Competition Needed For Motability

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    If there was another company that leased cars to disabled people with all the same stuff motablility do RAC tires mileage insurance ect then it might drive the advance payments down and maybe bring on more cars, also allow us to pick the one that does the best deal, the what we do all with everything else in life, and stop motability have the monopoly,

    or am i just dreaming

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    I am very happy with my motabillity cars, but they do make huge profits.

    So I think a bit of competition would perhaps create some better deals and I cant see any downside to that.

    Just because its a good deal doesnt mean it couldnt be better.


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    I think a strict set of rules would help, guidelines with regards to profit, bonuses and perks would be first on the list.

    Its all about getting the best deal possible for all customers but particularly those who need it most.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I’m sure if a legitimate company who could guarantee continued service and standards for the customer came forward it would be allowed, most assume Motability Operations have it all thier own way. With the uncertainty of vehicle resale prices in a years time let alone 3 years even if they opened the doors to any partential rival company not many CEO’s would be able to convince any Board of executives that it’s a good idea to spend 350million every month on stock with the only guarantee payment of 5.3million back in rental and as part of that rental the company also have to cover everything apart from fuel, and then be at the mercy of a ever changing economy as to the worth of the stock owned by the company. The Idea and the CEO would be thrown out before they even got to labour costs.

    If my neighbor said to me go to any dealership and pick any car upto the value of £30,000 and he will pay for everything required to run that vehicle and all he asked in return is I pay for the fuel required and pay him 5% down payment of the OTR price and then £9,500 over 3 years, I don’t care how he does it or how much he makes out of the deal, I’m going to jolly we’ll shake his hand and trundle of to the nearest dealership. 18 months in and he has already collected my car and took it for a service and even cleaned it for me and is just about to replace the two front tyres and not once asked for a pennie more than the deal we shook on, but now on top of that he has noticed I keep the car in good condition so has now promised to give me £600 back at the end of the 3 years and will let me go and pick another new car on the same terms.

    my other neighbors thinks he’s mad because none of those could or was willing to do that for Me!

    i think my neighbor is Great.

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    Top post JS.

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    Wasn’t there a time in the early 80’s when it was fragmented? When you could only get a Lada, or a Yugo, or a Proton. Didn’t Ford start to lease direct?

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    Once you prove to DWP that you are entitled to PIP and they award you a sum of money, that money becomes yours, end of.

    Just like Politicians who get paid a wage out of the public purse once they receive their monthly pay (not expenses) it is no longer tax payers money but the MP’s. All members (800 of them) in the House of Lords can claim £300 a day in much the same way as we receive PIP but not one of them would regard it as tax payers money once it is in their bank account. The phrases like tax payers subsidise housing (people that rent social housing), tax payers subsidise car scheme (people who use Motability), tax payers subsidise wages (people who work and claim tax credit) etc, have all been used by The Daily Mail and Express who’s readers have no compassion or consideration for others who are less fortunate. I have no problem claiming money which I am entitled to and calling it mine to do with as I please because that is exactly what it is MINE

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    Dougie B

    As do I. But that money still comes from the public purse which is finite.

    Why do you think austerity was imposed? Because more money was going out than coming in. It’s basic budgeting.  Something had to give eventually or you go broke.

    We are given help towards transport and for most of us, the best use of that money is to hand it to Motability. I certainly believe that which is why I do it.

    However, if you don’t think it provides value for money, don’t use it then complain because they make a profit and start claiming that they should start giving you some of that money back. If you feel like that, put your money elsewhere.









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    Austerity was imposed to try and cut private borrowing not the tax deficit.

    We take in far more in taxes then is paid out in pip, esa or all other benefits, we are a rich country.

    Mp’s and ministers borrow money as they have stakes in the banks so will earn from it, so it will keep happening.

    I don’t see many people becoming millionaires from pip or benefits.

    But plenty of MP’s do from shares and back handlers from banks.

    Anyway If another neighbour came along who could offer an even better deal with the same cover I’d go with him/her.

    As long as the car they offered suited me.

