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    this has happened 2-3 times now, I’ll see cars that aren’t on the scheme, the all space, Kodiaq, xc40 (when they weren’t) just before the quarter is about to end parked with blue badges

    yes it could be a private lease and they’re parked with the badge holder or someone who has a blue badge could get it for themselves there’s loads of other possibilities

    BUT! It’s always at the end of the quarter then when the new one starts those cars (Tiguan allspace/Kodiaq/xc40) all make it on the scheme. This times I’m seeing so many 69 plate Audi q3s with blue badges, just seen FIVE today, if it comes on the scheme January 1st then I really believe there’s a way dealers are giving cars that aren’t on the scheme just before they join


    or I’m over thinking it loool

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    ‘or I’m over thinking it loool ’ – yes you are

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    Private lease are becoming more affordable and factor in the business users for those that are still able to work and those that need adaptions that can claim the VAT back on the purchase then you factor in around another 1million people are eligible for the scheme but don’t use it, then the ones that can get a blue badge but not necessarily eligible to the scheme, then the cars in the disabled bays way out number the 600,000 scheme Cars out there.

    A Lamborghini is probably the funniest car I’ve seen in a Bay and my favourite a Hearst type limo with 5 Nuns in it. Both at the end of a quarter but I’m not expecting them to come on Q1 lol (said in Humour)

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    Lol if only! 🤣

    was at Tesco yesterday and big shiney full size Range Rover was parked in the disabled bay next to me , complete with blue badge, made my car look like a Kids push car 😭🤣


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    Parked next to a pale gold Jag at Sainsbury’s, yesterday.  Very pretty.

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    the most unexpected car ive seen in a disabled bay was a huge american 1950’s (i think) convertible it was almost twice as long as my car a c3 at the time i think. looked very odd.

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    These top spec cars that are not on Motability and have Blue Badges displayed should be made to display a sign that says “This is not a Motability car” to put the minds at rest of Daily Mail readers. 😁

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    Or it could be a disabled blue badge holder with a company car or a big wallet

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Like i said there’s loads of possibilities but I just find it weird how it always happens just before they’re added onto the scheme, not talking about cars like lambos etc even tho I’ve seen bentleys / model xs on disabled bays (again nothing wrong with that if the badge is used correctly) just a little thought that came up, if the q3 does join the scheme next month then conspiracy confirmed 🤪😂

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    I wasn’t suggesting there was anything wrong with having a Jag and a Blue Badge – just that it was a very nice car.  The lady passenger was a wheelchair user – she and her hubby arrived just after I parked.

    I do wish J-LR was on Motability, but I know from past discussions that it’s not going to happen any time soon.

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    Like JS said there’s loads of people who don’t use motability even tho they’re entitled to it and adding better cars / removing the cap especially for jag (British cars) will only help our economy create more jobs etc but that’s a whole other discussion. Would love the new year to start with big changes to caps but motability, like any other big company, take forever to make changes as in their eyes everything is running smoothly

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    Yeah, just like the top brass at BHS, etc, etc, etc, don’t see the cliff coming until they’re in freefall!

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