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    Jason Lee

    Hi Folks, we are going to order our car tomorrow (allspace match) but we are going for over £2000 of extras.

    The VW dealer has mentioned a deposit to cover the extras we have ordered. He hasn’t mentioned how much.

    If Brexit sent everything haywire and a tariff was applied how would we stand with our deposit if motability cancelled the order?

    Does anyone know please?

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    Hi Jason Lee

    It’s normal for the dealer to ask for a deposit re: optional extras (sometimes they will ask for some/all of the Advance Payment, too), but this should only be affected if you were to cancel the order yourself.

    The best advice I can give is to clarify the terms of the deposit with the dealer and ask for a copy of their policy (if they have one) or confirm it all in writing; <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>do not accept any verbal guarantees alone</span>. 

    It is unlikely that any tariffs will be applied to a Motability deal and I would expect ‘business as usual’ for the time being. Certainly, nothing extra could be charged to you and would be grounds to cancel if it was forced (which is why you should have the exact terms on when your deposit is/is not refundable).

    All pricing is agreed in quarterly blocks, so don’t expect to see any major problems caused by Brexit until at least Q2 or Q3 in fairness, plus don’t expect Motability to entertain the notion of paying tariffs or additional fees. These are good things. We also know that Motability Operations hold extensive reserves; whilst this has been a contentious issue, the uncertainty that Brexit is causing can only mean that these extra provisions are a positive for the Scheme.

    Hope that helps. Great choice of car any all the best with your application – let us know how you get on or if you need any further helps.



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    Hi I recently ordered a VW Touran with £2000 of extras,

    the dealership wouldn’t order the car until they had the full amount,

    i waited months without a build date I cancelled and got a refund,

    hope this helps good luck👍

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    I’ve handed over £500 as deposit on an AllSpace for the option of a panoramic sunroof, so can’t see a problem, but do have a good relationship with the dealer.

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    Whatever dealer you go to it’s maybe prudent to get them to send a quick email while you are there stating that you’ll get a full refund if you cancel, that you won’t be expected to pay anymore money if the AP rises over the next quarters and if the AP does drop then you’ll only pay the lower amount

    Then you have it in writing and unless they aren’t trustworthy they’ll have no reason not to agree to it

    I paid nearly 5k for my AP plus extras and I paid Audi £500 deposit

    So don’t be talked into anyting you are not comfy with

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    JS (justsaying)

    Great advice as always from our members. Thank you.

    Jason. Motability will not cancel the order once they have confirmed it, it’s only the dealership or manufacturer that will change or disrupt the order

    trade agreements are in place irrelevant of Brexit for a grace period and you can only be charged the AP within the Quarter you order (unless you agree on on a lower payment should it alter the following)

    Any dealership is intitled to ask for a deposit, however this can not form part of the AP. it has to be put in writing and all terms explained.

    extras wise I hope you have negotiated a discount on these as there is movement on this, also on the AP as a lot of VW dealerships are offering £300-£500 off.

    As a precaution I would also recommend asking for a realistic collection date, as VW are not at present fulfilling stated dates by months rather than weeks.

    if you are happy with AP + extras + delivery date. Then the dealership should have no issue with being able to supply you with it in writing or email, that any delay should you require result in a full refund.

    They want (at present Need) your custom, if not satisfied shop around, you can order anywhere and have it serviced local if required.

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    Glos Guy

    We paid a £500 deposit for our VW Tiguan and had no problem doing so, primarily because the dealer ordered the car 2 months before our 3 month order window opened (we were aware that there were 6 month waits on the Tiguan so wanted to get in the queue), we had added almost £2,800 of options and the dealer was giving us a £500 discount off the AP.

    Whilst not wanting to open up a can of worms on Brexit (there are plenty of other places to do that – including the Off Topic section of this site), I cannot imagine for one minute that it will have any effect whatsoever on orders already placed. My tendency would be to deal with facts as and when they occur and not be sucked in by all the scaremongering.

