Citroen Spacetourer Grand C4 Auto

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    Hello All ?

    A big thanks to everyone…especially Trev and JS for previous help with my Tiguan Order which I reluctantly cancelled but the experience spoilt the VW for me…hence a complete change…

    Being a Technology ? Geek I’ve gone for the Citroen C4 Grand Spacetourer 1.6 diesel Auto Flair model…

    Its stretching me a bit financially because I’ve added Adaptive Cruise Control pack which takes it over the 3k AP ?

    Ive researched the car and it’s mostly favourable reviews apart from some comments about poor headlights…

    Does anyone have experience or opinion about this ? Or the car in general ? I’d welcome ? your comments ?

    Thanks in advance and Regards to All SD ?

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    Well done SD, so which colour and when is the estimated delivery?

    @abercol has had a couple of C4 Grands, including the Flair as he notes here –

    I’ve tagged him, so hopefully he’ll get notification of your post and come along with some more detailed feedback for you.

    Again, please keep us updated and i’m sure everything will progress for you nicely now.

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    i had a c4 grand prior to my current car at the time the ap as i am wpms was only £614 for the fully loaded top of the range and as i was having to carry loads of kit at the time as it was the 7 seater and the load bay was totally flat with the seats down it was like having a van. i loved it and extended the lease. i only really changed because my circumstances changed and no longer needed the load space. whilst the specs have no doubt changed a bit i thought it was an excellant vehicle and had no issues in 4 years. as it had only done 12k over the 4 years someone ended up with a bargain. i was very impressed with it.

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    Mr P

    I had a C4 Grand Picasso, 4 years ago before exchanging to a Volvo XC60. At the time the C4 was horrendous at dealing with steep hills. Every time it would struggle and I would have to drop into first gear to get it to respond. I believe they have made the vehicle lighter and with new engines and gear boxes, hopefully you won’t have that problem.

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    Hello to All and many thanks for your replies…

    I’ve gone for the Cumulus Grey (silver ? ) and been told that factory build Order is expected around the end of May ?…

    It’s a shot in the dark for me as I’ve always had AWD “SUV” type cars but I liked the panoramic screen and centralised dash etc…

    At over £3k I’m hoping it will be a good vehicle ? as for the same money I could have had a Kodiaq…but on initial approach to the Skoda dealership the Motability chap wasn’t available but I could ring him the next day .. after giving him some settling in time..,?

    Rang at 10.00 told he was with a customer and would ring me back…

    I rang at 1230 to be told he’s on a test drive and would ring me back.. Well…after all the problems with the VW guy, I thought sod this…and went to Citroen Showroom…fell for the C4 GS Flair model and received a warm welcome and a lovely cup of tea…

    My story hasn’t ended yet though.. after cancellation of Tiguan…It was still showing as an Active Order when I was sat in the Citroen Showroom…?

    After almost 2 weeks of promises of a refund…the Motability Dealer at VW leaves a message to say that he must have gotten a Card digit wrong because he can’t refund my card…? and would I call and give my card number..expiry date…and SECURITY CODES to their reception desk who will pass them onto him… and he will refund then..

    I was already wondering what planet this guy was on ?

    Anyway…back to Citroen…I hope that it turns out to be a good motor…I’ve had easier times buying houses and getting mortgages lol

    Sorry for banging on but wanted to let you know how things were ?

    Trev… ? a £20 commitment to Virgin money for your brilliant charity MIND ?

    Regards to all on the Forum…Stardream

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    Well done stardream, I’m sure your be happy with your choice, it sounds like you’ve got the measure of the salesman, however if you could just email him your mothers maiden name and name of your first pet too that should just about cover it, lol (obviously joking) I would bypass the salesperson and ask for the sales manager ring them Monday so they can’t use Sunday as an excuse ask for an immediate refund or if it’s close anough call in and have them do it there and then. Just going on customer service you’re recieved so far I’m sure it must feel as a relief to of cancelled, I hope everything goes well with Citroen.

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    Stardream. So close to getting the best SUV on the scheme, and settling for a French built motor!!

    All because of a lousy Skoda salesman…..Makes your heart sink LOL!!!!

    Seriously, hope it all goes well.

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    Thank you SD that is most kind, I appreciate your support.

    I take it the VW order was finally cancelled and the C4 order has been placed?

    If not, call motability and they will cancel it from their end.

    Likewise with the refund issue, i would no longer deal with these monkey’s – I would contact motability and make a complaint asking them to intervene – there is no excuse for them not to refund that money immediately. If a complaint is raised with motability about a dealer, and is upheld, the dealer will receive a penalty adjustment of at least £100…. so you see that should kick them in to gear pretty sharp’ish.

    Wishing you a pleasant, stress free process with Citroen SD, as always, keep us updated.

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    We loved our Grand C4 Picasso, only changed because the Alhambra was a better price on the scheme.

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    I almost went for the C4 but at the time they were changing names/models and was told it would be months b4 I could get one so went for the alhambra, wish now I had waited, lovely car, full of tech and they do have a certain style to them. Great choice, probably the best diesel engine on the market at the mo.

