Changing car early

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    peter embleton

    HI , wondering if any one has changed their car a little early ?  My change over date is 31st May and my new dealer has said my car could be ready for collection about 3 weeks prior to that date , anyone done this ? cheers

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    Hi. Unfortunately you will have to wait until your official change over date or it’s deemed an early termination I’m afraid.

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    Mr P

    Hi Peter, you’ll need to contact Motobility with a valid reason : health change, mobility change, current car no longer suitable etc. Then they will make a decision, we changed ours after 2 years on one occasion due to needing W chair space. They did advise at the time that it couldn’t become a regular thing.

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    i had 2 wait 2 weeks, the lease ended 30 sept car was  ready 14th. very frustrating.

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    Changing early is usually only approved by Motability if your circumstances have changed considerably.

    I’ve been on the scheme since the 1990’s and have only had to change early once.

    That was two years ago, when I was unable to get in and out of my beautiful Skoda Superb elegance 4×4 estate in classic moon white, without physical assistance from a family member.  I’d put a lot of extras on that car and I really loved it, but my physical deterioration meant that I had no choice.

    Motability were very understanding and told me that “as a good customer for many years, I deserved their support.”

    Applying to change early will also mean that you don’t get your 500 pounds good condition bonus, so for the sake of a few weeks it’s better to be patient.

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    JS (justsaying)

    As Pops has said even 3 weeks early it will still be classed as an early termination and on top of possible losing out on the £500 good condition bonus/payment you may also be subject a £250 administration fee. For the sake of 3 weeks that’s a lot of money to lose out on. The timings make no difference to registration and the garage will take good care of it and 21 days or so will fly by.

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