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    Dougie B, your argument has turned the original posters “monopoly”  into a PIP is tax payers money issue and as far as I’m concerned once I receive my PIP it is no longer tax payers money but mine.

    Austerity has nothing to do with my entitlement to PIP.

    If your employer pays a wage into your bank account when does it cease to be his money and become yours?

    If you pay for your groceries are you paying Tescos with your employers money or yours?

    The point is when a person receives their PIP money it is theirs and not the tax payer .


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    Why mention tax payer at all?

    It has nothing to do with getting a car on Motability.

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    The most offensive thing is implying pip is tax payers money.

    We are tax payers, everything we buy is taxed. We have no choice in paying.

    It sounds like the implication is we are scroungers who should be grateful for anything tax payers feel like giving us.

    (Doffing my cap)

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    I think we all agree and appreciate the principle and theory of Motability and I think the problem with competition is that if Motability’s share of the market was watered down and spread about to create competition, then they would not have the bargaining power to negotiate as good deals from the manufacturers as they can at present. Nor would any other competitor who won a contract, without that contract being a monopoly, which in turn empowers them to negotiate as good or better deals from the manufactures.

    However this does not in any way excuse the greed and abuse of power over their customers that Motability Operations have systematically carried out over recent years. The absurdly high profits and wages to the top management team, does not come from the resale of our cars, it comes from overcharging (compared to what they could have charged) us, the very people that Motability was set up to help and get the best deals for. Although they do get a better selling price if we add extras to our car and keep the millage low. The condition of the car will be balanced out by giving or not giving the Good Condition Bonus.

    I do appreciate that there are many disabled and their non disabled drivers, who are able to get a car through Motability with a low AP or no deposit, which suits there needs and I am genuinely very happy for them, however there are also the more disabled among-st us who have struggled to find a suitable car and can only find a suitable car by having to pay an unnecessarily high AP, which was not at all necessary if Motability Operations would have just directed their profits to ease the burden of the people that they were set up to help.

    I don’t appreciate the views of the people who say if you don’t like it, well simply go else ware, Motability were not set up and do not have a monopoly for people like me to simply be told to go else ware. I do not pay a high AP because I want a fancy car with a premium badge on it, I pay a high, over inflated AP because I have disabled needs which can only be met by having to pay a high AP.

    Also I think when we are talking about the poor taxpayer, having to fund us, I think it is worth pointing out that it is not only people who are working pay taxes, or people like me, who have worked for a good number of years and no longer work but still pay income tax. We are all paying tax as taxpayers (excluding nudists who only eat vegetables), we all pay Vat and if we have a car we also pay fuel duties. In 2017-2018 Income Tax raised 25%, National Insurance Contributions (no longer a separate ring fenced charge going to the National Health and Welfare, but income lumped in to all taxes), raised 19%, Vat 18% and Fuel Duties 4% of all taxes.

    Thanks for reading my wee rant and I hope I did not offend anybody else who does not share my views. All views are respected.

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    Taxpayers money! my arse! It’s not a benefit nor is it just handed out to scroungers(ask anybody who’s had to jump through dozens of hoops with the PIP reassessment.

    I paid my taxes for years and never once though that the disabled should be grateful for anything they get because after all it’s my “taxpayers money” they’re getting!

    If you have to use the NHS for any kind of treatment(and most disabled folk do) are you happy with the huge queues and ludicrous waiting lists up to and over a year for surgical procedures because after all it’s funded by the taxpayer?

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    Dougie B

    PIP, just like DLA, WPMS and every other kind of benefit is paid for out of the public purse.

    That purse is filled by, and owned by, the taxpayer.

    Ergo, every single penny paid out to individuals, corporations, companies, charities, the EU, etc, etc is by  definition, tax payers money.

    We are all taxpayers. Indeed I dread to think how much tax I’ve paid over the years but I am grateful for every penny I’m getting back. Sadly, too many people are only interested in how much they can sponge out of the public purse whilst being only too willing to moan about the austerity that they are partially fuelling.


