Citroen C4 Shine Plus Or Renualt Arkana Esprit Alpine

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      Hi ,

      I wish I knew this forum was here ,

      Only just found it , I paid motarbility £250 to end my lease slightly earlier (it was due to end in May next year but could change it in febuary) ,

      But I have to travel from wales to England a lot and its 375 miles just getting there , so I needed to get a vehicle with more MPG ,

      Currently have a mazda cx-5 2.0 active (petrol) , in fairness I can get roughly 40mpg which for a large SUV I know is good ,

      But with the inflation in petrol prices its taking its toll on me financially,

      I test drove a few cars , now I’m stuck between the citreon and the Renault arkana,

      If I put an order in today etc I will get it within 2 weeks ,

      However it’s £500 more and no one can give me an accurate MPG with it ,

      It has electric seats etc etc ,


      The citroen c4 doesn’t have electric seats the infotainment system is not good at all , but it’s a diesel ,

      But if ordering one now they said “roughly” I’d be looking at late febuary ,


      Which annoyingly I’ve paid £250 to change my car early for nothing


      There’s so many pro,s and cons and I don’t want to get it wrong ,

      Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this please


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        Hi, I would read some reviews from the likes of Autoexpress, Carbuyer, Whatcar etc, for a realistic mpg.

        Carbuyer suggests – “Renault’s claim of 58.9mpg seems achievable; our test drive on faster roads returned over 53mpg, and staying at lower speeds would increase the fuel efficiency further still. That compares well to hybrid SUV rivals like the Kia Niro and the Toyota C-HR.”

        However, the Arkana won’t be as engaging to drive as your current vehicle, if thats important.

        As your your already on the scheme you should get the £750 new car payment, but may miss out on any good condition bonus terminating early.

        If you ordered the Citreon and it was delivered when your current lease was up, you would get the £250 back. 🙂


          Sorry I am confused, with paying the £250 early termination, this means that you can order your new car anytime.

          However if your original lease is up in May 2024, then that means that you could have ordered your new car in February 2024, three months before your car is due back, but you would not have been eligible to change your car until your lease was up in May 2024.


            Thank you for both replies ,

            I have read everything I can on both cars ,

            And dealerships say what you want to hear most of the time ,

            I paid to change my car early without realising there is a wait time on most cars ,

            Citroen gave me the C4 for 3 hours to test drive it but it was a 2021 model ,


            And ive test drove the arkana 3 times the 3rd time an error came up on the screen “electric system failure” it turned off the screens in the car and I thought I’d have to be towed back,

            But after a while it turned back on , to me I think it was me charging my phone because it was boiling HOT when I took it off and after taking it off , it’s as if the car cooled down and came back on ,

            I certainly wouldn’t charge my phone in it ,

            I also think that with petrol hybrids the MPG will reduce the more you use the features inside because its gonna take battery use ,

            In my dream world I’d have the Renault austral top level , I test drove the basic one and it wasn’t all that , compared to what you see in the showroom,

            And the AP is insane , I don’t know how some people can afford £3-£4k upfront ,

            It cost me £1k to move recently and I’m getting into debt ,

            And it being Christmas too it’s a lot

            Thank you again all



              @Clair it was probably a glitch rather than your phone and unlikely to happen again.

              The Arkana is a self charging hybrid and will not affect the battery, like it would in a EV

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