Dealers sitting on hands

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    Hi All,
    Has anyone had similar experience to me about  Motability car dealer? I ordered a MG HS Automatic Excellence in Red last week in July and was told delivery probably end October or early November, I was due to change my current car on July 18th So far I haven’t heard anything from my dealer apart from a call from them on July 28th to say that MG are not making any MG HS’s in red! that’s any red ( at the time of ordering there were 2 different reds), I spoke with Motability about cover note this week and mentioned that I hadn’t heard anything from dealer about new car and the lady said do you want them to speak to dealer on my behalf I said yes please and what she  told me was a shocker my new car probably won’t be delivered until March 2022 😱 I would have thought that after dealer had a call from Motability it would have shaken dealer into some sort of response to call me but NO nothing!  Nowt! I’m thinking about changing my dealer to another one or even changing my mind on ordering the MG HS!


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    Broken bulldog

    Had a similar issue when we ordered an MG ZS EV for my wifes first Motabilty car the dealer took copies of all of the details after a half hour test drive and said he would sort the order next day as it was afternoon, car was a black current model not a 2022 car and estimated delivery of late December early January. This was back in early October and only found out he hadn’t placed order whilst trying to create an online Motabilty account. Called Motabilty to see what was going on and the would call the dealer on my behalf and the dealer should give me a courtesy call next day, heard nothing so my wife rang the dealer to find out what was going on with the order. The dealer gave no explanation why he hadn’t placed the order and was full of apologies and said they’ll give her a call soon when ordered and not to phone Motabilty if she had anymore  queries, which I found odd. We ordered the old model in case the price increases for the new 2022 model. Still not heard a thing and contemplating ordering the new one when on scheme at a different dealer. Just wish the would be honest with customers.

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    It’s a misnomer that dealerships want Motability sales, especially in a market with more people than available cars.

    the sale of a Motability car brings the dealer a low sum, but in times of low demand, this can be used to get a monthly bonus.

    when cars are selling at higher margins and the manufacturers can remove incentives, why would they sell to a Motability customer and get £250 when they can sell that car to a customer not on Motability for £1,000

    Motability is only worth it to manufacturers and dealers at low demand periods.

    jyst a fact of life

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    It’s disgusting how some dealerships treat their customers, I bet they wouldn’t treat regular customers like that, All we can do is complain to Motability and I will once I get my MG HS or is that if I get my MG?

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