Crystal Ball …PIP and qualifying age limit…thoughts

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      PIP and qualifying age limit.thoughts

      As we know being under state pension age is the cut off for a PIP application

      I strongly suspect this may not be the case for much longer

      As state pension age increases so does the applications for PIP

      I strongly suspect that PIP qualification will be reset to a lower defined age limit

      Suspect initially 65 yr old ( from a set date )  and later overtime incrementally reducing to age 60 yrs old

      Seems to be an option that could easily fit into the .Gov agenda


      While Im on the subject of PIP and just to add

      All Upcoming new PIP changes imo will be incrementally introduced so as to be able to be properly managed by limited DWP staff
      New claims imo and all current MH claimants quite possibly in the first line of fire
      Also imo  AUTISM 2nd biggest PIP claiming group I suspect may be messed with
      Maybe all those over  66 imo with ongoing awards will be left alone simply to allow limited DWP staff to concentrate on things elsewhere
      Future Qualification criteria/points for PIP Mobility may well be played about with imo
      Time will tell


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