Dent in Driverside door

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    My Motability car is due for a return/renewal in few weeks but I have a considerable dent on the driver side door. I have acquired few different quotes all ranging from £1000-£1300 as door repairs normally involve replacing the actual door…. What is motability’s policy in such situations? I genuinely cannot afford to fix the dent at this price and I worry that if I take the car back in such state Motability will outright refuse to renew my lease and charge me even more for repairs.


    Thank you in advance


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    Go through the insurance, that’s why it’s there

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    Given that it is a Motability vehicle, you should be insured with RSA. Therefore, it works in the same way as any other insurance. Place a claim and it will be dealt with. you just pay the stated excess within your policy.

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    Thank you,


    I know this will make me seem really dodgy but I have had some points in the past which RSA doesn’t necessarily know about… they have expired but not cleared yet and I assume this will rack up the insurance/affect what they can cover ?


    Thank you



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    My previous vw golf had bad dents on passengers door I hit a stone wall I reported it to motability insurance and the vw dealer and they said leave it as only 3 months left with he car ! When I had my new VW Golf I got a cheque for £250 for keeeping the other golf in very good condition !!  Report it to insurance at motability now

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    Yes i agree let motability insurance know and let them decide – if they repair then obviously you will have the excess to pay – but the upside is that when you return the car – it will be in goodcondition , and then once you get thd good condition bonus you will recoup the excess payment – and ghe. You can move on to the new car and start again – also you need to let them know about the points definately before you get the new car otherwise the insurance could be invalidated anyway sort the door asap otherwise you could get caught on that

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    points are only given for road traffic offences so if you claim on the rsa insurance you will have to pay the excess mine is £100 you will get the car back all shiny and as new you will not incur any points on your licence at all,hopefully you will then get the the £250 bonus.

    you do  NOT need to tell rsa about the points that have on your licence as they have now expired and do not count against you they have to stay on your licence for 4 years but are only active against you for 3,you should have informed rsa about them when they were active because if you had a crash you might have found yourself uninsured but the past is the past as they say ,I hope all works out for you.







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    Richard that’s not exactly true. Most insurance companies including rsa ask any motoring offences or involved in any motoring accidents in last 5 years whever at fault or not. Or words to that effect. And you either sign for or they record you.  Even if the law classes points as spent it is the insurance company that is taking the risk and decides if to take it into account.

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    you are allowed 6 points maximum before it can affect rsa, always inform them, as they do dvla checks so they will know about the points but if you make a claim and have not informed them your self this could be doggy ground, I worked in insurance dealing with claims, and we could either say we not paying out for repairs / total loss or an increase in your premium , excess and loss of ncb.  how big is the dent , know it might sound silly have you tried a plunger to remove some of the dent.  if you going to claim for god sake say it just happened, as again any damage you should inform them right away, so cover your self. good luck anyway sure all will be fine,

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    p.s all points in last 5 years must be disclosed , its also on the paperwork you sign when applying for a new car, and within rsa paperwork and must inform straight away of any new points. FACT.

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    Hi Emma, all you have to do is contact mobility, tell them the damage, if it is not a dangerous condition, or a danger to anyone getting injured from it, ( example, scraping or getting cut brushing against it ) they will tell you to leave it, it will not effect you good condition bonus, nothing else need be done, this is from the horse`s mouth. lol.just putting you at ease.

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    Exactly what Mackers said. Motability isn’t too fussed with small damages to the vehicle and the good condition bonus (£250) won’t be affected. I returned a BMW 3 series couple of months ago with a dent/split in the front bumper, didn’t tell motability about the incident as i planned on purchasing the car but decided against it due to the price motability offered it to me. They accepted the car and i received £250 cheque in the post three days later.

    As for the points, you need to disclose it for 5 years but it’s your call.

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    Hi all we are due to change our next car in four weeks time,but we have a small dint on the front wheel arch & little scrape on  the passenger door,just wondered if we would still get our good condition bonus.

    Check out the few pictures.

    Paul.small scrape

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    front arch kuga

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    I  recently returned my car on changeover , when it was returned it had a couple of gouges and scrapes on the rear bumper which some kind person did in a car park withe their tow bar or tow bar bracket  and left without leaving details. I also had a 12 inch scratch on the rear door plus some kerning on the wheels, i phoned RSA and gave them the information they asked for and informed me I did not need to claim off the insurance as they would view it as wear and tear and I still got my good condition bonus. So phoney RSA and let them decide what your course of action should be


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    Thank you Pegasus but I don’t think I will bother phoning the RSA & just see what the sales person say when we see the car we want to have, skoda vrs 230 in mind.

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    Motability told me last week they allow minor dings and dents etc because of wheelchairs etc. It’s allowed for and calculated and charged for as part of the AP. Bits missing torn or burnt interior things like that is only reason they hold back the payment

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    If the value of damage is that high then this isn’t a minor dent , more like full accident damage.

    Regardless of how many points your allowed to have to qualify for RSA insurance , the company will take a dim view of someone who appears to have concealed Thier driving history.

    In normal circumstances this could null your car insurance.

    If the damage is that bad then you have no choice , you either notify them or pay the repair as if you return the car with anything other than minor damage considered wear and tear then motability will have the car repaired and bill you for it. That is detailed in your contract.

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    Ida wogan

    Hi all,
    I’ve got a dent in one of the doors and a lot of scratches. I’ve also got deep scratches on the front of the car and I’m sure the left mirror is bent. However, these are from separate incidents, months apart. Will the RSA know this? If I fill in the online form will they tell me without even looking at the car whether it needs repairing or not? Excess is £100 and I’m willing to pay it, I just wanna make sure there won’t be any other charges incurred for not reporting the first incident etc…
    Can you just give your step by step stories of how the RSA dealt with the claim. In cases where repair was and wasn’t necessary?
    I’ve included a picture of the most recent dent and scratches. You can’t see the dent in the picture but it is definitely there.



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    Ida wogan

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