Dent in Driverside door

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    My Motability car is due for a return/renewal in few weeks but I have a considerable dent on the driver side door. I have acquired few different quotes all ranging from £1000-£1300 as door repairs normally involve replacing the actual door…. What is motability’s policy in such situations? I genuinely cannot afford to fix the dent at this price and I worry that if I take the car back in such state Motability will outright refuse to renew my lease and charge me even more for repairs.


    Thank you in advance


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    Hi my car someone hit the back rear passenger light and it’s broken, it’s not too bad but they’ve drove away. I’m due to hand this car back next week. I didn’t contact insurance as because I’m under 25 it will cost me £300. Will I be charged for damages upon handing this back? Any advice appreciated thank you

    Is it just cracked or broken?

    Have a look on the famous auction sites or scrap yards and see if you can source another light/lens one and fit it yourself or get someone else do it.

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    As Kezo said, try eBay. I replaced a whole mirror once, taking of the door card. Was very easy, I managed to get the exact colour match from a scrapyard on eBay for £20, had to buy a hex screwdriver for £3 and a special socket bit. A light lens should be easy as they are frequently damaged. In the days when not many cars had metallic paint, I repaired a scratch with s rattle can, you couldn’t tell it had been done.

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    Kim, if the lens is showing white light through it then it needs replacing. Otherwise it’s legal and Motability will not want to it repairing and on its own it won’t affect your good condition bonus at the end of your lease.

    But a picture would help.

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