Confused. Can I change wav they’ve recommended

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      Hi I’ve got my grant through for a wav. They’ve put down on grant letter a Citroen spacetourer would suit me. But I’ve sat and drove a spacetourer  because my daughters friend also has the exact same wav.

      I didn’t like it and it felt horrible.
      So my question is do I after have the wav they’ve put on letter or could I change it to a different wav eg Ford tourney connect.
      I would be prepared to make up any difference in advance payment.
      Getting really stressed because keep getting different stories from mobility.

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        I would give them a ring asap and tell them how you feel



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          You can add upto 50% of the value of your award yourself.


            Hi I have phoned but I keep getting different answers and it’s takes a long time to get through and I’m not very good on phone.


              Bluewave I’ve found the live chat very, very good when dealing with motabillity. I can’t see a problem with ordering something else as when it comes to cars the grant is for a specific type of car and not the brand, model.

              Any awards I’ve seen have been for example a large SUV with x y and z to help you live with the car. So I don’t see why a wav would be different as long as it’s similar in size and has the same or very similar specs.

              I know someone who was awarded a grant for a large SUV with power tailgate, heated seats and steering wheel as this would make having the car a better experience? And were told seat ateca or something but went and ordered a very similar size spec Tiguan and it was fine.

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