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    I’m curious on anyone car dealership experience. Usually when we look at cars, within seconds of entering the showroom, car salesmen are onto us like a flash with asking questions. Personally I’d rather be left alone to look and ask for help. Lancaster VW the sales man followed us around and stood with us while looking after saying we’re just here to look. Do others ever get frustrated with them? Also when we got our gran coupe on motability, the salesman said just because it’s on motability, it’s still the same for him weather it’s a motability customer or not. But I’ve seen some on here saying some salesmen aren’t interested when you mention motability.. what’s your experience with dealerships/sales people ?

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    mini chesterfield excellant left alone until i wanted test drive and then just given keys and told to be back before they closed lol.

    mercedes chesterfield rubbish took ages to get a b class opened for me to sit in then ignored. couldnt get to speak to anyone to get test drive.

    nissan worksop excellent.

    toyota v good but they were busy due to launch of corrolla, bad timing on my part.

    jeep derby poor.

    suzuki, hyundai,fiat,peugeot,citroen chesterfield average.

    volvo chesterfield lost interest as soon as i mentioned motability.

    bmw chesterfield quite good but i knew more about the i3 than the guy did.

    this was before the virus though.

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    Our experiences at VW Lancaster and Morecambe is what made me get my Ateca,  Shocking service

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    Pulman VW Durham

    Absolutely terrible, no interest in talking to me, been in about 5 times over the last 15 years, each time ended up buying a different make.  Last visit (early 2020) I managed to get 2mins with the Motability salesperson, no interest at all, the couple in front of me who had been waiting to see him in when I got there gave up and walked out in disgust.

    Pulman Skoda Durham

    Different branch and a completely different attitude, couldn’t be more helpful if they tried.  Last time I went to see them the motability salesperson had someone with them, receptionist asked if I’d mind waiting and would I like a sandwich and a coffee in the cafe (free of charge).  What a difference.

    S G Petch Seat Durham

    Very attentive, salesman was very helpful and always available by phone or email.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Menorca Mike

    Farmer and Carlisle Toyota Loughborough gave me 2 hour test drive in new Yaris and 2 hour test drive in CHR which I had non pushy salesman

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    As a Motability Scheme customer of almost 25 years & visited many dealerships & ‘Motability Specialists’ over the years – London & mostly Essex, since moving to Essex.
    mots been mainly mediocre to palpable disinterest.

    My best Motability customer ‘customer experience’ was when I went through a dealer in Wales a few years ago.

    imho most have been been very lacking in core skills, interest, knowledge, communication & relationship management.

    ive written to Motsbility on several occasions over the years, asking about the accreditation process & the ongoing monitoring & evaluation of  dealership accredited. And each time suggested the idea of a ‘mystery shopper’ type scheme. But my queries, concerns, critique & constructive criticisms came to nothing.!

    I think there’s lots right with the scheme but also lots of room for improvement



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    John Newton

    I agree Pullman Skoda are brilliant I got my current Superb from there. Newcastle VW were great Ford were dreadful and I’m currently waiting for my Mercedes B200 from Mercedes Newcastle who so far have been brilliant.

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    @dante, I wonder if we have the same Essex MG dealer, mine showed no great interest in my mobility custom and since the order has never called with an update, mainly because I think the dealers have very little to do with MG UK and have no real clue when your car will arrive, as mine said could be tomorrow, could be next week or next month.

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    VW Newcastle were terrible! 🙁

    Back in Feb 2020 I had a 2.0l diesel R-Line Tiguan on order with JCT in Wakefield (£600 discount off the AP) was supposed to be here in April/May then Covid hit and it was delayed.  In the June some idiot jumped out of a Transit doing 40mph and it careered across the carriageway straight into me and wrote off my Yeti.

    As the Tiguan still hadn’t arrived and I urgently needed a car I rang around, VW Newcastle said no problem we have one currently being shipped over.  Couldn’t match the £600 discount but I had no transport.  They took a £200 deposit, and cancelled the existing Motability order.

