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    Many years ago, the saleswoman at a Volvo dealer offered to take our order just before the new list came out, with the understanding that we could cancel if another car that we preferred appeared on the new list. We were grateful for her suggestion and went ahead on this basis (on this occasion the new list didn’t contain anything more tempting, we stuck with plan A). With the Q4 list coming up soon, the other day we broached this idea with our local Skoda dealer, but he told us that he couldn’t do this because the dealership would be charged £500 for a cancelled order. Does this sound right?

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    Matt B

    Yes, I believe this is true. Our VW dealership advised there were a number of penalty charges they can face. Another is not completing handover on the agreed date, however motability have apparently been flexible with this penalty due to the ongoing pandemic.

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    Ahh right, thanks. Odd that the Volvo dealer should offer the option to us then…  mind you, it was a long time ago. Then again, I’ve just read in another thread on here that a BMW dealer recently suggested the same thing to a customer!

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    the more common deal is that a dealer will agree to cancel an order and reorder if the ap goes down. usually if someone is set on a particular model ordering at the end of a quarter you can run the risk of the ap changing. fine if it goes up your locked in at the lower rate by ordering before quarter end. not so good if it goes down.

    so some dealers will adjust things so you pay the lower ap.

    i havent come accross a dealer that would be happy for you to cancel and go elsewhere.

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