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    gary a

      Hi Everyone.

      Was just wondering if it was normal to order a car at the end of Jan and have to wait unitl end of JUN/beginning of JUL. Not sure as it is only my second car on the scheme and I did not have to wait anywhere near that amount of time for my first car. First car was Ford Mondeo, new car ordered in Jan VW Tiguan.

      Many Thanks.

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        Normal used to be around 12 weeks up until about 6 months ago, these days 4-7 months is not unusual unless it is a basic sort of car.

        you can reduce the time if flexible with spec or colour and a dealer may well have one in stock or somewhere on the dealer network.

        We ordered a VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI SEL with DSG Autobox at the end Jan and was told 12 weeks initially by the dealer. This turned into end June by the time the build week was confirmed.

        The good news was he recently found me a car that was already built and in shipment from the factory to the uk which was the same spec but a different colour to the one we ordered. We decided to go for the alternative colour and we are taking delivery on Friday. I could of had it over a week ago but we have been waiting to have a scooter hoist installed which is being done tomorrow.



          Use the search field to the right Gary, just type in Tiguan and you’ll see a few threads on the delayed lead times. Everyone who’s ordered one is in the same boat as you., if not worse.


            My local dealer has two of them in the showroom for viewing only, one SE and an R-Line.

            Seems strange to have two with these long delivery times unless there waiting for someone to make an offer they can’t refuse.



              I ordered a Golf 1.5 tsi se nav dsg mid January picked up March 16 th


                Hi Everyone

                It seems then that VW have a long lead in and wait times for anything that has to be built and not a stock vehicle, seems as bad as Seat who are part of the VAG group. Does anyone know what the Skoda wait times are similar or quicker? as they are also part of the same group, and I wondered if it is parts supply problem.


                Avatar photoAbercol

                  We are running over the stated delivery time for our S-Max too, was told it would easily be here by change over as we allowed 13 weeks (the sealers said 10 week lead time). Now being told “we don’t know when you will get it, its not been allocated a build date yet”. I think end June to mid July.

                  Its annoying for me as I am over the 60,000 mile allowance, so its costing us £6 in excess mileage charges for every day it is delayed.

                  In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.


                    Hi lightbodyae55,

                    I’ve read that some of those who ordered an Octavia are just receiving their vehicles now, so an approx 16 week lead time – whilst others are waiting 23, to a reported 36 weeks!



                      Have you spoken to Motability about this Abercol? Seems a little unfair that you should incur excess fees through no fault of your own.


                        Abercol definitely speak to Motability and explain about the delay and the mileage issue, Motability should either waver the mileage charge themself or countercharge the dealership/manufacturer or supply you with a temporary car   Until your ordered car arrives, depending on your present vehicle and effect the mileage will have on resale value against costs to give you a temporary car but I would imagine they will let you keep your present car with No charge for excessive mileage. Good luck


                          The mileage allowance is 60,000 miles over a 3 year agreement. Any additional miles will be charged at a cost of 5p per mile. They should waive the fee’s if you speak to them as its out of your control reguarding delivery of your new car.


                            The only thing that surprises me about people buying a tiguan in the last few months is that they are surprised by the waiting time. Its been clear for a while there is a supply issue. Having said that it is a fine car and worth the wait.


                              Hi Trev

                              It looks like that the VAG group is having problems with lead times on all there branded vehicles. It is a shame that they have vehicles that people want and like and I don’t know of any way of alleviating the waiting time.



                                Hi lightbodyae55, when i took the lease on my current Seat it was supplied from stock and was driving less than 2 weeks from order. But that was 2 years ago, and seems the climate has changed and they are not holding stock like they used to.

                                When my time comes, i will accept delays that come my way for the car that i want – afterall i will still have use of a perfectly good car. And should a better car at a better price come along before the build date i will exercise my right to cancel and re-order.

                                It’s people who want to join the scheme i feel more sorry for, they are told they can order i brand new car, perhaps they haven’t got a vehicle or the one they have is on its last legs, and then got told of delay after delay. This then costs them more road tax, more insurance, more mot fees possibly. Not the best advert for motability.



                                  I’m looning at  possibly ordering a Seat Leon 1.8 dsg but got told by the dealer the 1.8 may not be available to order got to wait for a phone call tomorrow I’m slightly put off with the VAG land times any things from 3 month to 7 months just seems thay are so popular.


                                    Brydo it may come as a surprise to others as they are not in the know the first time they here anything is when the dealer phones them then they look on the web for any info and find “if only I’d searched WMCforum first”.

                                    a lot of people still go by the booklet sent them and go by what told by dealers.

                                    Glos Guy

                                      garyA – We ordered a Tiguan 2.0TDi 190PS SEL 4-Motion DSG Auto in January and will probably be picking it up in July (it’s got a confirmed build week of the last week of this month). Thankfully this will only be a few weeks after our current lease expires, as we ordered the car in Jan even though our 12 week order window didn’t open until March, at which point the dealer popped it on to the Motability order system. We were comfortable doing this as March is the same order period as Jan, but we wouldn’t have risked it had it meant ordering in the previous period. We simply weren’t prepared to wait 3 months beyond the current lease expiry date for a mass market mainstream car and as we added a number of options we knew it was always going to be a factory order.


                                        Very interesting insight there Glos, I wouldn’t mind paying the dealer a deposit as a sign of my commitment, in return for them to place the order earlier than 12 weeks. All worth it if delays are still what they are now.

                                        Though i guess even if the dealer agreed to place the order early, you would still have to remain in the same quarter as the earliest date the order can be placed with motability, as the AP may change if quarters are crossed.

                                        On my current renew date it would still give me a 6 week head start.

                                        Glos Guy

                                          Yes, I would be nervous doing it in the previous quarter unless I had a guarantee from the dealer that they would refund any deposit if the car disappeared off the next quarters list. It helps when your order window opens towards the end of a 3 month quarter though!


                                            Hi Trev

                                            I remember when we were looking to change the Citroen C4 Picasso around 2011 or 2012 we went to Skoda in Dunfirmline, as we lived in Fife at the time, and they told us then that as we wanted an Automatic (DSG) then it would e a six month wait, which at that time was no good as my wife was unable to get into the Citroen as it was too high for her.

                                            I do not think I would want to wait more than the 12/13 weeks that Motability state you should wait. Maybe they need to adjust their waiting times to accommodate some of these manufactures issues.


                                            gary a

                                              Thanks for all the replies to my question guys !

                                              Seems I don’t have to beat myself up too much for going to a different dealer,paying a deposit and then being ‘fobbed off’ on a date. Seems strange how many of you have the same problem, I just hope ‘private’ buyers are having the same delays.


                                                I ordered my tig in Jan picked it up today dealer did say it’s been crazy the last few months but it’s starting to flow now and lead times are picking up.


                                                  Hi Peter, I ordered the seat Leon FR 1.8dsg middle Feb time it’s now built and I should have it in around 3weeks times I have not heard that 1.8 night not be available before.


                                                    Very true JS.




                                                        Young sue it’s blank ?

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