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    Just seen an advert for diesel claims, said did you own or lease a diesel between 2007 and 2020. Does this include a Motability lease?

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    The question has been asked in the past and think the answer is still the same “No” as its not we the customer who bought the cars in the first place but it was Motability.

    It’s a bit of a controversy because although Motability would of lost money on the resale value of the diesel cars we may have had at the time, myself being one, it is we the customer who pay larger AP’s because of the scandal.

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    Can’t remember if it was good old Brydo brought this up before..


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    I have messaged Motability, will update on their reply

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    On the radio advert that keeps playing – it says “Even if you leased the vehicle”.

    Is Motability a leasing scheme? I’m sure it is.

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    Michael Turner

    Hi, I would suggest the term leased does not apply in this case as any cars obtained by way of Motability are not leased as are other cars offered by dealers direct to custermers, cheers Mike

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    In that case Mike… I would assume that Motability will check back through their records & make a claim against every Mercedes & Volkswagon offending vehicle that they had “purchased” over the time period?

    Maybe we’ll all get a big bonus/larger Good Condition Bonus with the windfall coming Motability’s way?!?!

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    As me gramps used to say you got bob hope of that happening

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    72 dudes

    Right Rico.

    No claim of this kind has ever, nor will ever be successful, regardless of whether the car is bought or leased

    Why? Because no user of the car can demonstrate a “loss” in legal terms. Quite the opposite – VW cars which have had the emissions cheat fixed, are known to be less economical. Do you think VW and Mercedes will sue all their customers because they’re getting better MPG?

    Resale value won’t make any difference to these bogus claims because diesel model second hand values gave been on the slide for a few years now, and is more down to less demand than anything to do with emissions.

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    Keepers have a quantifiable loss. A loss of efficiency quoted & the possible loss of buying a cheaper car, maybe that vw costore & you paid it because of quoted efficiency or lower emissions.

    I doubt such a loss would make a successful claim AND I suggest that any collapse in used vw prices if that occurred here (I know it happened in the US) affects ALL of us, how else will motability recoup any losses?

    Anyway as I said before no one should use these ambulance chasing jerks they’re parasites

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