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      A pet hate of mine is more and more dealers making out as if its they who are giving you the £750 new car payment,when its coming from Motability some even tag the good condition bonus in with their figures.

      Dealers can we just have the details of what you are offering in the way of an offer or discount or cash back,we are perfectly capable of doing the math when it comes to what we are entitled to as payments from Motability.

      I saw one yesterday advertised …Bassetts Motor Group  £1000 off….are giving you nothing !

      Nissan X-Trail 1.5 E-Power 204 Acenta Premium 5dr Xtronic (ref: 674246)
      Advance Payment: £2,999
      Less £750 New Vehicle Payment. T&Cs apply
      Less £250 Good Condition Payment T&Cs apply

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        Totally agree Mick-It’s misleading and sometimes worded as though it’s the dealing giving the discount or cashback.


          Its just dealers trying to be clever with their marketing.



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