Could Prime Minister Boris Johnson break up the UK?

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    The Scottish Conservative (and Unionist) party has enjoyed something of resurgence in recent years under the energetic leadership of Ruth Davidson.

    The party’s opponents are convinced that Boris Johnson as prime minister could put an end to all that – and could even put an end to the union between Scotland the rest of the UK.

    It’s true that Mr Johnson could hardly be more different from the down to earth, plain speaking and Remain-voting Ms Davidson. The two are not friends and have vehemently disagreed before.

    Some observers like to speculate that Boris will appear to Scottish voters to be the very epitome of the upper-class English ruling caste that Scots so dislike. But policy may well prove to be more important than personality.

    Mr Johnson appeared to have a weak grasp of the dynamics of devolution when he proposed tax changes that take no account of the fact that income tax rates in Scotland are set by the Scottish Parliament.

    But since then he has promised Scottish Tory MPs he will set up a “union unit” inside No 10 to check every policy. If he knows what he doesn’t know, then maybe he can avoid these gaffes as PM.

    It’s Brexit that may be his undoing, in so many ways. In Remain-voting Scotland, his problem is that the idea of a no deal Brexit is far less palatable than it is in the rest of the UK. The harder the Brexit Boris delivers, the more the Tory party in Scotland could suffer.

    If Prime Minister Johnson [he will officially take on the role this Wednesday] pursues a Brexit policy at odds with what most voters in Scotland would like to see, then it’s possible they may change their minds about whether remaining part of the UK is in their best interests. Some recent polling evidence suggests as many as 60% of voters could vote “yes” to independence if we leave the EU with no deal.

    In the end it may not be the precise details of any Brexit deal that stokes desire for independence – or indeed the character of any individual politician – but a sense that Scotland has different aspirations from the rest of the UK, which can’t be reconciled within the current union.

    If Mr Johnson wants to keep the kingdom united, he will need to take care not fan those flames.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
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    I refuse to be defined by Brexit!

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    Too late.

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    Ideally we should leave on WTO to harness the full benefits of brexit and respect the referendum result. It’s possible this will happen despite the recent events in parliament.

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    Mike 700

    It is indeed a matter of arithmetic Pops- clearly, but-

    Since the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, a vote of no confidence must be passed in a specific form in order to create the possibility of an early general election.

    Under the Act, if a motion of no confidence in the government is passed , the house must then adopt a vote of confidence in that same or, as some on here would clearly like, an alternative government” within 14 days, or a general election is held.

    But as defeat of a motion of no-confidence does not provide protection to the government in power for any specific length of time, the subsequent vote of confidence could come the next day?

    But, it is likely (if not absolutely clear) that even rabid Remainer MP’s would not like to face the public at this point in time, and may not support a vote, so might wish to hold on as long as possible eg 14 days, before taking any action, but, the nuclear option could be used ie. it is entirely possible that he could prorogue Parliament again!

    So, complicated as it all is, he could hold on for up to 14 more days ,from the first vote of no confidence, or of course, alternatively the Government could choose to resign of it’s own accord and trigger a General Election, or Resign and hand power to the opposition, without a general election – there is however no law which requires that the Government resigns.

    The Act contains no provision regulating motions of confidence generally and it says nothing about whether or when a Government should resign in
    response to such votes.

    One of the most central rules of the unwritten constitution is that the Queen must have the benefit of ministerial advice.

    Resignation by the PM would require that a new PM be chosen to form a new government – but who and from where?

    It could , as you indicate, become a matter of numbers, and Corbyn would not command enough support, if he indeed survives the Conference?

    Corbyn’s For the many not the few , is extremely hypocritical in that the few Remainers in the Parliamentary Labour Party are ignoring the many leavers in the Country!

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    Excellent point “for the many”. I do recall Corbyn & others bemoaning that BJ was PM with just 94oo0 votes yet he declines an election. Strange, or does he believe Labour will be annihilated north of Potters Bar? The whole Brexit debate within political circles is reminiscent of an ill tempered football game with both sides trying to cheat but believing they can do whatever is necessary to win the game but calling out their opponents on everything.

