Congestion charge extended in London potentially

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    trying to post the article but it won’t let me, anyway if you just google London congestion it’ll come up.

    of course this doesn’t effect us motability car drivers / our normals cars as we could make them exempt but still so sad for many people, first the road closures, then the 24/7 bus lanes, now this, oh and the no free travel for u18s who study

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    Yep they cause more congestion so they can then put in more restrictions and all is part of Un directives and the uks plans to meet them.. luckily i moved outta london 20 years ago but my mum still live in camden and all my 3 brothers have had to move out of that area due to house prices, so now it will cost all 3 of them to go and see her. it’s crazy but the car is seen as a cash cow what will happen when they get there wish and stop everyone owning one.. cycle tax is pure jokes what they are doing to the roads in london and have been doing for years that i know of..

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    I wonder how long it will be until the zone is anywhere inside the M25.

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    I really hope this doesn’t happen

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    Congestion in London is hardly a new thing, it’s the reason the original Underground routes were built, why cities were rebuilt with wider roads over the centuries, etc.


    What we have in London is a mixing of two different political bandwagons, congestion (the number of vehicles/pedestrians/etc) and pollution (emissions from vehicles/homes/etc).


    The solution to congestion is simply not to live & work so close together, COVID is providing an extra incentive with this, contraception is another solution.

    The solution with pollution is the EV, cleaner fuels in homes, banning BBQs etc.

    Legislation & taxation are merely extra tools to nudge people into making better decisions.



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    Yeah but ev’s cause congestion as well, so the end game is no cars that anyone owns, no houses than anyone owns, as most cannot afford to own them.. they will be shipping in the cleaners soon.

    Look at the heigate in elephant and castle, social housing levelled to make way for gated communties with apartments starting at 750k location location location.. it cost them 25m to do it, the council got 50m for the land and the next day it was worth 1 billion.. plus what the ones who’d bought there flat got was not enough to buy anything in that area and were displaced from the area they was born and bred in..Then on they roll to the next area..

    I can tell your a scientist as you have no clue of the actual effect on soceity of half of the measure you are crying out for and condone.. On the other hand i see what is going on as i lived in the streets talkng to the people these policies effect on a daily basis, the poorest in society who clearly need to be shown how to make better descions and that’s the job of others yeah, who know so much more and are educated to the highest level.. whatever it’s all a scam, social engineering and we could debate it all all day, everyday and never agree.

    Ban bbq’s what next ban the stuff you put on the bbq to cook.. Ban heating to keep us warm in the winter.. ban humans from brething if you deem they not worthy.

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    Ah Rox, the EV is a potential solution to pollution, not congestion, the EV motorcycle is a step towards both, it’s about taking what steps you can to alleviate a part of the problem. As for being able to charge an EV in a high population area, well that’s yet another problem to be addressed. The real criminality is disabled people funding an Underground system that has only a couple of fully wheelchair accessible stations.

    The Heygate, yes, I remember passing through that area for years & thinking that the post WWII housing was a cheap stop-gap solution that would eventually need to be addressed. Before that though, the slums that were bombed out and the early 20th century social housing estates of which many remain & are still considered quite good housing, go back further to the slums with the tanneries & everyone working from home in the Victorian era. Surrey was so cheap compared to London, yet that area was a little swampy. I’m very aware of my family’s history and my own in that area, we all left a long time ago, as we had left the Covent Garden area & Seven Dials before that, and on my mother’s side, Bethnal Green. I left New Cross in 1987 & I’m not going back. Through hard work & education we improved our lives.

    Change is the only Constant, embrace it or go extinct.


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    Gothitjulie what are you talking about.

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    I’ve lived in London all my life, so have many previous generations of my family, Londoners know this congestion charge was introduced to make money, anyone inside the zone needing delivery or any works carried out is paying the cost as it’s just added to quotes.
    Plus as it actually made congestion worse in all areas surrounding it because the entry point and exit are bottle necks with emission levels at record highs year after year.
    As for the proposed extension, it’s been on the cards for the last 10 years because it’s such a cash cow and we know TFL are bleeding money due to covid so need massive bailouts to keep running a decent service.
    So far it’s been rejected and long may that continue.

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    Your right on the money there Phil, pardon the pun.

    The last 20 years of my 37 working years in the construction trade was estimating cost of works and whenever we put forward costing for anything within 10 miles from London city centre we would add at least 30% to 50% to the figure that our computers would compute so a £250,000 would be £400,000 to £500,000.

    We never wanted work in London anyway, if we could help it, as its just too much trouble but believe it or not we still use to win jobs there so had plenty of money in the pocket for any chargers they throw at us but you can see another reason why London is made so expensive to live there.

    That said, the centre of most cities are getting this way no matter where and I’ve always use to make a joke about parking charges, congestion charges and the cost of a gallon all comes out in the cost of a loaf of bread.😊

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