    2-3 days later they rang to say they didn’t really have one 🙁   Totally screwed my order and then took a few weeks to get the deposit back.

    I rang Motability, they hadn’t even placed the order with them.  I couldn’t get the original JCT600 order reinstated, couldn’t even re-order again until Motability fully re-opened on July 2nd.  By that time the Tiguan AP had shot up from the £1199 (with the £600 discount) I was originally supposed to pay to £2899 which I simply couldn’t afford.

    I ended up with an in-stock petrol Ateca as it was the only thing I could get quickly that I could fit into.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Seems to be a pattern here! Funnily enough, the first time we went out to test drive some vehicles 3 years ago, we drove a Tiguan at Eastern Western VW in Edinburgh. The salesman sat in the back of the car with us on his mobile phone and said nothing. The lack of interest was astonishing! We went elsewhere….

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    It’s possible – as only two MG dealers in Essex – I ordered from one (as they could source the car earlier) but then transferred to the nearest, as the managing dealership – starting with T

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    Ray Chapman Volvo, Malton

    An excellent dealership whether Motability or private, had both from them. We were treated exactly the same, Roger, my salesman, is also the Motability specialist, but everyone does their best for you, even putting my electric wheelchair into the back of a brand new car in the showroom to make sure it fits! Coffee and biccies are always offered, and the MD makes sure you are being looked after too. Even in these difficult times, they are still doing their best.

    Let us have an xc40 t3 for the day to make sure it was right, even told me off for putting fuel in the car!

    Kept me informed all the time and made sure all was correct, no wonder they have been awarded Volvo dealership of the year, they deserve it.

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    Nissan Southampton,

    Absolutely amazing service, Paul the salesman talked me through the whole process being my first motability car, had a lovely test drive and my qashqui was ordered and delivered within a month, whole process was great, I felt like a premium customer, I was even given free mats because I had to wait an extra bit to speak to him!

    MG Southampton

    Oh dear they were awful, I had to go down there three days in a row so they could be disinterested and mess me around, then another three days of phonecalls to then finally get an email it had gone through. Was told car would be ready in ten days 100% , to then get phoned on the seventh day and told my car was sold to someone else, after that my bipolar kicked in and I had a bit of a breakdown, so my wife phoned and they said  if I would take a different colour I could have another one, or could take over six months to get one, I cancelled as they made me feel like I was dirt the way they spoke to me, so never again

    Chandler’s ford vauxhall picadors

    Amazing, because I have a good friend with a brand new grandland X , I decided I wanted one in black, I spoke with Rodney first then Ian the area manager, less then twenty minutes on the phone and order through all done, felt like I was spoken to as a VIP and fantastically dealt with!!




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    Funny just had a terrible experience over the phone with sytner west london no offer to help this afternoon. Wanted to book test drive Q3 was told don’t have any to test drive too popular  can’t help but if you want to order we can help.  Won’t be going to them shame only 10 – 15 minutes from my house. Now means a 40 minute drive to Wimbledon on 12 April to test drive so a good start with Marshall who were happy to book a test drive.

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    Marshalls VW Taunton
    A tad indifferent. Did his job but I certainly didn’t feel like a valued customer.


    BMW Portsmouth
    Premium service – always on point and treated no differently than anyone else.

    Hendy Ford – Portsmouth
    Looked after brilliantly by Lee Harris. About to get third car from him. Communication always excellent and willing to do a bit of a deal each time.
    Highly recommended.

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    Can also recommend Hendy Ford – Portsmouth

    Dick Lovett BMW – Swindon  First class, always polite, helpful and treat you the same as every other customer, and the lounge/refreshments are first class too

    Lings Hyundai – Lowestoft Great comms and very responsive, made the whole ordering system a breeze, pleasure doing business with them

    Previous Motability Cars
    2006 - 2009 Skoda Superb VR6 2.0tdi
    2009 - 2012 Citroen C5 2.0tdi VTR Nav
    2012 - 2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci tekna
    2015 - 2018 Ford Kuga 2.0tdi Titanium X
    2018 - 2021 BMW 220d X drive 2 Series Active Luxury
    2021- Hyundai Kona Electric Premium SE

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    Dickens Wrexham  Vauxhall really good service or was haven’t been there for a while

    Haliwell Jones  BMW  Chester excellent

    Furrows Shrewsbury Mazda could be better

    Stoneacre Seat Wrexham really good considering the current climate not had to use them for services yet,only had the car since September 2020


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    VW Portsmouth – OK so far.  Sorted my sticky Auto-hold problem well enough early last year pre-Covid (though it’s started to grab again, so I’ll have to go back).

