Cars with the longest wait times at the minute?

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      Hi all, I hope you are all having a good weekend!


      I am looking to place an application for a new Automatic not manual vehicle very soon


      Just so i know which cars to avoid, can someone if they have the information please advise what cars have the longest build and delivery times at the minute?


      Thank you in advance for any help

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        You sound very flexible on choice so a stock car may suit you.


          You sound very flexible on choice so a stock car may suit you.

          Yes definitely go for a stock car if you can be flexible. I have had two Audi’s this year due to a write off and in both cases it was 7 days from doing paperwork to picking up the car (we had to drive 150 miles to get the second one).


            You can use this from Autoexpress as a rough guide or as others have said look for a stock vehicle, by looking a manufacturers websites stock locators or the likes of Autotrader.



              I’d say you’re heading at this the wrong way.  If it were me I’d work my way down to a few candidates with dealerships in your area and call them to see what they’ve got in stock.  Then go for whichever suits you out of the in stock options.

              It’ll take some time sorting out who’s local and what cars are on scheme and you like from those dealers.  Then some effort phoning or visiting them all and seeing what’s available.

              Hopefully there’s something you like in stock local to you and you’re sorted by Christmas.

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                Asking for an automatic only is a very wide spread… from a tiny Hyundai i10 to Vauxhall Vivario van.

                What do you need, what do you want, do you carry a wheelchair, do you carry many passengers, do you do long journeys, what’s your budget, are you under 25…. etc 🤷‍♂️

                Answer some of those questions, research the Motability website to narrow the search then start phoning dealers 🤞


                  Well I was told 4 months from autoexpress and a Kia sales advisor for a ev6.
                  10 days after placing order it’s a the dealers. Pick it up next Monday.

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                    That’s amazing news

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