Diesel / Petrol / Hybrid whats more economical

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    been looking at cars AGAIN  trying to see what fuel gives best MPG

    Im looking at medium size cars like  JEEP COMPASS , VW TIGUAN size cars

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    It matter not what fuel martino. MPH is more to do with how heavy or light your right foot is. Also how you drive.

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    lol yes it sort of helps me get an idea  at present my XC60  D  gets 40plus and i kind of drive like an old man now to try and conserve fuel (as ever time i pass the garage the price of fuel goes up ) i use almost my 20k milage every year.  a lot of the petrol cars x1 4×4 xc40 4×4 get about 25 mpg so it quit a drop.

    i dont drive fast now try a save full

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    hybrid cars tend to be useless for high mileage users as when the car drops onto engine power your basically running a petrol car.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>They are best suited to drivers doing journeys within their limited electric range.</p>
    I tested a RAV4 hybrid and the dealer openly said I would end up getting 30mpg at best. But my Kuga diesel AWD averaged 40 in local driving and 50mpg on a run.

    My Tiguan Allspace is beating those figures and isn’t even run in yet.

    I just handed my car back after 5 years and 6 months with 106k miles and the only thing that would beat diesel is an EV.

    If you where going for a really small car then the answer would be very different.

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    If you want an accurate figure for MPG, I would go to Honest John MPG figures.

    There are fewer Diesels on the list, but you cant beat them for MPG.

    Hybrids arent good if you do a lot of motorway miles, around town they are very good.

    I’ve said it before in a few other posts, but I was looking at the XC40 and real world is low 30’s MPG – it is petrol and its a big heavy lump.

    I am looking at the Peugot 2008 now, and a few motoring journalists have road tested it and a few have quoted 47 mpg. Some of the newer small 3 cylinder turbo engines are very frugal, however – if you boot it – the MPG will fall through the floor…

    Around town – Hybrid.

    Lots of motorway miles…Diesel

    Difficult to pick something you like and cheap to run. No point comparing your old car…its emissions were probably terrible and banned…lol

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    Menorca Mike

    I’m looking at a Toyota CHR 1.8 hybrid read all owner reviews etc 74 mpg can be done and yes short journeys around town be just in electric mode ! At £995 the ap is great value for the design model with park assist heated seats sat nav keyless etc etc looks fab in satin grey

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    Menorca Mike

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes I love reading honest John true mpg very interesting

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    72 dudes

    @Menorca Mike

    Don’t forget that the C-HR, or any similar non plugin hybrid will not work on electric only until the engine is fully warmed up.

    I tried a Prius a few years ago and was very disappointed that this was the case.

    Probably why the car salesman in a post above said 30 mpg for a RAV4. Bit more for the C-HR as it’s smaller and lighter.

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    72 dudes

    P.S. And a different engine, RAV4 is a 2.5 whereas C-HR is a 1.8 or 2.0, but don’t expect anything like 74 mpg which are the published EU figures which are achieved under strict testing conditions with a warm engine.

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    I am getting 43-44mpg from my 2.0 180 automatic diesel S-Max, the 1.5 petrol in the same car is dire at under 30mpg.

    My previous 1.6 120 auto diesel Grand Picasso averaged 47-48mpg on the same run, driven the same speeds. In the S-Max the whole thing is effortless, the Picasso not so much – a tad breathless if you needed a swift overtake.

    I do over the cap every year, and I drive as I always have, albeit slightly slower now my commute is on average speed camera monitored dual carriageway.

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    Menorca Mike

    72 dudes a dear friend of mine had a CHR 1.8 hybrid she has now got a brand new Rav 4 all drive so I know all about the economy of both cars ! I picked the Rav 4 up from the Toyota dealer with her she had done 400 miles in it and was still half full ! I’m not going to argue so let’s leave it at that cheers Mike

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    Diesel would be the way to go for you.

    The other year I had a C-HR 1.8 hybrid for 3 days as a courtesy car, I did 550ish miles in it, mostly on the motorway and after filling back up (it was full to full) it worked out a return of 24mpg, not good is being kind.

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    72 dudes

    No offence intended @Menorca Mike, but I think Vinalspin has said it all!

    But it would be foolish for anyone to rely on a fuel guage to judge range.

    Surely you’ve had cars where the guage drops slowly then plummets for the last 100 miles

    Hybrids just don’t work efficiently at motorway speeds, anyone who reads car magazines and reviews knows that

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    Menorca Mike

    Which diesel automatic would give me the best mpg on the motorway ?

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    Menorca Mike

    Surely you should be first be drawing up a list of cars that suit your disability needs including size of boot etc for equipment and other practicalities. I would have thought that MPG would be last thing to consider after you have drawn up a shortlist.

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    Menorca Mike

    Smallcar I just need automatic I do 14000 miles a year I don’t want a car like yours with very poor mpg even though it’s a small car like you say you hardly do any miles but some of us do

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    Menorca Mike

    MPG was clearly last on your list looking a honest John real mpg do t tell others what to do thankyou

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    Menorca Mike

    It was, unfortunately, for reasons I have told you before.


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    Which diesel automatic would give me the best mpg on the motorway ?

    It really depends on how quickly you wanna get back to cruising speed and i guess i use the acc alot on the motorway, Im in the i don’t really car about the exact mpg. but i don’t like to going everywhere slow.

    I had a golf 1.6 tdi till end of last month and it would get around 50+ mpg  using acc on a longer journey set at 78mph. depends how many hills you got.. how muchstuff  you carrying etc before that had a 1.5 dci citroen c4 grand picasso bigger car so slightly worse mpg and slower than the golf. None gave what they said they would allthough wtlp now is better, but they was good no matter how you drove them.

    Recently i just went petrol. Mainly because the car i wanted was petrol and actually after 9 years of diesel petrols have come along way. Really am liking it..

    We went to the seaside yesterday and mixed driving lots of twisty A roads and tight turns, I overtook a good few cars ( when safe to do so of course) Using the 182bhp and got over 40 mpg and i was not driving slow trying to get a good mpg at all and it would not be that much difference mpg wise to the diesels i had as it’s a journey i have done it many times and was pretty impressed.  Plus it was alot more fun..

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    Menorca Mike

    I was pleased with this mpg I got in my golf 1.5 tsi dsg yesterday on the M1 at 75 mph

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    That’s awesome Mike. 👏👏

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Personal choice I know but I wasn’t overly fond of these but in that colour and with those wheels, by God, it looks stunning. ♥️
    Mind changed.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes Wayne my golf is the 1.5 dsg 130 bhp not 150 bhp so very economical usually get 600 to 650 miles on a tank full the 2 cylinder mode helps

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    I’ve had my C-HR for two and-a-half years now. Can’t fault it on anything and it’s been so comfortable it’s untrue. I loved the looks from the very first time I saw one on the road. It’s not the hybrid version – it’s the 1.2 turbo in top spec Dynamic which they don’t offer in the UK anymore. I am considering another, perhaps the 2.0 hybrid… or the new Corolla with the same hybrid engine.

    As for colours; Toyota now do the C-HR in even funkier colours that make it look even more stunning! Decisions decisions…


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    @solent60 The 2.0l Corolla hybrid Has the battery in the boot, so is tiny compared to the 1.8l. i don’t know if the C-HR is as they just brought out the 2.0l in that after i had ordered my current car.

    @Menorca Mike Great Mpg, I just would not get that ever, My brain just won’t allow it.. Maybe for a little bit i could but most of the time i don’t even look at getting the best mpg i can.. I wanna get there as quick as i can..

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