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    Jason Lee

    Thanks for the info and help folks.

    I don’t think I’m ultra worried about the delivery date as we have been waiting 3 years to join the scheme – I expect it could be 6 months. We got £300 off the AP/extras.

    I’ll ask the questions about the deposit and go through the paperwork with a fine tooth comb and ask for an email confirming what you have suggested 👍

    Great advice everyone 😀



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    most of the dealers I spoke to were quoting the standard 22 week lead time. Even though I didn’t order from him, Roger at JCT600 Hull, was the most honest saying 22 weeks wasn’t achievable and would be more like 6-9 months which is borne out on the Tiguan Forums.

    My supplying dealers has subsequently indicated there have been strikes at the ports through which the AllSpace would be transiting. It’s also made in Mexico,mother goes to Emden for quality checks and then to the UK. VW are trying to delivery 26,000 vehicles into the UK prior to Brexit!!

    Given those circumstances I’m not holding my breath for delivery before Oct/Nov, but being all ready on the Scheme that’s no problem as we’ll just extend the Sharan.

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    Jason Lee

    Hey Bob, thanks for the info – jeez, that is a long old time! Depressing actually.

    I’d rather be told a proper date than be told a pack of lies – it just creates bad feeling.

    I’ll be happy once we get on the scheme like you and then waiting for the best part of a year next timetime woul be as much of a problem – more time to save up for the AP + extras.


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    we were told by motability to pay nothing until collection day?


    He he said if the dealer insisted walk away.


    something I made clear to the vw dealer and the Skoda dealer.

    The vw dealer got our business as he said that’s fine.


    Then he emailed me about a cancel in the colour we wanted. In fact I couldn’t exchange when he wanted as I had hospital appointments.

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    Jason Lee

    Now I’m really confused about what to do for the best 😝

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    JS (justsaying)

    Jason the key thing is not to over think things and worry unnecessarily. Brexit is not going to effect You ordering your Car or getting Fish from the chippy anytime soon, if your happy with your choice then go for it. and deposit wise I’ve copied this from another thread And is a official statement on Deposits and what Motability tells Dealerships.

    Can I take a deposit from the customer?
    We neither encourage or discourage dealers to hold deposits for Scheme Customers. Requesting a deposit from a customer to secure a vehicle order is normal practice within the dealer network and commonly applied to retail transactions. Therefore it is not unreasonable to apply this practice to Scheme customers. However, it must be clearly understood that a holding deposit is not an advance payment. An advance payment should not be taken as a deposit.

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    Hi Jason,

    I think, in your situation, you need to concentrate on cars that dealers actually in stock or for short delivery. These might not, necessarily, be to your exact specification but will get you on the Scheme.

    As you say, 6 months is a long wait for our next car but we have the luxury of all ready having a perfectly suitable car all ready. Contrast this to three years ago, when we first joined the Scheme, where we intended to buy outright with my redundancy payment. Fortunately, we found an honest bloke who told us we’d be much better off using the Scheme. Within a week we were driving the Sharan to Scotland for a two week holiday!

    May I make a suggestion. Go on CARWOW and enter the various models you’ve been looking at for the Scheme. See where that model is available from Stock at dealers near you and then contact them to see if that specific car is available to the Scheme. It really is as simple as that. You may find your choice is cars is more narrow but, in some ways, that’s a good thing.

    All the best with your search mate,

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    Jason Lee

    Hey JS – youve made me feel a wee bit better.  I’m (sort of) happy to wait, was fretting a bit due to brexit but I know you wouldn’t be the moderator on here if you didn’t know a thing or two 🙂

    I’m happy with the amount of the deposit – we will get a cracking car which is loaded with what matters to us for a lot less than I could ever get elsewhere so we’ll go for it.  Also, one of my chums from badminton works at a VW dealership and he says he is going to put together a deal that brings the AP to 3 figures.  This could be a good thing or bad thing – good thing that he can gibe the best deal and keep an eye on things progressing but a bad thing if things turn sour.

