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    Hi Everyone

    My wife and I have a Alcatel flip phone, which I find is just what I want, it will phone and text, however my wife with her disabilities, is finding it very hard to use, and has indicated that a smart phone for her would be best.

    I wondered if there was a cheap smart phone that has big buttons and is easy to use? I have no doubt a lot of you guys out there will know of something that will fit the bill.


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    Hi lightbodyae55

    How does this look?

    Review here –

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    Hi Trev

    Thank you for the info.

    Yes this is something that my wife could use, as her arthritis and Lymphoedema are getting worse in her fingers and she has trouble using the keypad on the Alcatel flip phone.

    I did notice that the review of the phone was on the negative side, but I suppose it depends what you want it for!


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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    Yeah, not the most up to date, spec filled mobile on the market – but we all have different needs, and it seemed to tick a lot of the boxes that you say your wife needed.

    My wife has arthritic problems and poor eyesight, but she has a contract samsung s8 phone which is set on easy mode with large icons….. i’m unsure if this is a feature on all android phones or just for samsung though……. just looked and i think it’s just for samsung phones.. here’s a vid which explains it more. –

    The cheapest samsung with this feature i think would be the J3 –

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    Hi Trev

    We are looking at the updated version which is the Doro 8040, which runs Android 7.0 whereas the 8030 only runs 5.1. I guess that the latest one is better than the old one, and the specs are a little better.


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    Do you have an o2 phone shop near you?

    I ask as they have real working mobiles on display rather than dummy phones from the likes of carphonewarehouse, and would recommend if you can to take your wife in to the o2 shop to have a play on the samsung j3.

    It was revised in 2017 and has easy mode. An assistant will be able to show you how it’s put in to easy mode and your wife can see how she gets on with it.

    Only recommending the above as i feel samsung will be better supported, and also it gives your wife a ‘trendy’ phone.

    It looks like O2 only sell the handset on contract, but carphonewarehouse have it on offer at the moment

    Also gets some fantastic reviews on amazon

    The other plus with samsung, is accessories like cases, etc are more widely available.

    Sorry if i’m confusing you more, just looked more in to it, plus i’m sure your wife would like a gold colour one lol

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    Hi Trev

    Thanks for the info

    Our nearest o2 shop is in Aberdeen or Inverness which are both some 60 miles away. They did have one in Elgin up till recently, but just like other companies, they have needed to cut costs, and the shop has gone, so we would have to travel a long way just to play with the phone. Not a good idea!

    Although my wife has her problems with her hands, this smart phone is also for me to use, and as I find using android based gadgets very difficult, (don’t understand swipe, making the page go up or down, apps etc) so I also need one that is idiot proof and easy to use.

    I know how to use my laptop which has a physical keyboard, as well as the Alcatel phone which has a physical numeric pad, but these new fangled Android touch screen swipes etc are over my head!!


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    Lightbodyae55 have you had a look on Gearbest website as they offer a lot of smartphones at really good prices.?

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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    That’s a shame that o2 are so far away, perhaps then the doro would be ideal for you both, my father in law who is 83 and very ill, manages to use his well – not sure of the model number, and he only uses it to makes and recieve calls, but he uses it without any problems. Once upon a time phones were for making and receiving calls, and that’s it… then came text messaging, then cameras, then apps….. must admit i use mine every day but rarely for calls… checking the weather, looking for things on the web, etc.

    Upon reflection i think the doro would be a good introductory phone for you both to use, and with 550 hours of standby time you won’t be recharging it every night like other smartphones either, and the included charging cradle looks good too.

    If you get stuck with anything give us a shout, i’m sure you’ll get on fine with it though.

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    Carphone warehouse tend to be better value than the network providers.

    Order online and next day delivery too

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    Hi Trev, BB and JS

    Thanks for the info I will look into all that over the weekend.


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    This is the cheapest i can find for the doro –


    Product grading described here –


    Terms of the 24 month warrant here –

    I’ve used them before with A grade purchases and never found fault, very good service.

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    Hi Trev

    Thanks for the info, Yes I have used CEX in the past for the eldest sons game consul, and games, however it’s a trip to Inverness again!!


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    lightbodyae55, you can order online and have it delivered 🙂

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    Hi Trev

    We like delivered, however we don’t like some companies telling us we are in Highlands and Islands, when we are actually Mainland UK.

    If I find a company that charges more than they should I will not deal with them. For instance I noticed Laptops Direct want to charge £14.00 delivery for that phone you found on their web site for me, and yet another Company (More Computers) have the same phone and will send it out free delivery, why do companies try to extol extra money out of people, when others can do it for free!!


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    lightbodyae55, ouch!!

    Didn’t consider your location on the surcharges some / most companies make to your location.

    I’m one of these skint-flints that would rather travel 20 miles to collect from store rather than paying £5 delivery charge, unless the item is a bargain price anyhow.

    Don’t think i could cope factoring in surcharges for delivery – would really get my goat up, especially when you can order things from China for free delivery… takes a while to get here, but somethings are silly cheap.

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    Hi Trev

    My wife does a lot of sewing, and she watches the sewing quarter on tv in the mornings. She can order sewing stuff from the USA and get free shipping and yet couriers here want to charge silly numbers to send stuff here to North East Scotland Mainland.


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