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    I saw the Aber signal….Fame at Last!!

    I have had two C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 HDi auto’s. Ran the new shape one for 76,000 miles. Great cars, both built very well with an excellent finish and loads of toys. My local dealer in Montrose was excellent, always helpful, never a queue to book the car in and very rarely left me without a courtesy car (manual C3 or DS3’s usually, but did take an auto Ssangyong Turismo for a day once & a Berlingo van when they had overbooked – no bother to me, as I just needed to do the 84 mile round trip to work).

    The 1.6 diesel engine is in many ways, the sweet spot for the range. Plenty of power provided you are willing to floor it. Obviously not as rapid as a 2.0 but perfect for 90% of your driving. The other bonus is that you will get more mpg out of it. I was getting between 48-50mpg and not in the slow lane, my 2.0 S-Max gives 41-2mpg driven the same way. The auto box is lovely, no hesitation or issues in stop start traffic, needs a firm prod for full kickdown but more and more cars are the same as they chase emissions/fuel economy. Its a lot better than the old EGS which required driving around its issues & could cause heart palpitations on roundabouts if it suddenly decided that it needed first gear.

    Very comfy on the road, wafts along and rides over potholes/bumps very well. Lovely comfy seats that to be fair, need a bit more side bolster support, but thats only when you are getting a bit keen on the road. The suspension also does not like very rapid backroads/tight A road work where the soft nature soon has the car well out of its depth – back off to 8/10ths and all is well. Easy to park as the turning circle is like a black cab and the visibility is excellent. Even the front tyres lasted 39,000 miles, a record for me!

    The infotainment was good, the touchscreen is no issue once you are used to it & it is easier to reach on the move & has bigger virtual buttons than the Ford one I have now. The cruise and resume switches fall easy to hand on the steering wheel and the blind spot monitoring is genuinely useful. The electric boot is a little slow, but opened and closed with less noise than the S-Max and did not open again spontaneously as you walked away from the car (3 times now Ford….Grrr). The massage seats were a total waste of space  – I’d far rather have had heated seats. My wife used the electric footrest on long journeys & liked it, but again, more of a gimmick as most journeys are too short for that to be needed.

    You mentioned the headlights, I did not find them weak, although they did need adjusting down a little as they were set too high – so weak in front of the car, but dazzling oncoming traffic. Used a lot here in dark Scotland and no issues really. I am not a fan of fog lights, so only used them once or twice when it was truly pea soup.

    Size wise it is pretty much on par with my S-Max, but roomier in the third row. Loads of space everywhere, you soon get used to it, made me think the Kodiaq was a bit cramped! Loved the extra tall windscreen, glass roof & brilliant visibility – less blind spots than the S-Max due to the well designed A pillars. Finish was very good overall, but I did have an issue with the paint on the front bumper – I suspect it was damaged in transit and not repaired properly. Equally I had a broken wheel arch liner – again the dealer refused to fix it under warranty, so left it wedged with a rubber strip to stop it rattling and it went 70,000 miles like that so maybe not that big a deal. I later found them £35 secondhand so would replace it myself now as its just a handful of screws/tabs holding it on.

    No trim rattles or issues over 76,000 miles, nothing in the interior broke or got worn/baggy & everything still worked as it did when it went to the dealers. The engine had one problem at around 60,000 miles – it snapped the alternator belt, not the spindly thing they once were, it is a massive thing going over about 6 pulleys. Sorted in 3 days and had a Quashqai supplied by Motability so no big deal (except my wife and I could not wait to hand it back – awful thing).

    To sum up, I’d call it super smooth and stress free.


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    ? Hello All

    Thank you all for your comments and support…especially Abercol who wrote such a detailed reply…thank you so very much…

    The more I read your collective comments about the C4 Grand STourer the happier I feel about it being a good choice…

    That confidence has been inspired by the responses written and referenced experiences…

    I will keep you updated re the vehicle delivery etc…

    Thanks again… regards to you all…SD ?

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    my wife and I were expecting delivery of a grand c4 spacetourer puretech feel auto last week through the motability scheme but were contacted by the dealership last week stating there is a gearbox problem with this model and we were now looking at a delivery estimate of june or july 2019

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    Hi Steve ?

    Thanks for your comments…

    When I ordered end January I was told end of May or even June…because mine was a factory build order as I’d asked for a pack 4 (Adaptive Cruise etc) to go on it which had to be ordered and built…hence the long lead in time…but it’s possible your information is more accurate… and so the Saga continues ? good luck with your motor when you get it ?

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    hi stardream, many thanks for your reply,we originally ordered the car late October/early November,payed partial deposit upfront as requested,we have contacted citreon directly to confirm issues with gearbox and are still awaiting reply to confirm dealerships explanation of gearbox problems. we are not very confident that this will be resolved in the near future.we have become aware that some Peugeots can take up to 9 months from order to point of delivery, lets hope our new cars are up and running before that length of the best of our knowledge we were led to believe this engine problem is a universal one in this particular engine.kind regards steve

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