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    Hi Everyone

    Sorry I have not posted recently, but this decorating malarkey took longer than expected.

    As the thread title states “Decorating Tips” I will start them off.

    Tip No:

    1 If Finances allow get someone else to do the job lol

    2 If you have to DIY then take your time and plan the job fully, do not rush the job, or you could end up with some problems (voice of experience speaking).

    3 If you are going to put up coving (as I did) then make sure that you have Gyproc templates, to be able to cut the right angles for the corners and joins. Also look up on the internet on how to install it the easy way.

    4 Use the best paint that your budget allows, I have found that cheap paint does not do the job properly.

    5 Remember your mates on the forum and apologize for not posting for some time lol.

    Now to read all the posts I have missed, that may take a while!! then hopefully I can reply to some if required!!


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    I have to get a decorator in and I can confirm that he’s blooming expensive, lol!

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    When wallpapering always open two rolls and take the first piece you put up from that first roll then the next piece from the second roll sow 12121212 until both roll are finished or your wall is complete. Cuts down on waste.

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    • when buying wallpaper make sure they all rolls have the same matching batch numbers.
    • i only buy dulux or crown trade paints – maybe a little more expensive but it last longer and is more durable.
    • i personally find solvent based gloss / satinwood much more tough and hard wearing than the water based ones.
    • zinsser cover stain is best for covering any kind of stain. (previous tenants smoked in the house – this was the only thing that worked in covering the stains and smell)
    •  it’s easier to loosen light / electric sockets and paper / paint behind them, rather than around them.
    • Look online for prices, screwfix, toolstation and travis perkins in addition to the wickes, b&q, and homebase….. Travis Perkins sell to general public as well as trade and have online only offers which you can collect in branch.
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    Ok i have what may be a silly question but please don’t laugh too much. Paper mash. What the hell is the best way of doing it. In the middle of building a massive train set in loft for the kids and I want hills. Was going to use clay but too expensive and I can’t remember the best way to do paper mash. ?

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    Nick Nick Nick!  LOL

    Your question is no longer a simple one. In our Over the top politically correct world!

    The easy answer is  4 parts white glue 1 part water, applied to strips of paper laid over materials or an object to form the shape.

    However if young children are involved (and likely to put fingers in mouths) then a flour and water mix should be used (not as strong and harder to paint)

    you can also use wallpaper paste but this is also harder to paint when eventually dries.

    now to form the structure to make the hills (valleys in your case) either screw up dry newspaper into a required shape then add the strips of paper brushed or  dipped in the glue/flour mix, or for a more solid structure a can use exspanding foam sprayed in strips and manipulated as drying into required form, once dried coat with glue or flour mix and apply layers of paper strips applying glue mix as you build up.

    if your confidant with the exspanded foam you can form the hills/valleys wait to fully dry and paint/cover in moss with out the need for paper and glue

    PS no I’m not telling you how I know this lol

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    lol thanks justsaying I’ll keep it quite ???

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