Could Prime Minister Boris Johnson break up the UK?

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    The Scottish Conservative (and Unionist) party has enjoyed something of resurgence in recent years under the energetic leadership of Ruth Davidson.

    The party’s opponents are convinced that Boris Johnson as prime minister could put an end to all that – and could even put an end to the union between Scotland the rest of the UK.

    It’s true that Mr Johnson could hardly be more different from the down to earth, plain speaking and Remain-voting Ms Davidson. The two are not friends and have vehemently disagreed before.

    Some observers like to speculate that Boris will appear to Scottish voters to be the very epitome of the upper-class English ruling caste that Scots so dislike. But policy may well prove to be more important than personality.

    Mr Johnson appeared to have a weak grasp of the dynamics of devolution when he proposed tax changes that take no account of the fact that income tax rates in Scotland are set by the Scottish Parliament.

    But since then he has promised Scottish Tory MPs he will set up a “union unit” inside No 10 to check every policy. If he knows what he doesn’t know, then maybe he can avoid these gaffes as PM.

    It’s Brexit that may be his undoing, in so many ways. In Remain-voting Scotland, his problem is that the idea of a no deal Brexit is far less palatable than it is in the rest of the UK. The harder the Brexit Boris delivers, the more the Tory party in Scotland could suffer.

    If Prime Minister Johnson [he will officially take on the role this Wednesday] pursues a Brexit policy at odds with what most voters in Scotland would like to see, then it’s possible they may change their minds about whether remaining part of the UK is in their best interests. Some recent polling evidence suggests as many as 60% of voters could vote “yes” to independence if we leave the EU with no deal.

    In the end it may not be the precise details of any Brexit deal that stokes desire for independence – or indeed the character of any individual politician – but a sense that Scotland has different aspirations from the rest of the UK, which can’t be reconciled within the current union.

    If Mr Johnson wants to keep the kingdom united, he will need to take care not fan those flames.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Mike 700

    In a report in June, the EU’s executive European Commission included medicines and medical devices in a list of sectors for which “continued and particular vigilance” was needed.

    Many EU states already face shortages of some medicines because of problems with production, regulators or distribution.

    A survey of 21 European countries showed that all of them experienced shortages of medicines last year, according to the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union, a pharmacists’ trade body. Vaccines were among the drugs most frequently cited as being in short supply.




    There could be temporary shortages of certain drugs after a ‘no deal’ Brexit, only because the regulatory authorities in the U.K. will need to revise their eligibility procedures and also because of changes to UK customs / entry requirements.

    However, and this is where Project Fear proponents should hang their heads in shame – there are, and have been shortages of certain drugs throughout the EU for some time – it is not a UK or Brexit only problem , and this is a fact, not a way of supporting Brexit.

    Please take a look at other EU drug supply problems before condemning Brexit, or the Government!

    There are stock piles of drugs already in the UK, and remember a no deal Brexit ls not forevermore, it is the start of trade negotiations , not the end?


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    Well put, Mike.


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    I realise we have mountains of general medication put by, I’m talking about specialist medication not the things pharmacies keep in stock.
    Medication that comes straight from the manufacturers delivered to your door via an agent.

    As I said these meds have a very limited shelf life and can’t be stockpiled for months or years.

    I guess until you need these specialised meds you would you would just think it’s another load of BS put out by labour or who ever.

    The list was published as there will be problems with supply if we have no deal, bot we might but fingers crossed the chemist has an old dusty box in the basement.


    I just wondered if anyone else is likely to be effected, who also takes biologic medications.




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    A session of parliament has been convened for October 19 Saturday. Much could and will happen between now and then and discussions are likely to, but not exclusively, focus sharply on those areas where it is considered and believed, given a fair wind and a degree of give and take some progress could be possible resulting in an opportunity to develop additional lines of communication in so far as is logistically possible in he short time frame, but nevertheless, important in a wider sense to allow, on Oct 19th a worthwhile and reasoned discussion to ascertain the position, so far, reached in said former discussions and a clearer partway ahead, notwithstanding numerous challenges from issues arising. This is going to make for another exciting few days but this is what I predict is going to happen. Lets see if I am correct?

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    I’m not challenging what you say Phil but I would like to understand why there would be problems with supply if we have no deal. Do you know what specifically will change to cause such problems?

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    Ironically a British Company already Embodied and established in the minds of everyone may well have the solution.

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    Meeting underway in the Wirral. Will it be a game changer? Perhaps? Has Boris found a loophole in the Benn legislation? Just over 3 weeks to go.  Will we see a deal? Or will it be WTO? Importantly it’s possible the talks may fail.

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    my understanding is because these specialist meds have a very short shelf life which means the slightest delay will make them unstable and unusable, so I believe it’s the delays in the supply chain, not the lack of the chemicals to physically make them.
    Mine are injected once a week by myself and only have a 4 week shelf life.
    years ago I when on the older type meds I had to go into hospital once a month and have them drip fed, which caused bowel cancer, pancreatitis, an abnormal liver duct and heart disease. Oh and turned all my bodily fluids alumnus orange.

    Up till now I’ve been telling myself all will be fine it’s just scaremongering like food shortages and fuel rationing.

    I’ve got my next delivery on the 15th so a months worth after that and then…..?

    What ever the outcome it is what it is and pointing a finger will change nothing. Which reminds me my injections are due today.

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    Phil there is the middle ground where people do their best to estimate what will happen in the event of a no deal Brexit. They don’t have an agenda they are not part of “project fear” where everything Brexiteers don’t like goes into.

