Claims history from RSAM time limited to 1st September.

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      The way I read this from Motability site.

      If you need a letter with your no claims, or insurance history using RSAM, you will have to request this BEFORE 1st September.

      If you were to leave the scheme, you will need these details. I guess once you leave the scheme you are persona non grata and cant access Motability,  any insurance stuff?

      From motability:

      Can I still get a claims history letter?
      Yes – until 1 September 2023 please contact RSAM. They can give you this for you or a named driver. After 1 September 2023, please contact DLM instead.




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        I will be requesting proof of no claims history from RSA towards the end of next month, just in case claims history isn’t carried over to DLM.

        I’d rather have a copy of claims history from when we first joined, rather than switch to DLM and in the event choose to leave the scheme and only receive a few of years history from DLM 🙂


          Does anyone know if proof of no claims was carried over to DLM or was it lost with the change from RSA?


            I requested a claims history letter not long after Motability announced the changeover, and nothing.

            I did not get my claims history letter.

            Maybe others did get their history letter??


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