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    Do many dealers ask for a deposit upon ordering the car? Most I have been to never did, but VW took a 10% deposit from me which went towards AP when i collected, if I cancelled I lost the deposit.

    Seems a bit cheeky as we are entitles to cancel our orders at any time before delivery (that’s what motability told me)

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    This was for My current car (the deposit) not for the one I am looking to order

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    The dealer is within their right to do so, although not common place.

    Personally if i was asked for a deposit that was non-refundable i would chose to place my order elsewhere, which is my right.

    Main reason for this, what if there was delay after delay with the order, would mean i would have to wait it out, request an extension with motability, or cancel and lose my deposit…. not putting myself in that predicament.

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    When I placed my order for new car end feb (seat Leon st 1.8dsg) I was asked if I could leave a deposit of £250 even tho it was zero AP but i have it in writing that I will get it back on collection of car or if I cancel my order.

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    All dealers have the right to ask for a deposit or full payment up front, The majority don’t. Any deposit taken is refundable upon cancellation unless set out in the dealers terms and condition which you sign and recieve a copy.

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    I paid £1000 deposit on a BMW.

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    I would 100% never pay a deposit, many things can change between ordering and receipt of a vehicle. We have touched on delivery times but also health could be a factor also. We have had 4 motability cars and have never been asked for a deposit, if they did ask I would go elsewhere.

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    I don’t know if it’s BMW policy but I was asked for a £1000 deposit back in 2012 on a 1 series. The only time I ever paid one or was asked to.

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    Hi Brydo

    I am 100% in agreement with you, no way would I pay a deposit for a Motability car.


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    There did end up being a 2 month delay because they discontinued the trimline I had ordered…


    Oops replied to wrong person.

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    It’s not BMW policy as I wasn’t asked for a deposit on my X1. It probably isn’t VW’s policy either, it’s down to the dealer.

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    My S-Max order has an advance payment of over £6500 with all the extras Mrs Abercol suddenly decided were absolute musts when sat in the dealership.

    No deposit asked for, no hassle at all, I even said “Do you want a deposit” he said “No, we never ask for one” and we got the PIN letter from Motability within 2 days too.

    Just waiting for the delivery day now.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    I Did have to give a deposit for my ioniq, they refused to make a deal without it.

    At that point I just wanted to make. My order so I (stupidly) just paid it. They are on my list of dealerships I won’t be going to again

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    Hi Robert

    How long did you wait for delivery of your X1?  I ordered one last week.  Salesman gave me some spiel about BMW having to agree to the order and release the car.

    Never heard that before and I have had 4 Motability cars.  Also took £500 deposit

    No car to hand back this time as I was having a lot of surgery and could not drive for a year, so let my car go back and now starting afresh. They said end of June, I thought that with no car to hand back it may be sooner if they have a stockpile.


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    Glos Guy

    Carole – Sounds as though the dealer has used up all their March allocations and is waiting for April. This is common practice with many car manufacturers. Sadly, when you think you have placed an order you usually haven’t until the next month or, in some cases, the month after that.

    Unlike the more mass market manufacturers, the vast and overwhelming majority of BMW’s are made to order and are therefore almost all factory orders. They do not build a load on spec in the same way as say Ford and Hyundai do, as very few BMW’s are ordered without a few options added. You can be lucky and secure a cancelled order slot. A good dealer will explain all of this, and more, to you. Sadly, few do!

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    Unless your reciept says the deposit is non-refundable I imagine they would not a leg to stand on?



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