    VW Chichester – very good.  Went there when the ‘tyre pressure drop’ light came on during a drive and they sorted it straight away, with good Covid safely in place.

    VW ‘South Oxford’ (or ‘DIDCOT’, as the locals call it) – AVOID.  Brother went in on March 31st (literally the first day he could after receiving his letter) to order a Golf R-type and they couldn’t get the Order to go through.  Refused to guarantee the £100AP and told him to come back tomorrow – by which time the AP had gone up to £300 and he could no longer afford the heated seats and steering wheel Option that would have made a big difference to someone with arthritis in his legs, hips, spine and hands.  Manager didn’t want to know.  Bunch of scunners!  Would have gone elsewhere if he could have, but the nearest two are too awkward to get into for him.  I told him to take it up with Motab but he’s sick of the whole thing and just wants to drop it.

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    Oh yes – J. Davy Vauxhall in Basingstoke were good.  I got both Astra GTC’s from them and they did home pick-up and return for all the Servicing even though Basingstoke’s a 40 minute drive each way on country roads.

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    VW ‘South Oxford’ (or ‘DIDCOT’, as the locals call it) – AVOID. Brother went in on March 31st (literally the first day he could after receiving his letter) to order a Golf R-type and they couldn’t get the Order to go through. Refused to guarantee the £100AP and told him to come back tomorrow – by which time the AP had gone up to £300 and he could no longer afford the heated seats and steering wheel Option that would have made a big difference to someone with arthritis in his legs, hips, spine and hands. Manager didn’t want to know. Bunch of scunners! Would have gone elsewhere if he could have, but the nearest two are too awkward to get into for him. I told him to take it up with Motab but he’s sick of the whole thing and just wants to drop it.

    I wonder what’s gone on down in Marshall’s of south Oxford as if we remember right they were the ones doing the best AP deals back 3 years ago and one of the ones to start us all even thinking about discounts.

    They used to have a presents here on this forum too but have gone quite for a year or more, thought it might have just been the Covid thing but do wonder with the Motability deals they were doing and coming to Motability’s attention for doing remote ordering back then has caught up with them.

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    As I’m going through my new shortlist – I can change now – I’ve found the dealerships I’ve contacted either no response or respond & then no follow up – even when I’m pro active.
    it’s a painful, laborious and extremely disappointing experience zzzzz

    I found that contacting dealers online  through carwow illicit as a prompt response

    I ask for the exact model / trim you was (I ask for new in stock / pre Reg / delivery mileage or if none a timeline for delivery from ordering to being ready at the dealership ??

    to me it’s irrelevant until actual order stage, whether you are a Motability customer or not – if a car in stock or a factory order it shouldn’t matter what’s financing it – in our case our DLA / pip money through Motability operations etc….

    it is  to read such good experiences on here but I have to say I’ve not encountered a good dealership  yet!!!

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    Lee Bengough

    Cant fault my CItroën Dealer Thomas & Davies Merthyr Tydfil.

    ive been a customer of theirs now nearly 16 years. On my 5th car


    my late brother also 16 years He was on his 7th car.


    and my friend before giving up driving  18 years and was on his 7th Citroen.

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    Found most especially stoneacre dealerships in Chesterfield not interested once you mention mobility they just seem to have a buy it or don’t I don’t care policy 😒

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    My last experience…3 years ago as I am due to change end of this month…its a long list as I tried everything and the kitchen sink…

    Specialist Cars VW Aberdeen – Hopeless, wandered about the showroom, ignored. Asked at reception for Motab guy, fobbed off, told he was out and no idea when back, I popped in three times in two days…same every time. Gave up.