    But before then I’ll follow Bob’s blinding suggestion to look on Carwow to see what is available now and ring around tomorrow – just in case.


    Thanks folks, I feel better already! 🙂

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    we ordered the VW Tiguan AllSpace 2.0 TDI DSG 4-motion with an AP of £949. Add that to the good condition bonus and we’re getting a £35,500 car for £549 at ~£250 a month all in. There can’t be many better deals than that anywhere even though we’re going to have to wait a while.

    I’d thought about using CARWOW and getting a PCP deal myself, hence the suggestion but had forgotten I’d given up a good career to care for my Step Daughter making me unable to get that much credit!!!

    There were a few AllSpace’s on stock near to Sheffield, but these were the 2018 model year – mainly R-Line’s – with a good £5-6,000 discount. Not sure if these would be available on the Scheme though, probably not. There must be dealers with the 2019 model year Match trim’s around I would have thought.

    I wish you luck in your search.

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    Jason Lee

    Hi Bob, thanks mate, you too! 👍

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    Those were the words a motability senior advisor said to me, a dealer shouldn’t ask for a deposit or any AP up front, regardless if he tells you the car is in stock, or he can jump the queue if you pay in full.

    You only pay on the day you collect and if you are totally happy with the vehicle, shown how everything works and have been made aware of your needs and checked you agree it’s suitable for you, you pay before you put in the personal pin number only then the car is yours.

    I made the mistake of paying upfront for a car that didn’t exist  even though I was told it was in stock and I cancelled it then took motabilities help to get my money back eventually.

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    Jason Lee

    I spoke to motability today and they suggested it was perfectly normal that a dealership may ask for a deposit to cover the extras. They said the dealership would be covering themselves so they aren’t stuck with a non-stock variant of a car that is loaded with bespoke extras that they would never get their money back on.

    It must depend who you get when you call but the explanation ‘smells’ right to me.

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    Probably right if you’re ordering loads of extras. I’ve found mixed response from them in the past. Also  they are not exactly that helpful when needed to answer why a car fell through even though they sent out all the paperwork?

    We got a motability car with extras but were told it was a private buyer who cancelled due to the long build times last year and had payed for them.

    We weren’t going to order extras as the model came with what we wanted.

    but I’m not complaining of the little toys that were added.


    but normal advice is unless your ordering a bag load of extras pay nothing till pick up day

    probably also why salespeople treat us like we’ve just trod in something, unless you play the I’m a buyer game, then drop the mo bomb on them once ordering.

    Although VWand Trust Ford have been the exception.


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    I do that with all my test drives, I start by saying I do have a car on Floatability but I’m thinking of buying instead as a possibility, the way their face changes from smiles to disgust then to something I expect Lucifer would look like once he has your signature in your own red stuff(Money Money Money)

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    I’ve always stated from the start that I’m a Motability customer and never had any problem.  Ian at VW Portsmouth has been an absolute treasure.

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    You have been lucky, I visited 16 dealers when looking for my current car and of those 16 only 2 ever got back to me, the actual dealer I ended up with was the worst of the lot of them, constantly lied and never once returned a call, I documented 19 calls to the dealer with a promise of a call back that never happened, even when Motability got involved they didn’t call them back either, I was speaking to mota on my mobile when they rang me and said they had been told that the motability rep wasn’t in the garage that day, I was stood at the other side of the showroom looking right at him and told them so!

    The sales rep came over to me after a red faced phone call his manager made him take and thanked me for dropping him in it, at this point I directed him to my phone that was videoing everything and he just walked away, an hour later the manager came and apologised and said he would be dealing with me as the rep had been removed from the motability side of things by Motability themselves for more training.

    It never really got any better than that to be honest!

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    Car dealers and Estate agents have much in common 🙂

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    Car dealers and Estate agents have much in common 🙂

    Less not forget parliamentary MP’s.


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    Its an odd situation really when you consider that Houses and Cars are two of most expensive purchases you make during your life

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