Council Disabled Parking Bay at Your House Anyone Can Use It

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    Council Disabled Parking Bay  in Scotland at Your House Anyone Can Use It.

    After applying for a disabled bay with the council and producing the document

    needed  that was, his lease agreement for motability because he doesn’t hold the V5, driving licence, proof of address and car registration all these documents before they would mark off a bay , a disabled bay for his motability car put in near his house , so all sorted . The bay was put in it takes up a parking space and a half of the next one.

    Some of the neighbors are not happy they park over the half of the bay that’s in the next parking space making it difficult to get the door open.

    Then the other day someone parked in it and put a blue badge down , so he couldn’t get in the space , it was there for a few hours he said to the person that’s my space if you could please move the car to let me in she said i didn’t know i’m just visiting we had a death in the family and Im disabled then then the family came down screaming shouting swearing and waving bats ect saying bad word bad word bad word were going to do this and that to you . so he parked somewhere else went in the house. He google disabled bays the house and he said apparently any one with a blue badge can use it . So if that is the case what is the point of you having to produce various documents, because its not really for your own use.

    he read a story a lady got a bay put in and a neighbor started using it

    person  1 got the space put in she came home every day after person 2 who started using it , person 1 called the council they said who ever is there first gets to use it so cause person 1 is in after  person 2 person 1 will never get too use it after applying for it ….

    That is so wrong i thing

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    I’m in England, and we had a disabled bay installed outside the house. A sign is installed on the wall next to the bay that has a unique disabled parking permit number on it. The permit itself with the matching number is fixed to the cars windscreen, so the space can only be used by the permit holder.

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    This is why I never use disabled bays near peoples homes, but in London, a few boroughs have what is called disabled permit parking, so it’ll say disabled permit (and some of the numbers of your badge) that way if someone parks in your bay they’ll get a ticket

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    That is so wrong, I know its the case but I don’t agree with it. You are correct, anyone with a blue badge can park there. What makes things worse is that some council authorities charge you for installing it, but again, anyone can use it with a valid blue badge. Most of the time, I think people are genuinely courteous but as you highlighted, clearly there are people that just don’t care about anyone else other than themselves! Its a shame that society has come to this and people feel its acceptable to display that level of abuse towards others.

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    I’m in London and anyone with a blue badge can use the space, some spaces are put in when a disabled person lived there but a lot of the time they no longer do. I think if you neighbours know that the person who lives there is disabled then it’s bad form to park there or have friends park there but essentially the space is for any disabled person so if it’s empty another disabled person is justified to use it. They often aren’t directly outside the home either. I live in a small estate and people use the disabled space who aren’t disabled knowing I do and even though I contact the housing company there is nothing they can do and traffic wardens don’t come in to fine them. So it’s bad form from the neighbours but I wouldn’t feel hurt if another disabled person used it as they have a badge for a reason as much as I do.

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    Macca, suvguy they are great ideas and should be adopted up here, Martino you should tell your friend to suggest this to their local council. The council could put a couple of bays up to stop any problems. A lot of new estates have dedicated parking bay for each house/flat maybe that could be done.

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    I’m in London and most disabled bays outside property are free for anyone to use.
    you do have the odd one where it’s a permit disabled bay but I find they are usually outside hospitals.

    If a bay is free then use it, you need it as much as the other person who may need the space otherwise you wouldn’t have a badge in the first place.
    If you visit someone all you have to do who the bay is used by and if it’s ok parking there and they will give the answer

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    The reason I think it’s so wrong is that, at least here in Kent, we have to pay £250 to have the parking bay marked!

    So why the f*** is it allowed for any Blue Badge owner to use it. IMO, if you’ve paid for it, it should be like a permit.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    brian hindmarch

    Anyone can use a disabled bay outside a house,  Councils put them in knowing that anyone can park there blue badge or not as there is no bye-laws making it legally enforceable to prosecute or fine anyone parking there.



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    At our old house we had a bay outside the house but had a plan on the wall with a nr on it it was assigned to our car only cost nothing .still didn’t stop anyone parking on it.we had 2 cars fined  and 1 towed away from it.

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    Nearly everybody if not everybody, disabled or not, car owner would love to pay a fee to have a parking space outside there house that no one else can use and while were at it lets buy the whole road and stop traffic going by past my house so making much more peaceful place to live.

    So you see why we will never be able to have personal parking spaces outside your homes, disabled or not.

    Not only that it does draw attention and resentment from neighbours and I see this for myself since having “DISABLED” painted across my drive a year ago and while the next-door neighbours respect the signage, delivery drivers, food delivery people etc take the view that even though the rest of the street is empty of cars with loads of free spaces to park, even if only for five minutes, they will park on top of the disabled sign and I assume they think “we pay our taxes and will park where we like and the disabled have no right to own a part of the road” and also think “what’s a disabled person going to do about it anyway”.

    I’m fortunate to have a hardstanding in my front garden but agree its must be bad news for disabled folk who have no front gardens to park in.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”> All our nieghbours where happy we got it as they knew how bad parking was with a pub and a cafe on the corner of the rd and is being the first house it was needed.the amount of people parking on it saying I’ll just be 5 min was so annoying.our nieghbours would even stop people. Luck now that we have 2 off rd parking and to be done with the hassle</p>

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