    Specialist Cars Skoda Aberdeen – Very good, prompt attention, test drove Kodiaq 1hr on my own, was set to test drive a Superb, but decided not to as Kodiaq suited me better.

    Specialist Cars Seat Aberdeen – Very good, again, peompt attention, two test drives of an Alhambra – one on my own (short-ish) & a longer one with my wife a few days later. It was on my shortlist, wife hated it.

    Specialist Cars Peugeot Aberdeen – no problem seeing sales guy, very chatty & had an accompanied drive in a 5008 – didn’t like the accompanied drive, didn’t like the sales guy prattling on, didn’t like the tiny steering wheel, didn’t go back…

    Specialist Cars BMW Aberdeen – Excellent service, very attentive, Motab guy busy so was shown to lounge with top grade snacks/coffee, had a test drive in an X1 with wife, both hated the sports seats and not overly impressed with the quality nor the road noise. Dealer was very good though.

    Specialist Cars Skoda Perth (Thompson & Potter?) Outstanding – took wife for test of Kodiaq following my solo outing in Aberdeen, dealer principal sat with us with coffee & cake while motab guy showed other couple round the car we were taking out, on his return we were given the keys and told be back at 6 as we close just after that, it was 11.30am. Had car 2 hours – wife was impressed.

    Specialist cars Skoda Dundee – Awful, totally ignored, motab guy said he’d be free in 10 minutes, I waited 20, went to ask where he was – was told he’s gone to lunch for an hour. Left in a rather black mood.

    Honda Perth – seemed good, but would not let me test drive a CR-V, sat in one in showroom, that was it & had to wait ages to see the Motab guy.

    Honda Aberdeen – Salesman reluctantly accompanied me on a test drive – gave directions, it was around the block, honestly, 5 minutes. Decided the CR-V was nice, but the dealership awful, so gave up on that.

    Arnold Clark Aberdeen – Accompanied drive in a Kuga, sales guy was good, but again, 15 minutes max, decided it was too dated in any case. Accompanied drive in a CX-5, liked it, but boot too small.

    Citroen/Ssangyong Montrose – Excellent service and a very laid back approach, had a SSangyong Turismo all day, really liked it, but the rear seat squeaked/rattled loudly over every bump. So no go.

    Renault Perth – Worst dealership I ever stepped into, told me both the Koleos and Grand Scenic were NOT on the scheme (they were) and refused to speak to me point blank – place was empty, like, not a soul there.

    Ford Perth – Motab guy was great, had an accompanied test drive in an S-Max – over 25 minutes & very varied route he said he took all accompanied drivers on – was impressed.

    Specialist Cars BMW Dundee – Excellent service, test drove a 220d x-drive x-line, I liked it, wife  not so much.

    Ford Forfar (Glenford) – Motab guy was great, (worst coffee of all the dealerships…lol) had a long unaccompanied test drive in the exact s-max the scheme offered (180hp diesel auto titanium). Went back a few days later for another long drive (over 2 hours) with the wife, the S-Max ticked all the boxes for us so we ordered it from them.

    So now I’m waiting for the showrooms to reopen (end April for us up here) and will test drive a few cars – have a shorter list this time as there are far fewer large diesel autos out there. Will try the Rav4 hybrid as well, as an outlier. If I can’t get a test drive then I’m going to extend the lease, no way I’m spending 70k miles in something that doesn’t suit.





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    Recent experience of dealers includes Chandlers of Worthing (Mini) and Euro Skoda (JCB Group) also of Worthing. Both have been very helpful and not at all put off by Motability factor. Chandlers were particularly helpful; their Motability staffer, Sam Newman, really did go above-and-beyond to help me get an order in just hours before the Christmas close down (was worried the Cooper S was about to be removed from scheme).

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    John Newton

    My Merc is arriving on Tuesday and my dealer Mercedes dealer is the best Ive had so far. Although they have requested the AP on Monday I’ve never done this before, has anyone else had this?

    No is a stupid word

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