Citroen Berlingo XL vs Vauxhall Combo Life XL vs Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

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    New van-based MPVs from Citroen and Vauxhall are more practical than ever. But do they leave their seven-seater rival from Ford all at sea?
    Buyers looking for a spacious family car might consider a traditional MPV or, perhaps more likely these days, a big SUV. But there is a section of the market that offers more boot space than nearly any other car, room for seven people in the specifications we’re testing and all this at a price lower than most family hatchbacks.

    These three people carriers are all based on vans, and it’s the newer Citroen Berlingo XL and Vauxhall Combo Life XL that are taking on the challenge of the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect. By adding some windows, extra seats and a few more creature comforts, manufacturers are able to offer cost-effective models that boast loads of space. So if you’re not too bothered about styling and need a practical car, one of these could be exactly what you’re looking for.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    i looked at these types of vehicles when i first came on the scheme as i needed to lug a lot of gear around and i have to say i ws suprised at how refined the drive was. they have all the creature comforts and the advantage of loads of space. the cubby holes in the citroen are crazy theres loads and you could easily lose something for years lol. if you need room for stuff and people these are well worth considering and the looks are improving.

    in the end i went for a c4 grandpiccasso auto as i was a bit flush at the time but if i were after similar today these would be on the list.

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    In the past i have had both the MK2 and MK3 Berlingos and they have been very practical second vehicles to own and the sliding doors were great when the kids were younger.

    i often wished i had kept the Mk3 as a forever car to keep because it was so useful for so many reasons.




    Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

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    Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

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    I had the facelift version 120bhp hdi XTR, loved that car, it did everything anyone could ever ask of it, maybe not the most exciting drive but at least it was totally predictable when you were pushing on, might be my next car as I like the looks of the Rifter a lot and it now has a great auto box.


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    The Peugeot Rifter should be added to this list, especially the long version which has 7 seats.

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    That’s the one I’m looking at for my next car, everybody slags off French cars as unreliable but I’ve had half a dozen and all been reliable as hell, on the other hand the current VAG group car is going in for the fourth time to be fixed in 2 years and has an ongoing problem that the dealer refuses to fix as it doesn’t show as a fault on the computer when plugged in, rubbish tat.

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    Hi Vinalspin,  I know you have Alhambra as I do at present. What’s up with car? Maybe I can help with my experiences.

    Regards wonky

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    Hi Wonky,

    the repair they did last november as it turns out wasn’t such a good job and gradually the heater has gotten colder and colder, to the point now where it now blows only cold after about 20 miles even on high.

    The other ongoing issue is when accelerating from standstill once into 2nd gear it will just sit there in 2nd bouncing off the rev limiter forever unless you take your foot completely off the gas and then back on, kinda defeats the object of trying to increase your speed if you have to slow down when speeding up, doesn’t do it all the time and more so when cold but because it doesn’t show a fault code the dealer isn’t interested!

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    Hi vinalspin,  sounds annoying,  not had those problems, it’s a sod when you know it happens but the fault code says no!

    When do you change?

    Regards, wonky

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    Not soon enough, Feb 20

    Car is supposed to be going back in on Monday, booked with repairer but been waiting 3 days for hire car company to call and arrange replacement and nothing as yet. Mota keep telling me that they will call closer to the time.🤔🤪

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    Well they called this morning and said that it might be hard to find a suitable car in time, really! REALLY!!!

    Rang Tuesday to sort this.

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    Hi Vinalspin,  you know the score, don’t take any crap, you drive what you drive because it suits your needs.

    I had this last August when my Alhambra was in for repair, they tried to squeeze me into all sorts because people carriers were in high demand. I got someone decent eventually at Motability and they told the hire car people to find one. They shipped a Sharan in from Stoke to Manchester overnight.

    Good luck.

    Regards, wonky

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    Well I’ve been told it’ll be something along the lines of qashqai or similar, I told them that kind of thing will do so long as it is a higher up vehicle(not a C-HR), automatic and has cruise control.

    To be honest most cars on the road these days are the SUV type so it’s not like I’m asking for something unusual.

    Let’s see how we go on monday, I am the type to just laugh and walk away if they bring something unsuitable(have to walk away these days as punching them in the face is frowned upon it seems, used to do the trick when I was younger and not so knackered) 😉

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    I’ve recently included lcv based vehicles on my shortlist. Predominantly for the sliding doors because we’re going to be looking after grandkids more often and the youngest is still in full child seat.  Unfortunately the Berlingo went up to Rifter prices come Q2 but the Combo is still a good AP. Also going to look at a Sharan.

    I actually like the traditional commercial driving position, I find it much easier and more comfortable. And I don’t mind function over form at all.

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    Have a look at the seat alhambra as the electric sliding doors and boot are really handy and its a great size. Just might be worth a look


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    I would but the nearest Seat dealer is further than I’d like for servicing etc. Don’t mind travelling distance for ordering deal etc but don’t want to have to do it for every thing.

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    as far as i know it doesnt have to be a main dealer for servicing. they also dont have a service scedule in the 3 years!!

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    I know provided that OEM parts and schedules etc are used then any warranty doesn’t get invalidated but I don’t know if Motability allow you to use a different make dealer?

    If Motability were happy for me to get a Seat serviced repaired etc at a different dealer (even if they said it had to be a VAG dealer) then I’d be up for that.

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    For load capacity they can’t be beat, but for creature comforts they need to try harder,  a few more marks for effort, before I’d consider one not to damage my spine even more.

    The seats on most are incredibly hard or thin or both.

    with no heated massage seats  ☹️


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    Went to see a Combo Energy today. To basic, all the things you’ll probably want are optional. Also the access in to the rear isn’t as good as it should be for a sliding door vehicle. And the proportions of the vehicle just don’t sit right. The AP looks attractive at first glance but when you see the actual vehicle it begins to look expensive!

    Then went to see a Sharan SE (granted a year or so old and with a couple extras, but it was only to get a feel for one). We both liked it and when you consider the possible discounts on VW which puts it only a bit up on the Combo? It was a manual so only the better half could drive it but felt nice as a passenger. Have had VW in the past so all felt familiar.

    Have decided on one instead of a Tiguan. I know the Tiguan Match might offer a bit more kit and be more on (the SUV) trend at the moment, but ultimately the Sharan suits a couple key current requirements. And besides I’ve currently got an SUV and fancy a change! Plus I’ve got my hobby car if it snows, which is a lot more capable than any SUV on the scheme!


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    Bandit – great choice. And a total bargain. Huge load space, manageable external dimensions, sliding doors and an executive feel from the drivers point of view. I’m seriously tempted

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    The Vauxhall options are very limited, you can only have the XL with a 5 speed manual 100hp hdi configuration, the other 2 I think can be specified in normal or XL with the auto box and the 130hp hdi, the seats are a lot better than they used to be on my 13 plate Berlingo, more like the C4 Cactus seats now with the double roam setup and the Peugeot seats are similar to the rest of their range and very comfy.

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    Heh heh, that should have been “double foam setup” sorry it’s early for me.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Lol Roaming seats, now that could be a popular optional extra.

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    Why are you here sir?

    Well I did set off to town but my seat decided to roam about the lake!

    TBH I often set off and end up at the coffee shop regardless of where I intended to go when setting off.

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