citizens advice money matters are no help

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    so i called up the citizens advice and the gave me the citizens advice money matters number  for a benefit check to see what i would get since jude pasted  away,

    the person i spoke to really didn’t have a clue they couldn’t advise me  they didn’t know

    she was reading from a screen she said it says her you need to tell dwp of changes like someone moving in with you , she said thats like your situation …   i wanted to scream n shout at her but i said no,  thank you  for your help and hung up .



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    Martinod from what I remember (my partners been gone just under a year) there’s a widowers allowance but I didn’t look into this as we weren’t married, there’s also a funeral help payment thing if you receive certain benefits. I do hope this can be of some help, will keep you in my thoughts

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    You may be entitled to Bereavement Benefit . The DWP website has benefit calculators that may be of help.

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    Must admit I’m not a big fan of citizens advice as they we’re as helpful as a chocolate fireguard when I asked for help when I lost my higher rate PIP.
    That said they did give me the address of local council / lottery funded volunteers who were first class and I know they had specialist in money and benefit claims.

    Might be worth asking your council office or your local councillor if they know of such persons, south Bristol here so not worth giving the address of the folk who helped me unless your in these parts.

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