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    Hi, I’m new to mobility and looking for some advice. I recently done a application at the dealers for a car, but because the driver doesn’t live at my address it has been referred, I was wondering how long it will take for them to call me to ask questions, so it can be dealt with. I was informed of them doing this on Tuesday and still have t heard anything.


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    Hey there, from what I know is that they will put a tracker in your car to see its location to make the car isn’t being abused and you are actually benefiting from it. Apart from that I think the questions will be straight forward on just details of the drive etc.

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    Hi Bubbles

    Motability will be in touch as soon as they have reviewed your application. You could always give customer services a ring.

    How far does the driver live from you?

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    Hi thank you for the replies, the driver only lives 10 minutes from my address, the car will remain at my address at all times that it is not in use.

    Im ok with the questions as I know it will only be used for me as the car will be kept outside my home not the drivers, the dealership phoned me and said it will only be a day or so, but I haven’t heard anything as of yet.

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