    No one knows what will happen in event of a no deal Brexit, thankfully we won’t have to find out as many good MPs are ensuring BJ and his right wing colleagues are thwarted in their efforts.

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    Whatever happens in the next 21 days, we will have a GE before the year’s out and then a new right wing government will be in power for the next 5 years.  Or does anyone think there is a left wing political party that could win a GE?

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    Very true Bri for that reason I tend not to read the tabloids. As i said if it was just prescription drugs the chemist stocks I like many others would think all will be fine.

    we’ve been told everything possible will be done and obviously I’m sure there are emergency plans and procedures in place, good job as I can’t stockpile these meds myself, they need using on a specific date, time frame, temperature etc.

    Having to change ones diet to what’s available is fine, finding alternative medicines is a bit trickier.

    I’m actually so fed up now with the B word I don’t even like to read it let alone say it. Fingers need to get taken out and something actually agreed.


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    Yes Phil it is grinding on but it has been a fascinating time – well I have found it so – and only time will tell what will happen.

    We are looking at a right wing government in England wigwam and to be fair I think that is what the English people want so who am I to disagree.

    For me, a proud Scot, with centrists/left political leanings,  it’s not what I want. It could be that BJ is the very person who tips the majority of Scots to vote for independence.

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    We are looking at a right wing government in the UK, Brydo.  There’s no chance of Scotland leaving the UK for the duration of the next parliament if ever.

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    You must have a crystal ball wigwam, we will see what happens. From my perspective I can’t see what BJ brings to the party. He is a liar a womaniser his intelligence levels are below that what should be expected for his position. To be fair to him I think he recognises this and surrounds himself with like minded intelligent people to take the pressure.

    Getting back to independence I don’t think the political differences between our two countries has ever been wider. If we don’t vote for independence in this situation I don’t think we ever will.

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    This is what happens when the PM gets on his soap box in the House of Commons and uses divisive language to his own ends.

    Even on this very forum we have seen the use of the word “traitors” used in relation to MPs on the other side of Brexit.

    Language like this should be unacceptable to those of us who want a more accepting society.

    A man who shouted “is this the fascist party offices?” outside a Labour MP’s office has been fined by magistrates.
    Police were called to a disturbance at Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips’ constituency office in Acocks Green, on 26 September.
    Michael Roby, 36, of Billesley, Birmingham, admitted a public order offence and was fined £40.
    Ms Phillips said she asked for “leniency because I want to meet him and hear what he has to say”.
    In a tweet after the case, Ms Phillips said: “This man is the same age as me, grew up streets away from me, I know people who know him.
    “I do not believe we cannot find common ground.”
    Roby admitted using threatening or abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard.
    The hearing was told he also shouted “why are you blocking democracy?” before kicking a wooden front door of the MP’s office.
    Magistrates also ordered Roby, who has lost his job as a warehouse worker, to pay £135 costs.
    The incident came a day after MPs accused Prime Minster Boris Johnson of using “dangerous language” during a heated debate in the Commons.

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    Options await MP’s following the PM’s meeting today. Of course acceptable language should be used on the forum but the poster advocating such has himself had posts removed for same reasons.

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    Fwippers do you mean me?

    You will need to refresh my memory as to what I have had removed?

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    Looks like we May have a deal, It May be all the hard work had been completed earlier. It May be that the numbers are there in parliament but it May be a lot of fuss over nothing.

    What ever happened to Mrs May’s deal.

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    May’s deal in a new wrapper?  In other words Brexit in name only? In other words the Brexit Party to the fore and Johnson finished?  Or just more fake news.

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    I fear Farage will be back again, telling us all it’s a white wash and it will be like ground hog day with clock starting back before 2016.

    I’m half Irish myself so I have an interest through family on both sides, but something makes me think a truck load of money is about to arrive from the U.K. tax payer to Dublin, for them to even think a deal is now possible.

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    Or a write-off of the £3.2 billion bank bailout money the UK lent Ireland?

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    It’s almost certainly May’s deal, what else can it be?

    Not really wigwam May’s deal brought a lot of what the English people have asked for. It May not be what you want but has it ever occurred to you that you May be a bit of an extremist lol ?

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    More than a million of your nationals voted for Brexit, Brydo and May’s deal would not have given it them.  I’m sure you don’t need reminding of facts.

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    As things now increase apace we shall be treated to news reports galore. It is anticipated higher level talks shall progress covering a range of topics, however, should these fail to deliver then a strong possibility is a departure on 31st October on WTO terms. Calculations will need to be made by political parties and whilst not reported widely the police and army are already on standby.

    If BJ wants an extension blocked by the EU all he needs to do is hand back the Dhekelia RAF base (or most of it)to the Cyprus government, “conditional” upon them blocking any extension. Then we would leave on WTO.

    If there is a fudged Brexit I feel we shall see the Brexit party doing rather well in any forthcoming election with Labour and the Tories slumping as the Lib Dems do a tad better.

    Today it is significant that we are seeing fewer interviews from politicians as reality is starting to bite, insofar as they cannot have their cake and eat it or have two bites of the cherry. I have an inkling that Boris has something up his sleeve, perhaps a legal escape from the Benn legislation?

    Finally it appears the EU unity is no more with some large cracks starting to appear, there is the illusion of unity. An exciting week ahead, more jiggery pokery, information and the usual barage of misinformation. Dont go anywhere!

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