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    Just my opinion but the only reason the cross party opposition would call for a vote of no confidence would be if they had pre arranged to support a cross party executive with a fixed term leader. This would allow a practically seamless transition without a GE. The fixed term parliament would leave the conservatives with a large voting minority (purely of their own making) until 2022. If the coalition kept their eyes firmly on a well drafted deal, they could then hold a second referendum putting two options to the country …. Accept leave document, or repeal article 50.

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    In practice, the only person who can call for a vote of no confidence and get parliamentary time to debate it is Corbyn.  Would Labour be persuaded of a such a crossparty deal? Would the Libdems, given they are now firmly for remain ?  Could the fixed term leader be prevented from extending his/her term?   I can’t see any of it.

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    If I were Corbyn I would do almost anything, including stepping aside, to get a cross party coalition running the country. No matter the circumstances, otherwise labour will take a pounding at the next election. A crossparty government could see revoking A50/peoples referendum through the commons reasonably comfortably.

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    My friends are all socialists and labour party members and they say he is the poorest labour leader in years he just sits on the fence

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    In my view it’s inevitable Labour will take a pounding.  There is no talent whatever in the Corbynite wing of the Parliamentary Party.  It will take an election defeat  to clear out the Corbynite MPs and Momentum influence.  Only then can the Party be rebuilt.

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    Boris Johnson refuses to address conflict of interest claims

    Boris Johnson has refused six times to address claims he failed to declare a potential conflict of interest in how money was given to a US businesswoman while he was London mayor.

    The Sunday Times said Jennifer Arcuri joined trade missions he led and was given £126,000 in public money.

    She told the paper it was part of her role as a legitimate businesswoman.

    However, pressed by journalists on a trip to New York, the now-prime minister refused to comment.

    Labour has said Mr Johnson must give a full account of his actions.

    Johnson ‘must address conflict of interest claims’
    The newspaper claimed Ms Arcuri moved back to the US in June 2018, but her latest company won a £100,000 grant intended for “English-based” businesses earlier this year.

    The Sunday Times said it had found the registered address on the grant application form was a rented house in the UK and no longer connected to her.

    The government has confirmed to the BBC it is investigating, but said the funds were awarded to a UK-registered company.

    The Sunday Times also claimed one of Ms Arcuri’s businesses received £10,000 and £1,500 in sponsorship money from a mayoral organisation when Mr Johnson was in office, and a £15,000 government grant for foreign entrepreneurs to build businesses in Britain.

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    Labour are struggling to organise a few days at the seaside. Not sure how they would cope with running the country!

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    Which Mobility Car


    Please don’t post pictures of the former model, Mike will explode. I can’t believe these accusations, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson seems such an honourable guy, what’s more he was happily married at the time.

    ‘Ms Arcuri was said to have a chrome dancing pole in her flat in Shoreditch, east London, where the mayor was a visitor.’

    ‘Ms Arcuri received more than £100,000 in public funds and she had joined trade missions led by the then London Mayor’

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    Having Googled pics of Jennifer Arcuri (just don’t look, Mike), I’m going to say he did.  But of course the monies were legitimately regarding her business and in no way etc etc!

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    As long as he gets Brexit sorted he’s fine.

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    Very nice indeed please don’t take photo off it isn’t rude

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    Imho I would rate Jennifer as nice as Louise minchin and carol kirkwood who was back today on bbc breakfast

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    So, Labour is going into a GE with a policy of only deciding what their position is on Brexit once they’ve won. That’ll work…

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    I have read all about Jennifer online and after much research I have came to the conclusion she may indeed be a Jezebel

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    Supreme Court ruling at 10.30.

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    Mike I defer to your expertise in this area.

    Whats happened to the magnum part of your name?

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    How do you think it will go fwipperie?

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    sorry video is too long

    Boris lost



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    Which Mobility Car

    With Parliament in recess for the conference season – what does this actually mean?

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