgeon to take note over social media (Twitter) as I know she uses it quite a bit.I was hoping that if I put up my user name some people could help me by following me and re-tweeting my stuff, therefore making it reach a wider audience and hopefully someone will take note? if you can help, thanks if not, thanks for reading. My twitter user name is @shaunx85

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    Sorry Shaun but i don’t have twitter, but i did notice there is a petition which i duly signed.

    Unfortunately i cannot link the petition here as i get a spam warning

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    no worries, any support welcome. glad to see the petition is getting about now though

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