Decided to get a nearly new WAV on Motability

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    Well after 3 1/2 lovely years with the Volvo XC60 we have decided to get a WAV.  We had looked at Tiguan All Space, Peugeot 5008 etc but nothing was working with our daughter’s wheelchair and frame.

    So ended up with a nearly new Motability VW Transporter Shuttle, 67 plate, 3k miles on clock with wheelchair lift. £1895 upfront payment.  Couldn’t afford it brand new and didn’t realise there was a nearly new option until the summer.

    It’s a complete wild card but it’s fun and so completely different to what we’ve ever had before.

    Thanks for all the forum info and advice, much appreciated. We can now sit back and enjoy.

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    Enjoy it, I’m sure you’ll have all the space you need, vans can be fun too. Back when our five were young we drove about in a transit mini bus.

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    I think the nearly new WAV scheme Motability offer its dealerships really is a positive and makes perfect sense for the Customers. I’m surprised it’s not promoted more because it really does make the more suitable vehicles for those that require a WAV Affordable.

    Enjoy, I’ll look forward to the updates and thoughts on the vehicle.

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    In a similar vein to the ‘nearly new WAVs’, it is a shame that Motability customers can’t lease a ‘nearly new’ normal vehicle, where the vehicle is a Motability vehicle but has been returned early by its first lessee for what-ever reason. It could be re-leased to a Motability customer until the vehicle’s three year old point with a cheaper AP.

    I understand the logistics of doing so with such a big ‘normal’ vehicle fleet could be difficult, but they are certainly not insurmountable.

    It would also make Motability’s vehicles going to the trade more standardised as I understand 3 year leases are the ‘sweet spot’ economically, whereas Motability won’t make as much by letting say a six month vehicle go to the trade due to the increased rate of depreciation in the early months.

    With the lower AP’s it would give customers a chance to obtain a vehicle they wouldn’t normally be able to afford the Advance Payment of. So could be a bit of a win-win all round.


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    Js (just saying)

    I totally agree BigDave, motability have already took the hit when it drove off the forecourt first time around. They already have a back office trade facility it wouldn’t take much to have a customer section with returned cars on. Paying the dealership for a multi point check and a handling charge would be easy to add to their MDP. I’d been interested to know why it’s not been implemented, they would of discussed it.

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    That’s a very good idea Dave, so much so that it will never happen.

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    The lease is for 3 years instead of 5 on a nearly new WAV but that works for us with the much reduced AP.  Also got it within weeks and not months.

    It does seem a good idea for barely used vehicles, ours is immaculate.  Only drawback is not being able to choose exact spec.

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    Congratulations Wheezyfreespirit on what sounds like a great choice at a great price, I hope it brings your family all the fun and freedom you were after 🙂

    I’m currently having the same issues with my own bulky heavy wheelchair, my partner is struggling to lift it so I was after something wheelchair + hoist could fit into – it’s amazing just how few scheme vehicles suit! So I’ve been considering the Nearly New WAV scheme myself.

    Would you mind my asking whether your daughter will be using her wheelchair as seating in the Transporter or whether she will transfer to the standard seating? Of course, please forgive me and don’t feel you have to answer if it’s too intrusive a question.. I’m just debating the issue myself as I’m finding I’m too tall for a lot of the Nearly New WAVs that seem to be available.

    Anyway, good luck on your future journeying and thank you for updating us all!


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    Wow that sounds exactly like I need but didn’t know it was a thing. Thanks!

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    Pleased if it helps RobsCI as I didn’t know about nearly new until a few months ago.

    Bubbleunicorn – my daughter will be doing both ?. So far she prefers sitting in her wheelchair in transit but she is able to transfer to one of the rear seats as an option – so we are fortunate.

    When we saw the vehicle on the WAV dealer website and enquired they asked for all the wheelchair dimensions including height/length of user when seated. They then said it looked like it could work and brought the vehicle to us to assess suitability.

    It does take longer to lower lift, roll wheelchair in, raise lift, tie down wheelchair and put seatbelt on but we knew that.  We were just so tired of the heavy lifting, no room for shopping etc. We went to Cornwall on holiday and there were  so many Transporter type vans (for surfboards?)  we thought let’s give it a go.

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    Vw vans tend to be quite basic spec but the depreciation is always low.
    Is it a 5/6 speed manual or dsg?


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    Wheezyfreespirit thank you so much for replying, so kind of you to give more info. I know exactly what you mean with regards to the lifting and lack of shopping space, these wheelchairs really do take up a lot of room! May I ask which WAV dealer you went with please? I see Allied Mobility do them. You’ve spurred me on to make some enquiries ☺️ thanks again, and enjoy the extra shopping space!

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    It’s definitely worth investigating Bubbleunicorn.

    We found it through Bristol Street Versa. I had rung a few places beforehand about different vehicles but they’d all been reserved. Vic Young in the north east were very helpful.  Not all suppliers would come to us though as we were too far from them for lift servicing/checks but some will travel nationwide. Always worth a phone call though.

    Good luck with your vehicle search and hope you find something suitable that makes you smile too.

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    Philjb it’s a 5 speed manual without a lot of the extras of the XC60. That’s the compromise.

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    What a lovely and informative thread, Thank you everyone for the information and input, my written word will not express the thanks and gratitude and respect to our users that you all deserve. A comment/question on any thread may seem insignificant at the time, but may well make a difference to someone.

    Thank You on Behalf of the Forum.

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    Thank you JS.

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