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    Mike 700

    Motability is a stand alone organisation, owned by four banks, & funded by a variety of sources such as the resale of vehicles on the scheme, issuing of bonds etc .etc ., and significantly, irrespective of the impression given by the Daily Mail, it does not receive any direct funding from the Government / tax payer, however, it does receive some £900 million a year indirectly via Tax breaks.

    It has been accused of hoarding a fortune from Benefit cheques, but this is a blatant disregard of the truth, in that the Mobility benefits are granted to the disabled to assist them with their lack of mobility, which they receive WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE A MOTABILITY VEHICLE, in other words it is theirs and they can choose how to spend it how they please, including on a MOTABILITY VEHICLE

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    There’s also the fact that austerity was imposed to bail out the bankers and other financial institutions who had been on the fiddle all over the world for many years to the tune of trillions. Biggest benefits payout in history, and nothing much has changed for them.


    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Mota cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    I must be in the wrong gallery. I seem to be looking at a different picture to everyone else. And I can’t find the one with the naked vegetarian anywhere.

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    Duggie we aren’t creating austerity at all. No idea why you would think that?

    If that were the case the government would close pip and the scheme tomorrow.

    I qualify for help and without it life would be harder. But grateful is the wrong word. I’d much rather not need it and be made healthy again, then I’d be grateful.

    We cant all have the same opinions, that I respect, but the implication we should some how all feel like we are a burden on the country and other tax payers and should all be grateful is just wrong.

    I choose how or what I spend pip on and don’t feel grateful to anyone when I do.

    It doesn’t matter either way but i still work and pay income tax, I have done since I was 15 some 50 plus years  later.

    Then I have 4 kids, we brought up who all also pay a lot in taxes.



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    Dougie B, I’m coming close to removing your posts from this thread. Your initial posts clearly stated your views on the subject. The rest are frankly confrontational.

    You appear to be an intelligent individual, so you know the upset your comments are causing to a lot of disabled posters.

    As I’ve already said, you’ve made your point of view plain. Please refrain from winding up a lot of genuine posters who are struggling on a daily basis with there problems.

    Thank you.

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    ive been looking at the ap’s for the top end on an auto search list and not suprisingly the volvo x 40  is way up there but i dont see how the ap can be described as over inflated when the basic otr price is £33635.00.

    so an ap of £3749 or £2647 wpms seems reasonable to me unless i am missing something.

    one things for sure motability should not be subsidising the cost. unless its by way of a grant through the charity for someone that has specific needs that means they need a volvo over a seat or skoda.

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    Well done pop, I can’t understand how or why anyone would come on here and imply we are sinking the country or are spongers, just because someone has the opinion Motability should have competition?

    Far from it most of us will spend our money and not stash it away under our mattresses so most of what we receive we all pay back in taxes.

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    There’s also the fact that austerity was imposed to bail out the bankers and other financial institutions who had been on the fiddle all over the world for many years to the tune of trillions. Biggest benefits payout in history, and nothing much has changed for them. /rant

    Amen To that.

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    I am more than happy with Motability, I had a puncture fixed no problem, battery failed changed free of charge within 2 hours, comes back from servicing washed and hovered out, at the end of the lease hopefully a £600 bonus, not forgetting free insurance. And every 3 years hopefully I can have another nice new one.

    I have purchased over the years 12/18 month old car only to loose money through depreciation and running cost. No thanks I will stick with Motability, its may not be perfect, but I promise you  it not that bad.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Heh heh heh, well that went down hill fast, I had to go do something else before I got myself banned!


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    I came back to see if anyone had commented on my post and was surprise to see so many.

    I am extremely grateful for being able to pay for a motability car with my PIP and grateful for all the extra services ect that come with a motability car without witch i would be house bound.

    it was a very interesting read , there has been lots of comments, opinions, some off topic but never the less interesting, it was good to see what other peoples thoughts on the subject

    i do think that we all struggle with our disablity or ilness ect in someway or another, & pip and motability do help a bit allowing a bit of freedom ,

    i do hear lots of people saying a lot , It must be great being disabled , and getting a free car and pay nothing for it and being able to park where you want for free,,, yes its great being disabled


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