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    Mr P

    C5 Aircross due to be launched in UK from 8th February, I emailed local dealer for a test drive. They are still awaiting delivery of demo car. I asked for a 24 hr test drive, is this possible on Motobility?

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    Wheel chair folded should fit the seats slid forward

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    Drove and ordered one yesterday. Cabin does not have wow factor. Not the impact that the 5008 has on stepping in, but then it’s about 1.5k cheaper and unless you really need 7 seats not as well specced, ie Citroen has dash cam and every other extra known to man. Electric seats very adjustable, they go back a really long way and the door has a cutout to allow easier entry. Switches for electric seat are very accessible too.  Plenty of adjustment on steering wheel rake and reach. Steering is extremely light, which suits me but won’t suit every one.  makes the car super maneuverable but could be a pain on long distance motorway runs.

    It’s a very nice, well put together and thought out practical  car, seats take a while to get used to, very broad and thick and get more comfortable as they  warm up, guess that’s the memory foam. Ordered with Grip control will give a smoother ride as wheels are smaller on flair plus with grip control. The much trumpeted supple and smooth ride is noticeable, you won’t find a more comfortable ride outside of the Bentley and Rolls et al.

    I didn’t really like the seat trim, seemed very calico/hassian/jute like in places. And the leather smells like fake, even BMW do that now so Citroen not alone in using faux product. It handled well without much roll and 1.5 diesel had some punch and might make me more sensible changing from old porsche. Visibility good, infotainment and sat nav seems brilliant and instruments well thought out. Boot is huge and automatic.

    It may not excite like the 5008, but is much better value given the top of range 5008 is not available on motability and next spec model won’t allow grip control, which looks like a very sensible option having seen how good it is. Overall very pleased, with full leather it’s a standout, but the leather is an extremely expensive option and given the great adjustment of the seat not really a necessity to help sliding in. Indeed the car will be warmer and more  liveable in very cold weather without full leather seats, which are always a shock to the system, and buttocks and back after November. Delivery time was given as 12 weeks, tried lots of dealers and non giving any discounts, so paid full amount.

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    Mr P

    Hi Eva, great review thanks, just a couple of questions:

    1) did you drive auto, how smooth is it?

    2) would I get a folded manual w/ chair in boot without folding rear seats?

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    The Auto was very smooth did not notice any changes and the boot is huge, a really big wheelchair swallowing one at 580 litres. Hope that helps

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    Mr P

    Thanks Eva, yes that helps. I actually visited my local dealer yesterday to have a look around the car. I liked what I saw, just waiting now until they receive the 24hr demo vehicle, they said hopefully by next weekend. I’m going to take your advice and go with grip control if I make decision to go with the C5.

    so I’ll go for: Flare plus 1.6 EAT8 Auto with grip control (18’’ snow tyres) platinum grey, silver anodised.

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    Looking to get the C5 but have been informed today that the only standard colour is white and you have to pay for any other colour anyone know if this is correct or have I been told little white lie?

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    Mr P

    Hi Mick , Eva has ordered one , so maybe in a position to advise?

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    Thank you

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    Mr P

    hi Mick, I’m awaiting a 24hr test drive , hopefully this week. If you haven’t had a response, I’ll let you know or vise versa.

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    Mr P

    Hi Mick, have a look here does mention ‘ standard metallic paints at no extra cost’ . I can’t recall ever paying extra for my choice of colour. I recently test drove a Peugeot 5008, metallic paint was standard for motobility customers.

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    love the “white lie” bit.

    Motability has metallic paint included in whatever the AP price.

    what is not included is pearlescent paint.

    Again as I have written at length in the discounts and cashback thread if you want to be treated fairly, honestly and friendly call Elaine 01322429160 at Citroen Wilmoths Crayford or their main switchboard number 01322524555 ask for Elaine, she will also offer a £150 loyalty check if you are a Citroen driver.

    Good luck


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    Metallic paint is offered by Motability as they apparently sell better second hand. I asked for a solid white on one of my cars and the dealer had to phone for approval, even though it was a standard colour was £500 less than metallic.

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    Strange thing is Solid paints are now classed as more Special than Metallics however as Trev and a few others have experienced the exclusive paints can be included depending on manufacturer, Motability official statment is:

    Your supplying Motability dealer will be able to advise you of the colours available for particular models on the Motability Scheme. Many dealers now offer solid paint ranges, in addition to standard metallic paints, at no additional cost. Special edition or premium paint options may have an additional cost, your supplying Motability dealer will let you know if this is the case.

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    Many thanks for all your replies to my question.

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    72 Dudes

    Motability has metallic paint included in whatever the AP price.

    what is not included is pearlescent paint.

    As long as the pearlescent paint costs the same as the metallic, it’s included.

    If it’s an extra cost over the metallic (like Mazda’s Soul Red Pearl) it’ll be extra under the Motability scheme

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    No necessarily true 72 Dudes, as JS has stated 2 posts above, some manufacturers will included premium colours at no extra cost – again this is a manufacturers decision, to which some dealers may not be fully aware

    i.e last year I ordered my Mazda CX-5 in Soul Red Crystal for no extra charge – this was an £800 extra to retail customers. When i stated this on the forum, a couple of other members reported their dealers were telling them it was still an £800 option – it wasn’t till they actually went to process the order through the screen that it came up as zero cost.

    Unfortunately not all salespeople read all of the many bulletins they get from head office, and an example of why this forum helps us obtain the correct information.

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    Nice one Trev. Good to know.

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes the best seat colours are extra cost on the gorgeous Leon FR

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    72 Dudes

    Thanks for the clarification Trev, interesting.

    I bet those exclusive colours that Audi, BMW and Merc etc offer at over £2000 aren’t included though!

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    LOL i think you might be right there, though if you find one as a cancelled order i’m sure a deal can be done.

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    I contacted a dealer recently regarding a test drive, they were supposed to be getting one in that week.

    Haven’t heard anything since so not sure if I will try them again, nothing against the car but the dealership seem to be one of those that aren’t really that interested.

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    After taking the C5 aircross for a two hour test drive yesterday the front seat are great but my mother in law who sat in the back said the seat are not very comfy and you sit to high up,the boot takes a folding wheel chair easily ,the dash is great easy to use and the driving aides are great.and the auto box is a dream the ride is soft which I did like I drive a X1 m sport which is hard my wife who as MS said the ride in the C5 is a lot better for her, so looking in to ordering a C5 aircross  flaire plus petrol auto 180 in pearl white.

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    Mr P

    Hi Allan, thanks for your feedback, sounds like positive stuff, just one question:

    Do you have to pay extra for Matalic paint?

    I’m still waiting to be contacted for my 24 hr drive!!

    If I like the car ( sounds as if I will) I’ll go:

    Flair plus auto 1.6 EAT8 petrol , with either grip control or matalic paint, depending if there’s a charge for the paint? Have £2,500 AP Budget.

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    The dealer said pearl white at £720 is in the AP.

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    Mr P

    Thanks Allan, one more question sorry, what is the delivery time?

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